The house

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Today's the best

When I make it to school, I spot my best friend Nick walking with his girlfriend. I swear she is a pain in the neck. I have known Nick for 11 years, We are both 14, in 8th grade. Nicks girlfriend Sarah, is F A K E. Whenever I am around Nick, she is nice to me, but when he is somewhere else, she likes to push my buttons. She's really mean to me. Sadly, Nick doesn't believe me, because he only knows one side of her. It makes me mad that I have known Nick longer than her, and he doesn't even trust me anymore. He trusts his girlfriend more than me! But as his best friend, I respect him. I walk up to him and we do our special high five, making sure not to hug him in front of his girlfriend. Even though me and Nick are best friends, I understand why she wouldn't want another girl hugging him in front of her.

Me: "Hey Nick how you been?"

Sarah: "He's good, and I'm here too by the way"

Me: "He can answer for himself, and I don't really care about how you are."

Nick: "Girls, please don't fight. And Emily is right, I can answer for myself."

I smirk at Sarah and she gives me a mean look. I can hear her talking under her breath. I give Nick a pat on the back, and leave into the school. I go to my locker, and put my backpack away. I close my locker, and crash into a boy. sadly, the school president. His name is D.J. and he is really annoying. The worst thing about it, hes my crush.

"Oh I'm sorry, are you okay?" He is clearly yelling at me but I'm just distracted by how I ran into him. He starts telling me about running in the halls, and how he was sorry. And then, he gives me his hand and helps me up. He picks up my stuff for me and tells me to get to class. I stare at him while he walks away to his class. Then I notice that I also have to get to my class. I walk to my class, and put my books on my desk. My day is going great so far, I can't wait for what happens next. Besides, what can go wrong?

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