The girl who lived in the shadow

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16. Monica

16. 09. 2018.

It was past midnight when he finally parked his father’s car ten meters away from the meeting point. He turned the lights off before he stepped out of his car with a cigarette in his mouth. He took another deep breath from that toxic thing before he threw it into the pound of water. His dark brown eyes went through the empty parking lot. He was searching for his friend that was nowhere to be found. But he was wrong.

His dear friend was here. He just couldn’t see him. His friend was standing behind the dumpster, looking at him from afar.

A moment later, his old dirty old boots started to make their way down the parking lot. He walked through every water pond, not caring that he was getting dirt on his clothes. He pulled up his hoodie so he could his face from possible strangers that could pass through. After all, he was meeting with someone who was being searched by the entire town.

The killer was waiting for him in the deep edges of the shadows. He was wearing a black hoodie, some black sweatpants that had holes on the backside, and a pair of black leather gloves on his hands.

“It’s been a long time since we last have seen each other,” Roman said, coming face to face with his old friend. Both of them didn’t look happy to see each other. Roman had a serious look on his face while the killer had an angry frown on his face. He looked like he was about to kill Roman at any moment.

“We had a deal Roman,” the killer commented. He was furious that Roman broke the deal they made.

“Well, fuck your deal. You never told me that this was going to happen.” He pointed a finger at the killer who didn’t even flinch. He stared at Roman with a cold dead look on his face.

“I agreed to keep the cops away from your little drug operation, and in exchange, you would give me what I’ve asked from you. It’s not my fault that John sold you out.”

“I’ll kill that little bitch for that. He is dead meat.” Roman went through his hair.

“What you do to him is not my concern. You do what you have to do. I didn’t call you so we could have a little chat about that imbecile.”

“I took the notebook, don’t worry.” Roman glared at the killer. “I told you that I will wipe off your name from the list.”

The killer made a step forward. “Well, I don’t believe in anything unless I see it with my own eyes.”

Roman’s eyes went down the killer’s body. A small smile appeared on his lips as he started to unzip his pants. “I will give you the notebook, but first I need your payment.”

The killer’s eyes went to Roman’s now exposed cock. He stared at it for a moment before moving his eyes to Roman’s face. He placed his hand on Roman’s chest when Roman made a step forward. “Oh, come on. Don’t tell me you don’t want to play with him again,” Roman said as he was stroking his cock.

“That was a one-time thing, Roman,” he told him back.

Roman leaned forward and whispered, “Don’t act like you don’t miss him. I remember the way you had my cum drip down your asshole.”

The killer glared at him for a moment before he finally gave in. “Fine, but this is the last time.”

Roman smirked, grabbed him by his hand, turned him around, pushed him to the wall, and pulled his black sweatpants, exposing his naked skin. “I see you learned your lesson about not wearing some underwear while you fuck me,” he whispered into his right ear as he forced his cock into the killer’s asshole. He fucked the killer on the wall, enjoying every single part of his trusts into the killer’s body. The killer was standing still while Roman fucked him. His hands were placed on the wall so he could balance himself.

He didn’t enjoy it, but he had to try it for another couple seconds before Roman finally lets a loud groan. Roman pushed another two times into the killer’s asshole before finally pulling his cock out. He zipped his pants, placed his hand on the killer’s ass, and watched how his cum ran down the killer’s ass. “I give you a lot today,” he joked.

The killer didn’t say anything back, instead, he pulled his pants up and stared at Roman. “Now give me the notebook,” he growled.

Roman rose his hands in the air. “Don’t worry. I will get you your notebook,” he answered back before he walked away from the killer.

Roman started walking back to this car while his beloved friend was watching his every move. He knew that Roman way lying about bringing back the notebook he wanted so badly, so he took the matter in his own hands.

The killer pulled out an aluminum baseball bat from the backside of the dumpster. He gripped the bat with his strong hand and started dragging it through the parking lot as he was walking towards Roman and his car. There was this proud aura surrounding him. He was proud that he wanted to commit murder. It was his favorite past-time. He enjoyed killing people for fun.

Someone like him isn’t born, he is made from all of the trauma that he went through his youth. All the broken, painful moments combined into one hateful piece.

“You didn’t have to come here,” Roman said, “I would have brought you the notebook.”

“Well, I have trust issues,” the killer answered.

Roman looked down at the baseball batt and asked, “What are you going to do with that?”

The killer ignored his question as he searched for his name in the notebook. He went through a couple of pages until he didn’t find his name written at the end of the page. His name was written in a code name, but he knew it was him. “Evil creature,” the killer said out loud.

“Do you like it? I thought it would be fitting for the sake of our past.” Roman smirked.

The killer smiled back, and for the first time, he seemed happy in this world.

“A lot of time has passed from that.” He tore out the page with his name written on. “Here,” he said, “I don’t need it anymore.”

Roman looked at the killer’s hand. It took him a while to finally accept his notebook back, but he eventually did.

“I guess this is goodbye.” There was something in Roman’s voice that sound painful, or maybe my judgment is just clouded by these emotions that I haven’t experienced before.

“Yes, I guess it is,” the killer answered back.

Roman smiled before turning around to his car. He threw the notebook to the right front seat. As he was about to sit in his car, the killer swang the baseball bat, slamming the aluminum part into Roman’s skull. Roman first fell on his door before dropping down on the cold, wet parking lot. The blood from his head immediately became a pool of fresh red blood. His eyes were open wide, and they were staring at the killer who crutched down next to his body.

“For the sake of our past,” he told him the same words Roman told him just a minute ago.

He closed Roman’s eyes before he lifted him and dragged him to the right front door. Opening the door, he took out the notebook and placed it in the backside of his pants. The notebook now rested safely against his pale skin.

The killer left Roman’s body for a moment as he calmly walked back to the dumpster from where he took out a small bag. He walked back to Roman’s body, placed his bag next to him, and took out two large clear plastic sheets. Each sheet was carefully placed on each car seat, tucked in every corner so that there won’t be any evidence left.

It was necessary to be a perfectionist for someone like him. A small mistake could cost him his life, and he couldn’t afford that now when he still has many things to do in his miserable life.

Opening the bag again, the killer found a white towel. He took out the towel and wrapped it around Roman’s head, trying to prevent his blood from spilling all over the car. With a little more strength left in him, he lifted Roman’s body and placed him on the right seat. He took a deep breath as he looked at Roman’s body for the last time before he closed the door. He picked up his bag, walked around the car, opened the door, and sat into it. His fingers went down the leather steering wheel, feeling the old used leather. It took him more than usual to come to his senses, but he eventually did. He turned the car on and drove away, praying that he doesn’t come across any cop on the street.

~ - ~

It took me a while to find them. The killer and Roman, I mean. It was like finding a needle in the hay, but with the right tools, you eventually find it. It was the same with those two. In the beginning, it was hard to find them, but eventually, I did, and now I could finally be at peace.

I found them at the entrance of the town, near the main road, in the forest. The killer was standing outside the car, fixing Roman’s body. Roman’s body was now placed at the driving seat with both of his hands placed between the staring wheel. His legs were perfectly lined with the breaks and gas. The killer placed a large stone on the gas paddle, and when he turned on the car, the car went fast down the hill, where he crashed into a tree. Roman’s body flew half through the windshield, where the top of his body was now lying on the hood of the car. His face was filled with glass. A couple of large pieces were sticking out from his eyes.

The blood from his body was spilled all over the car. Some of the blood was dripping down on to the autumn leafage.

The killer slowly walked to the wracked car. The small branches were breaking under his heavy feet. He placed a tissue over his mouth so that he didn’t breathe the smoke coming from the car. His eyes went to Roman’s body, but they soon left it so they could focus on finding the rock in the car. After finding the rock beneath the seat, he threw the rock deep into the forest. He looked at Roman one last time before picking up his bag and walking away from the crime scene.

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