In the Dead of Nightmares

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Mystery / Thriller
Work in progress
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He watched her crawl toward the door with faint amusement. Blood rapidly spilled from her legs, and he was surprised she was even still conscious. Most of his victims would’ve passed out by now. This red head was by far the strongest one he’d had. Next, she screamed and pounded on the wooden door for help. He was tempted to let her out so she could get away and seek medical attention. Get away. Exactly the thing I’m not supposed to think about. I have to do something though. The serrated edge of a blade slices across her throat, and he walks out leaving a trail for the police to follow.

He remembers when things used to be so much simpler. A time when a deal wasn’t forcing him into submission. That day had changed everything: His name, his identity, his future, and his greatest fear. Now he can never escape what his reality has become. To get the threat off his back, he has to be a threat himself. Right now, he’s a servant who’s becoming more and more willing to do the dirty work.

One night he went to meet up with the shifty man himself who had him trapped. Under the cover of night, he met him at Ardsley Reservoir. The business card that came from him had yet another different name on it. This time he had changed it to Drake Skinner. When he flipped the card over, it was covered in dry blood and contained a warning. Next, Drake goes to his black Jaguar and opens the trunk to dump a young blonde woman on the ground. Finally, he gets in his car and speeds away leaving yet another mess in the dust.

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