They're Monsters! Book 20

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“Would you kill a monster who hadn’t killed anyone?” I asked finally. Damin starts to wonder why Rave canceled and then showed up at the last minute and who Avery is. Why did Edward cover for him? He makes the trip back to Marksville to find out the truth and doesn't find Rave at his house, where is he? He confronts Edward and gets a location but Edward still won't tell him what Rave is hiding. What will Damin d when he finds out the truth about Rave and Avery? Will he kill them or will they be spared like the werewolf pack in California? What will happen to their friendship? Why would Rave hide anything from Damin? Does this say something about how much they trust each other?

Mystery / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Chapter 1



It had been a month…Rave hadn’t called to explain his cancelation or why Edward had accompanied me on the hunt for the Shtriga and not him until he surprisingly showed up.

I wanted to make sure he was okay, I also hadn’t seen him in nine months, otherwise, we used to go hunting together a lot. It would be nice to go on more hunts with him again.

I was going back to Marksville to visit him again. This time, the only person who knew I was going was Raymond because I needed to borrow his car.

I made the two-day drive without incident and arrived at Rave’s parents’ house mid-day.

April, (his mother), answered the door.

“Is Rave here?” I asked.

“Oh, Damin. It’s good to see you,” she said smiling. She’d been at Tom’s funeral and I hadn’t seen her on my last trip down.

“No, he’s been staying with a friend for the past month, he calls but I don’t have their address.”

“Did something happen? We were supposed to hunt a Shtriga a month ago and he sent an Edward Carver in his place at the last minute,” I inquired.

“There were some things we had to deal with and discuss but we’re okay now, you’ll have to give him a call if you want to talk to him,” April answered.

But if I called Rave, he’d know I was coming and he could avoid me again. I guess I could contact Edward and get him to set Rave up thinking he was meeting Edward somewhere and not me.

Edward had given me his phone number in case I was ever in town again and Rave wasn’t available.

“Okay, thank you,” I replied to April and left.

Maybe Edward even knew where Rave was staying.

I called him.

“Hey, Edward, do you know where Rave is?” I question when he picked up.

“He’s with Avery,” Edward answered hesitantly.

The blonde kid?

Avery had shown up with Rave to hunt the Shtriga.

“Do you have an address?” I asked.

“Why?” Edward questioned.

“I want to talk to Rave,” I answer.

Edward hesitated again.

What would be so bad about giving out Rave’s location? Was he trying to hide from his parents? But why?

“I’m his friend, why is he avoiding me?” I asked Edward.

Edward sighs.

“I don’t have the right to tell you his secrets, I’ll give you the address. If he wants to tell you he will,” Edward answers.

Edward gave me an address and hung up.

Rave had secrets? Obviously, everyone had secrets but what could be so bad that he wouldn’t tell me?

I drove to the address, the house had a purple door. I knocked and the blonde kid answered squinting at the brightness outside, they may have just woken up or…

“Hello, you’re Rave’s friend, right? What’s up?” they ask.

“I would like to talk to him,” I reply.

When I didn’t elaborate they looked at me weirdly.

“What?” I asked.

“Nothing. Rave! Damin’s here!” Avery called into the house.

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