The Sisters of Babylon

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This is the heart of me this is the heart of the books called the Deadly Nightshades and they must explain the disasters which came after the things What did happen and when did they bring the lost souls to this world when we did not matter as people when our acts were not even noted where the segregation produced monsters with some little wit and not enough thinking power. When the old customs and traditions were used to murder the vulnerable and the innocent went into labour only to be taken from us the worst thing was we did not think we were the victims we thought we lived and loved like the rest of the world. We got so much wiser than the rest because we were the new devil may cares and if we did have to sell if we did sell ourselves in order to enjoy this perfect world so be it. We are the most beautiful wives and mothers and the dad's too.

Mystery / Drama
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Chapter 1

No man is a island although they might try and romance within themselves. Individuals do exist but it is cause and affect. The cost is that we all pay in the end what we do when we begin is lack maturity. Our faces tell our stories as we age. But today we have a permanent mask on. The mask which is called medicine which hides us from the world. Botox and the other operations make the mask then we do the lines away by the merest of the eyeliner. What do not have hair we get the wig out. Ourselves hidden only we know ourselves in secrets we gloat.

We the new truism trust in ourselves which says we do no wrong unless caught. They do not only have genes from their parents and throughout time but they shrink when they say they are the all things at this moment and are the ultimate of their own selves. Our truth was that they nothing more to do with the real. We live in a world where we are the deadly and get real our real money.

Masked and disgraced and masks are the keys to ours and out of this world.

Our left overs our lives are the things which give away so that it matters when we die. When a woman gives her eggs that makes her immortal but when that egg does not protect her what does it do to the whole damn thing?

We give life so we are protected from the strong when they come to take away ours and our own. We give life so we do not remain alone and weak. So that our helpers come to our aid and that is what we are. We are the old, who are in there with the genes and the eggs so that when they come to take us away- we are there protected instead of vulnerable and alone. That is why we have children. That they can stand guard over us someone to watch us and make us feel secure.

What we are the environment and the genetic make up and the things which we think about that is my creed and I hope to see it through that the entire things are combined in my literary endeavours which are down the drain the moment I write them and go down and down and never surface.

I live on a island and there is nothing the matter with this is there? England is a island and so is Cyprus only difference is one is poor the other rich.

I have become involved in some reminiscence howls within the years coming into my vision and they coming and leaving me stranded. As the years are passing. They are lost in the sea saw of motion and then they stopped. The years stopped. The thing was stranded in a sort of cave within a cave asking nothing meaning everything and standing for the things most sad and despicable.

Within this linear vision the mirror took us in the eye and smashed as if the eye saw too much. But no communication. She did not say a word grandma stood silent as the grave. The very grave which they denied her the family plot not being hers. She had been in some way discontinued disconnected and thrust with them who were enemies.

“Seeds which we sown together not mine and the more seeds which I beget the less likely these would inherit.”

“He peopled more genes until there was hardly any room to make the land work.”

We mourned for the things which we must forgive which they done to each other. Actions witnessed by them children in that very room which saw her being gang raped unfortunately yes unfortunately this is not a pleasant tale.

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