Child Possession Book 11

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Chapter 8:




I answer the phone.

“Raymond, something’s wrong with Danon. Things are flying around the room. His eyes are black. Raymond, you have to get back here, bring Damin with you,” she whispers panicking.

I hear something crash and shatter in the background.

“Stay calm, Kate. We’ll be there soon,” I replied, worried.

What was going on with Danon? He’d never acted like this before.

I hang up the phone.

“What was that about?” Damin asks.

“Kate said something’s going on with Danon. She said things are flying around the room and that his eyes are black,” I answer.

John and Damin looked at each other.

“What?” I ask.

“I think the spirit’s in the boy,” John replies.

“You mean the spirit that killed these children's parents?” I question.

“Yeah, if we don’t get there soon, Kate will end up like them,” John panics and exits the house.

We follow him and make the drive back to my house. I dread the speed limit signs even though John is ignoring them; it still feels like the drive takes forever.

When we arrive, the front door is ajar. I race up the steps and inside.

Most of the vases and picture frames that had decorated mine and Kate’s home are smashed and broken on the floor.

I can see things flying in circles around the kitchen.

I run in and see that Danon has cornered Kate, holding an axe.

John races in beside me and grabs Danon.

“Richard Owens, as the world needs you, I bind you to your rightful place,” he shouts and Danon starts convulsing.

John watches a mist disperse from Danon and releases him.

The flying things crash to the floor.

I go to Kate.

“You okay?” I asked, hugging her.

“Yeah, what’s going on?” Kate questions.

“What happened? Where am I?” Danon asked coming to his senses.

“Your kid was possessed by a spirit,” John replies relieved Danon seems unharmed.

John stands.

“Is he okay?” Kate asks.

“He will be, he’s not responsible for his actions, the spirit was controlling him,” John continues.

I release Kate and she goes to Danon.

“Kay,” Danon says hugging her.

John tries to resist smiling but you can see it.

I know I judged him based on his behavior and lifestyle before but he’s actually not that bad. He just saved Kate’s life and Danon from guilt.

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