A New Life's Explanation Book 8

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“The creatures that appear human, eat the living and dead and can only be killed by decapitation or severe head trauma? Yeah, I know of them." Casper Ridenhour is back and he has a case for Damin, something new, they live off of humans, and they're after Elliot Webb. Will Damin be able to get ahead before they find Elliot? Why are they after Elliot in the first place, he's just a simple internet author isn't he, or does he hide more secrets than we know? When Raymond is dragged into the middle of it all will he have the stomach to take care of the creatures with Damin or will he step aside and let the young hunter do his job? Are some of Raymond's officers also hiding secrets from him? What will be the consequences for them? Would Damin take the chance to get out of the hunting life if he could?

Mystery / Fantasy
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Chapter 1



There came a knock at the door about an hour after I got off the phone with Abel who had called up to explain that Dominic hadn’t stopped killing. It was almost eleven at night, who would be knocking now?

I answered the door and Damin was there. He had dried blood on his shirt, chest and under his nose. He was holding his abdomen like it was injured.

“Damin? What the hell? Kate get the bandages,” I call.

I helped him in and closed the door.

“What’s going on, Ray?” she asked coming back from the medicine cabinet with bandages. “What happened to him? How did he even get out?”

“Window,” Damin grunts.

“Did he jump?” Kate inquires worried.

Damin responded by shaking his head, “I took care of Dominic. He’s dead.”

“You what?” I exclaim.

Kate wipes the dried blood under his nose with a wet cloth and then goes to get him new clothes.

I lift up his shirt to reveal a bruised abdomen.

“He could have killed you,” I hiss.

“But he didn’t. Abel mentioned that he thought you had stopped him. What’s that about?” Damin hisses back between slightly panicked breaths.

“I went and talked to him. I thought I had talked sense into him but I guess I didn’t,” I answer.

“You didn’t tell me,” protested Damin.

“You lost your Uncle, I thought you would want a break and some time alone,” I exclaim.

“It distracts me, I’m trying not to think about his death,” Damin explains.

“Maybe you should get a job then,” I countered.

I take the bandages and wrap them around his abdomen, I didn’t know how significant the damage was but it looked pretty bad. He probably had a few broken ribs and bruised organs.

Hopefully, none of it could kill him.

I’d have to call a friend and have him come by tomorrow. Damin would probably insist he was fine and refuse a doctor’s visit anyway.

Kate came down with a clean shirt and sweater and placed them beside Damin.

Kate sat beside him as if unsure what to do. She was no professional in the teenage parenting business or the medical department so I couldn’t blame her.

“That’s the best we can do for now. Hopefully, the damage isn’t too bad. I’ll call somebody tomorrow to come and look at you,” I finish. “You should try to get some rest, just don’t lie on your stomach, it may be painful or cause further damage.”

“If I go to a professional they’ll wonder what happened, you haven’t done anything, you shouldn’t get in trouble for my own mistake,” Damin exclaims.

“He’s an old friend; don’t worry about it,” I reason.

Damin rolled his eyes. He slowly staggers up the stairs to the second spare bedroom that he has technically moved into. He moved some of Tom’s equipment in there, too. There had been a lock installed in the door before I moved in so I wasn’t worried about Danon getting a hold of something even though he seemed to know how to handle a gun fairly well for a five-year-old.

Danon had gone to bed about three hours ago so hopefully, we hadn’t woken him in our panic.

Kate and I went to sleep hoping to wake up to a better tomorrow.

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