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Let's go back. No further back; to the very beginning shall we. Let us see how much of it all we actually remember. This is my story and hopefully by the end of it you can tell me what happened, how it happened, and why it happened. The current year is 2236 but i'd like to take us back, at least to when I was born and let's start there. I hope you will all stay until the end.

Mystery / Scifi
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100. 110. 120. 150. 200. The highway was filled with headlights beaming brightly, as he made his way through the large crowd of cars. Foot clamped down on the acceleration pad, the car responded, hastily picking up speed. Determined to get away, the man sailed smoothly through traffic; evading every obstacle that declared itself to him.

“You have a call from: Wife” the car presented, adjusting the view on the windshield to display the caller ID.

“Ignore!” he shouted back.

Behind him, a pattern of red and blue lights could be seen glistening in the foggy freeway; aided by the symphony of sirens to complete the set.

“No... No... No” he muttered, sweat-drops slithering down his face.

“You have a message from: Wife” delivered the car again. An envelope popped up from the bottom of the windshield; shaking haphazardly before opening. Out of it came a life like hologram, a fairly dark woman, with deep hazel eyes and tawny hair. It was his wife, the spitting image of her!

“Honey, where are you? It is getting rather late” she asked worryingly; and then disappeared back behind the dashboard.


“Yes, Sir” replied the car.

Stroking the sweat off his face, the man commanded “Re-calibrate the shortest route back home, and prepare to send a message back to her”

“Route B-46, will get you home in 20 minutes; considering the traffic, give or take 5 minutes,” Alex responded, displaying a map of the route most suitable. “Also, the message is ready when you are, Sir”

“I’ll be home in a few, get the kids and pack any essentials, see you on the front porch.” he finished, gesturing for the message to send.

As he turned onto B-46, these memories start flashing back. This may have been the first time he had done anything for the benefit of anyone but himself. Family comes first, no matter what; the words his brother spoke to him echoed in his head.

“It appears we have lost our pursuit,” Alex noted.

“Good, but not for long,” he retorted.

From outside the house looked posh and extravagant. It had been built with brown bricks, paired together with mahogany wooden decorations. Detailed with tall, wide windows to let in plenty of light making it stand out in a symmetric way.

The house itself was surrounded by a tranquil garden, covered in a variety of flowers. At the center of the drive in, stood a fountain structured in various rock formations to form a mermaid.

On the porch, the man could make out three silhouettes. As he got closer, the woman from the hologram came clearly into view; she had on a silky white nightdress. Accompanying her was a boy around 16 years old, his eyes we drowsy from his sudden wake. Peeking from behind the woman was a little girl, no older than 4.

“Let’s go” he called to them. As Alex let open the back door for the family to enter.

“Where to?” The woman asked.

“The port.” He gently replied pulling out from the parking area.

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