Child Possession Book 11

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Chapter 4:




In the city hall, I couldn’t find any records of an abused child that had ended up killing their parents and was now deceased. Could the ghost be from out of state?

It would take so long to find their record if I had to go through multiple city hall records. There were thousands of kids in Salem and with no pattern it would be impossible to find the next victim before they killed their parents. The first victim of the ghost or maybe the ghost himself was Richard Owens. He was still alive, though.

I’d have to pay him a visit. His parents’ death had occurred back in 1958. The house he’d lived in was never bought or owned after his parents’ murders back then.

What would be my excuse to get into the mental asylum where he was staying? I was a kid; nobody would leave me alone with him without adult supervision.

Raymond wouldn’t know what to do if I sent him in; Kiara was busy with her own case. I’d have to ask John for help.

He could pass for a family member of Owen’s; he’d have better luck getting in than me either way.

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