The girl who lived in the shadow

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21. Monica

17. 09. 2018.

It was one of those rare, beautiful days here at Raventown. The sun was out, bringing some happiness after those couple of days of darkness. People came out of their houses and took a walk down the street. The children were playing with their friends in the backyard. All of them looked happy, but that happiness wasn’t going to last long. Soon the sun will disappear, and with it all the happiness. The rain will come again, and all of them will meet darkness like an old friend.

I’ve been sitting on my old, green sofa in front of my living room window, watching the people enjoying their life, while I, just a girl who lived in the shadows of this town, only had the option to admire them.

The smell of freshly baked chocolate muffins came into my nose, and I closed my eyes for a moment, enjoying the delicious smell of chocolate.

“Do you want to taste them?” my mother asked.

I turned around, seeing my mother place three white plates on our small dining table.

“No, thank you,” I answered and returned my attention to the people on the street. My eyes caught a stumbling man and I immediately feel anxious.

“Father came,” I said, looking at how he walked up the path to our house.

Standing up, I walked to the door and opened the door for my so-called father. He stumbled into the house, the smell of alcohol coming out from his open mouth. His black hair was greasy, and his week-old bear was covered with leftover food.

“What do you think you are doing?” he asked me, his disgusting face an inch away from mine.

“I was just opening the door for you,” I whispered, looking down to the floor.

“Do you think I can’t open the door myself?!” he grabbed my hair and pulled it back so that I was staring at his face.

“Let her go, Mario.” I heard my mother say from the kitchen.

“I was just trying to be polite,” I said, my voice low.

He released my hair, only to slap me across the face a second later. I glanced at my mother, who only stood there in the kitchen like a coward. This was all her fault. She was the reason why our lives are like this.

My father took off his jacket, placed it on the hanger next to me before walking to the dining table. He took a seat at the head of the table and waited for my mother to place food on his plate. My father looked at my mother who sat next to him as he scrambled with his food. He didn’t like the food she made.

“What is this shit?” he asked her.

“It’s your favorite dish, honey,” she answered, trying to please him.

I slowly walked to the table and sat on the empty chair next to me.

“Don’t you honey me, you bitch.” he stood up and grabbed her by her hair. He threw her down on the floor and started kicking her in the chest.

“I guess I will have to teach you another lesson,” he yelled at her as my mother was whimpering in pain.

I wanted to save her from him, to kill him with a knife, but doctor Boseman’s wise words cross my mind.

‘A time will come when he will pay for everything he did to you, just be patient.’

‘I’ll be patient, doctor Boseman. I’ll be a good girl.’

~ - ~

I heard them speaking. The mice, I mean. They were standing in the shadows of the old church, thinking that no one was watching them. But little did they know that I was living in the shadows, and just like a true master of its own house, I knew every corner of mine.

Mrs. Petrovich was wearing her usual grey sweatpants and a black winter jacket with a black scarf that hides her greasy, dyed blond hair. Her brown eyes were full of anger as she glared at father Dan, who was standing in front of her with his arms crossed.

“Where were you yesterday?” he asked her, “I was waiting for you.”

She made a step forward. “I was busy, Dan. I have more important things in my life than to answer your every call.”

“You gave me your word,” he said.

“Well you gave me your word too, and look where it got us,” she said back. Mrs. Petrovich crossed her hands.

“Did you do it?” he leaned on the wall behind him.

She nodded. “Of course, I did. I made sure that no one finds about our secret.”

He placed his filthy right hand on her left shoulder, but Mrs. Petrovich moved away from his disgusting touch.

“Move your filthy hands away from me,” she said through clenched teeth.

“I was just trying to calm you down.” he lifted his hands in the air. “I didn’t mean any harm.”

“Don’t try to make me stupid. I know who you are, and all of the dirty secrets that you keep for all those years,” she whispered into his face, “If I see you talking to my daughter one more time, I will end you. Do you understand me?” her voice was low, and by the way father Dan looked at her, he clearly understood what her low voice meant. It was a threat of a caring mother who would do anything to protect her child.

“Who are you to cause me, a son of God of such things, when you, a mortal sinner, has done horrifying things too?” he provoked her.

Mrs. Petrovich laughed a little, and said with a smile on her face, “You don’t scare me, Dan. You are just an ant to me.” she patted his shoulder. “Don’t you dare threaten me ever again, do you understand? You don’t want to end up like your niece, do you?”

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