Child Possession Book 11

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Chapter 2:




There hadn’t been any signs of anyone entering or leaving the crime scene so the families either knew or trusted whatever they were letting into their house. If they knew or trusted whatever was entering the house, hopefully, the girl would be able to provide a description of the person or creature when she recovered.

Why would whatever possessed the killer, leave the girl alive?

Damin hadn’t given me much to go on, he still wasn’t in the habit of sharing too much information.

Hopefully, whatever it was didn’t possess Danon. Most of the victims had children between the ages of five and nine so Damin wasn’t likely to be a victim but he was the perfect target.

There wasn’t really a pattern to the possessions, it had killed both boys’ and girls’ parents about once a week. We had two victims so far by the next week we’d have our third.

Hopefully, we could save the next one.

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