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" that really you?" His face; skin; eyes; just everything about him looks just like...No, this can't be...He can"t be here he's dead! Right? This book is about a girl named Emily, who is going through tough times at home and school. But soon she finds out that she's moving! She is now far from her best friend, and crush. But what she finds in the house, might change, or worsen her luck.

Mystery / Drama
Nakita Conner
5.0 1 review
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I'm Emily!

Its was a normal day at home. I just woke up, and now have to get ready for school. I am not a morning person at all. One time I was so sleepy, that I fell asleep while eating cereal, and my face splashed into the bowl. But for my new years resolution of 2019, I pledge to stay awake all day, because when I sleep in class, my grades become pretty bad. I get up, and head for the bathroom. I brush my teeth, take a shower, get dressed, and go downstairs.

"Good morning Emily!" My mom greets to me with a sweet smile.

"Good morning mom!" My mom is the nicest person in the world. She has to take care of me, my elder sister, and my little brother by herself since my dad we the army.

Sometimes, I have dreams that a man with the military outfit my dad wears, will come to our door, and tell us that he didn't make it. My mom would sit on her knees and cry. Me and my siblings would go downstairs to see whats going on. Our mom would tell us, and we would all cry hugging each other. And then I would wake up. But that's just a dream and I know he will come back to us...but what if he doesn't? No, I can't think negative. I am positive that he will come back!

"Emily hurry up and eat dear."

I eat the rest of my cereal, and put on my backpack.

"Don't forget your lunchbox little girl." My sister says to me.

"Ugh whatever Samantha. Plus I have it with me so relax." Samantha is the name of my big sister. Shes annoying, mean, and thinks she controls me. Newsflash, she doesn't!

But my little brother Jacob, is the opposite. I call him Jakey for short. He is sweet, adorable, and really nice. I go to give him a hug, and then run out the house. I get on my bike and ride off.

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