Portal To My Real Dream Experience's

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A Portal to my Real Dream Experience's that I've had throughout my life thus far...12 of 12 chapters, finished, ready to read... A Portal of My Real Dream Experiences That I've had throughout my life thus far...Some Have Come True...Others Have Not...Some Description will be Graphic and Frightening to the Younger people, so this is Why I've put it under 18 years age to the Mature Reading Audience...Some of the experience will be Descriptive...The other will be in Shadows or Dark Figures...Some readers will believe in such Phenomenon,( to appear observable facts or event, an outward sign of nature person or thing) Others will not believe in such a possibility's...To each his own belief...Dates of dreams will not be in any specific order, they will be added as I find them...

Mystery / Other
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( 1 ) Man Of My Dreams

I dreamed of a man that had a nice car, it looked like a race car. I guess he'd been a race driver.
It was a color of Pastel/Mint Green and a light Meadow green. It sparkled in the bright sunlight and bright MoonBeams of the full moon.

He and I started dating. Still not sure where or when we met. But for some strange reason, we were drawn to one another.
He was a few years younger than me, but it didn't seem to matter to either of us.
He had flowing medium long sandy/grey hair. Maybe 6 ft. 7 1/2 in. tall. Green/Blue sparkling eyes, that seemed to be able to see into your heart and soul. A smile that melted your heart every time he'd look at you. A sweet loving soul he was.
I needed to go someplace and my car was broke down and he'd come to my house to fix it for me. He handed me the keys to his car and told me to use it. I looked at him and asked. Are you sure? He looked at me and said. If I didn't want you to use it, Would I be handing you my keys?
I guess not. was my response. Took them, got in started it and pulled out of the driveway.
But somewhere along the line I must have missed a turn and ended up in an unfamiliar place, I'd never been. When I tried to turn around I hit something metal and broke a headlight and put a dent in the side.
I tried to figure out where I was, but couldn't. I finally called him and let him know what happened. I was a bit leery but didn't know what else to do, let alone find my way back home.
He answered with his cheerful voice. Are You OK? he asked with concern as if he knew what
I had done.
I told him, YES, but I kind of wrecked your car.
I know, but it's OK, No Big Deal, As long as your alright... he responded.
But I'm also kind of lost. I took a wrong turn and ended up in an unfamiliar place I've never been.
That's alright, I have a tracker on the car, I can come to find you.
How? You have No way unless you got the car fixed.
I'll call a friend, he'll bring me to where you are. We'll be there soon, just stay calm.
OK, and hung up and that's where it ended. Never did find out if he got to me or not.

Written By: Cindy L. Rasey
Jan. 29, 2019

This has not come to pass, I don't know if it will or not. Only Time Will Tell.

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