Child Possession Book 11

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Chapter 3:




As a young kid, life wasn’t fun. Damin was lucky he got a chance at a normal life. Tom had ruined the chance Ava and Lane had given him though.

My dad had forced my mother to abort my brother and me and it only weakened her womb. Well, I was inside; my umbilical cord had wrapped itself around my brother’s neck killing him. My mother had died giving birth to me and my father had blamed me.

Damin deserved a normal life, but he felt responsible to save others because he knew about the things out there.

Art knew about my past but he didn’t really know what I had done. I’d cursed my dad. Left him to die.

For the way, he treated me, at the time I felt he deserved it, if any of the authorities had found out and cared he wouldn’t have been put in jail anyway.

All these memories and thoughts got dragged up well waiting for the eclipse to come. Lysander attempted to make conversation but I wasn’t much for sharing. Art knew how hard it was to make me open up and talk, I had shunned, ignored and avoided him a lot when we first met.

But eventually, I needed help and having cut all connections with most people or making enemies out of them I went to Art. Art welcomed me of course but he seemed more cautious as if he didn’t want to scare me off again.

Then I found some printed out emails entailing one of Art’s break-ups.

It wasn’t intentional; it had somehow got mixed up in some of Art’s research that he’d given me.

I stopped reading once I realized that it wasn’t intended for me. I gave it back to him and he nervously tried to lie his way through why the email was from a male name. He said it was from the brother of a girl he dated but I could see through it.

“Art, it’s okay,” was all I said.

I was still terrified at the time that maybe I was wrong but he seemed to take comfort in the comment.

It wasn’t mentioned for another couple years after that. Art caught one of my unusual comments that I normally only made around mates back in New Castle. I’d attempted to push him away so many times but eventually, I got sick of it.

Being alone for so long and pushing away so many people to protect them got lonely. I decided if I was going to let anyone in I’d rather it be someone who was a hunter and I’d rather it be Art.

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