Young Blood Book 16

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“They wanted me to be somebody I wasn’t and because I wouldn’t be who they wanted me to be they threw me out,” “Somebody, you’re not?” Some children have mysteriously fallen into comas in Marksville, Lousiana. Damin sees it on the news and decides to make the trip. Raymond urges him to take someone with him again so he contacts one of his hunting friends, Rave Shadowend. But Rave has a secret nobody knows but he's struggling with where he should be able to live with it or not. What happens when he thinks he can't? Who does he turn to and what will happen to the children if Rave drops out of the hunt? Who will help him and what will he see in them in return? What secrets are they harboring? Will Rave help them in return and what will happen to their family then?

Mystery / Fantasy
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Chapter 1




Art and John had returned to pick up Astra with a baby in arms. Art hadn’t really explained where he was going when he dropped Astra off for us to watch her. It was really none of my business but the baby got me curious.

The baby shared an uncanny resemblance with John. The same ash-blond hair and brown eyes. John smiled at the baby with delight unusually.

“What his name?” Kate asked eagerly, probably reminded of Danon when he was little.

“Day,” Art answered.

It was an unusual name.

“Can I see?” asked Astra.

“Yes, but don’t shout you’ll scare him,” John adds quietly kneeling down.

The television broadcast distracted me.

“Several infants in the Marksville, Louisiana area have mysteriously fallen ill. The doctors cannot figure out what has caused these young lives to go into comas. But as we speak I have been told they just discovered the eighth victim. The doctors warn against sending your kids out and close windows at night and make sure you watch them carefully. Back to Oliver with the weather,” the reporter spoke.

Damin was listening intently to the report. When I turned my attention back to John and Art they looked worried.

“A Shtriga,” Damin spoke quietly. “Guess I’m going to Louisiana.”

“Damin, wait,” John spoke. “Be careful, you’re also a viable target to it.”

“It likes girls and infants, I’m a little out of its age range,” he replies.

John looked up at me and stood back up.

He turns to me so his back is to Damin.

“I suggest someone going with him. If the Shtriga starts feeding on him it’s over. These things only appear every twenty years or so you have to hurry,” he whispers. “The only way to save a child who has been fed on by them is to kill it.”

His eyes are grave.

Day starts to cry.

“Shhh, shhh,” John whispers as he rocks the baby, he looks back at me again.

Art takes Astra’s hand and they leave out the front door.

“I’m going, those are kids who are dying and they’ll keep dying if we don’t get rid of the Shtriga,” Damin speaks.

“Do I need to come with you or do you have someone else in mind?” I question.

“No, I’ll call Rave, he lives near Marksville, the police force will kill you if you take any more time off for me,” Damin replies.

“How are you getting there?” I question.

“Can I take the car?” he questions innocently.

“Fine, just drive safely,” I reply annoyed.

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