The New Girl Has a Secret

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Mystery / Romance


Snow Jackson- A.K.A the daughter of Sue Jackson. Haven't you heard the stories? Sue Jackson- one of the oldest vampires that still roams this earth. When she was young, she fell in love with a wolf. There was nothing wrong about this, was there? Yes! Of course there is! Vampires and Wolves never got along, nor could they ever have babies together... None except Snow. And Dan, Snow's father... he's determined to get his daughter one way or another. The New Girl Has A Secret© Kendra Rogers™ 2012-2016, 2018, 2019 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Hey guys, and welcome to the New and Improved New Girl Has A Secret. I hope you enjoy because when I tell you the book is going to change- I mean it!

A lot of things are going to be different and more thought out. If you have read this already you know the way things are going to play out but you should still re-read and see what’s new because you never know, everything could change.

I hope you enjoy the book! I plan to make it as great as I can!


Everything was changing. The snow was drying, my nightmares were going away. Mom seemed happier, and it made me wonder- What’s going on?

The one thing you should know about me, I have been on the run from my father ever since I can remember.

We’ve been all around the world trying to flee but not once have we been to America- my mother says that’s where they met and she wouldn’t dare step back there.

Antarctica is where we live now. Antarctica has been sort of like home to me, even though there is practically nothing there- I became in love with the temperature, the animals, and the way you can turn a corner and just become hidden to the world.

Every few years, it seemed I had a new identity. I never got to use my last name: Jackson. Nor did I get to use my birth name: Leah. Next time he finds us, I get to choose the next name.

Right now, it’s Hailey.

Right now, I’m blonde.

Everything about me had to change depending on where I was. I had to fit in, I had to speak the language, I had to be someone that he would never see.

“Le- I mean Hailey, darling.” My mother finally put her phone down. For practically the whole day that thing had been glued to her cheek, I had no idea who she had been speaking too. Mom had her dyed red hair in a messy bun at the top of her head. “I’ve been thinking, and talking to some old friends... and I think it’s time to move.”

“What?” I glanced at her, looking away from the magazine in my lap. “Is something wrong? Has he found us?” Images of faint memories began to fill my brain, making me panic immediately.

“Sweetie,” she kneeled in front of me, taking my hand into her own. “We’re just waiting around here, waiting for him to find us. We need a head start this time. I was thinking Maybe... Maybe California?”

California... where is California? Wait, I know this... I learned- it’s in America!

I sat up, looking at her. “California? As in America? Are you serious?”

She nodded her head, smiling at me as she pat my hand with her cold one.

Oh, did I forget to mention something? We’re vampires- my mother being one of the oldest vampires that is still healthy and walking the earth... And me. The daughter of a vampire and a wolf.

No one thought that could be possible, but that’s why it was a secret. My father though, he didn’t want to keep that secret. That’s why he was after me.

Well- is after me.

“Isn’t it really sunny there though?” I asked, a little worried.

When I was born my mother engraved something into my hip, something with power that lets me walk the earth in the sunlight without being turned to dust. I was grateful for that, but I haven’t been in the hot sun since I was younger and I have no idea what California would be like.

I like to pretend it’s a tattoo, but she hates it when I call it that.

“Yes,” she nodded her head. “That’s why you have to take it slowly. Your engravement will protect you. I promise. I got the most trustworthy witch to put the enchantment on it, and it hasn’t failed us yet.”

I nodded my head at her.

“So, you’re okay with This? We need to leave first thing in the morning... is that okay with you?” She asked, a little worried but excitement was clear in her eyes.

“Yes mom, I’m fine with this.” I smiled. She grinned widely at me, nodding her head. “Well, do you have a name in mind?”

I’m really going to miss Antarctica, I loved the snow and the cold weather.

Maybe... Maybe Snow isn’t such a bad name?

“Snow,” I told her. “Snow I want that to be my new name.”

She raised her eyebrow at me, “Snow?” She repeated. “Okay, sure. Pick a new color to do your hair and eyebrows, take out your contacts... you know the deal.” She smiled and I nodded my head.

Snow Jackson. I like it.

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