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Nadine The Great

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Nadine Willis is a spunky, witty girl that loves to paint.She gets offered a scholarship at one of the most prestigious boarding schools in the state. Not thinking twice about taking the offer she sets off towards her new school feeling rather optimistic. Things get out of hand when she has an altercation with one of the elite boys in the school and the queen bee of the school Bianca Simmons. And when two new students from Russia arrive at the academy suspicioucions run high. And if that's not enough what happens when girls start to go missing? Find out how Nadine struggles to uncover the mystery of Clear Lake Academy.

Mystery / Romance
Kiara A. Jones
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Leaving Home

Nadine's POV

I felt that any moment I would throw up as we drove closer and closer. I took slow deep breaths trying to calm myself down. This was a big moment for me that I could not screw up. I was going to a place where I could further my talents into something bigger.

This was it

Finally I would be able to make my dreams come true. I gazed out of the car window, we were miles away from home and there was no turning back.

"We are almost there Dina, how are you feeling" my father asked from the passenger. His hazel eyes gleamed in excitement as he wore a small smile.

"Dad I'm fine that's like the fifth time you've asked me" I say rolling my eyes playfully.

"I can't believe it, our little honey bug is growing up so fast. I can't handle it" my father says turning back around in his seat and wiping his tears away with a tissue.

I gently smile as my Papa rubbed my dad's hand in comfort. Growing up I never felt weird about having two fathers as parents. We were just your ordinary family that loved traveling the world and going on adventures. I was only three years old when they adopted me.

Growing up an only child I had all the love and attention from both of my parents. They were always there for me and I never felt out of place because I belonged with them. I first got into art when one summer my parents had put me in summer camp.

There were a bunch of activities to choose from. I of course chose arts and crafts. I was never good at drawing but that summer I was able to improve and k had gotten better and better each time I lifted that paintbrush across the paper.

I knew painting was my true calling

When I told my parents that I wanted to be a painter they were 100% supportive of my decision. Having there support really encouraged me to go further into my skills.

I joined an art group in my old school, my skills only improved as time went on. I would join art competitions coming in at first place, sometimes and other times second.

But what I really longed for was to get recognized. I want my art to speak for me and allow people to understand what story I am trying to tell. Painting is more than just colors and objects. It's about telling a story that people need to hear.

We stopped in front of a huge castle like mansion. A dolphin fountain sat splat in the middle as it shot water from its mouth. My hands started to turn clammy as I got out of the car. There were students all around being dropped off by there own parents.

My parents helped me take my luggage from the trunk of the car. "Do you have your admissions letter you need that in order to receive your key" my father says.

I look into my bag pulling the large yellow envelope out. "It's right here dad, don't worry I made sure to pack everything I need".

"We are so proud of you honey bug". My papa grabs me into his large arms snuggling me closely. I can hear his sniffles as he pets my head gently.

"Honey you are going to need to let her go eventually" my dad jokes. I hold back my own tears as I pull them into a group hug.

"I'm going going to miss you guys so much" I whisper. I hold on to them for what seems like forever before finally letting go. With one last wave I grab my luggage and head inside of the large school. I'm immediately starstuck as I walk inside the extravagant hallway.

There were giant chandeliers, the aesthetic of it all really shocked me. My highschool years would be here and I couldn't be even more excited. I took out the map thanking my lucky stars I remembered to bring it.

I had no clue where I was headed, I needed to find the admissions so that I could get my key. So immersed in the map I felt myself hit a brick wall sending me flying to the ground. One of my luggage spilled open displaying my underwear for the whole world to see.

Rubbing my bottom I look up to see a dark haired boy wearing a scowl on his face. His sharp gaze sent shivers down my spine, his long arms were crossed against his torso as he gazed down at me as if I was an annoying bug. He looked intimidating to the least and his gaze was not a friendly

"Uh... sorry I ran into you" I say quickly standing up. I immediately zip up my suitcase saving myself from even more embarrassment.

"What is your name" he demands


"Are you mute or stupid" he sneers a smirk making it's way on his face. I felt my face become red as a group of students start surrounding us.

"Excuse me but I don't have to tell you anything". I grab my luggage with my head held high, not minding his pissed off look I keep walking in the direction I was going in. But there was just one problem.

I had no clue where I was going

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