Child Possession Book 11

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Chapter 5:




Damin showed up a week later.

“I thought I told you. I’m not dragging another kid’s soul into Hell,” I warn him.

“Who said I wanted to go? I need you to help me with my case. I highly doubt they’re going to let me in a mental asylum and leave me unattended to ask the victim questions,” he counters.

“Damin, what did you get yourself into that the victim is in an insane asylum?” I question annoyed.

“He’s been there for fifty-nine years, I didn’t put him there,” Damin continues.

“What is it?” I ask.

“Something’s been killing parents and leaving their only children orphaned, I found the first victim in a mental asylum. They probably won’t believe I’m family or leave me alone with him to ask questions,” Damin informs me.

I sigh.

Art had only gone home five hours ago from his previous shift of watching Lysander, I didn’t really want to bother him but I didn’t want to leave Damin here with him.

Nobody else was in the area and I’d rather leave Art with Lysander than anybody else.

“Just a minute,” I replied getting up.

I walk to the back of the warehouse and call Art.

“What is it, John?” he answers. “I’ve been gone for five hours; I’ve gotten four hours of sleep and no food.”

“Get food on your way here and a coffee, I’ve got to run some errands for a mate, okay?” I reply.

“John, you don’t have mates. You have me, enemies and other hunters who know of your existence and who you try to keep out of your business,” he counters.

“Will you just get over here?” I curse under my breath.

“Who is it?” Art inquires.

“Damin needs help, okay?” I curse quietly.

“The kid again? Can’t somebody else help him?” Art continues.

“His parents are dead, Tom is dead, I don’t know if he knows any other hunters, he doesn’t travel as much as most hunters so he has fewer chances of running into others in the same profession,” I counter. “Just let me help him so I can get him away from me sooner.”

“Fine, I’ll be there soon,” he grumbles. “Bye.”

“Bye,” I reply.

Hopefully, this didn’t take very long and I could come back and send Art back home to get more sleep.

“Art’s coming,” I call to Damin.

“You better behave,” I continue pointing at Lysander.

I still didn’t fully trust him despite the fact he hadn’t tried to escape. Yet.

He rolled his eyes at me.

“What do I need to know before I ask this person questions?” I inquire.

I didn’t have fond memories of insane asylums, having been in and out of them a couple of years ago; I didn’t particularly want to go back. I had undergone therapy but it didn’t do anything. The people who thought I was crazy were ignorant and terrible at their job, no wonder places like that got overcrowded.

“His parents were murdered fifty-nine years ago, they were abusive and this ghost is probably taking revenge on parents that or it’s whatever is triggering it. Ask him if he remembers the name of the ghost that possessed him and see if he can remember anything else,” Damin informs me.

“The guy’s in an insane asylum. I doubt we’re going to get much out of him,” I comment.

“Just try John, okay?” he responds.

“Yeah, yeah, I will,” I answer.

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