The house

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I hate you Sarah

While in first period, I notice Sarah from the other side of the classroom. She glares at me and I look away quickly.

Later in the day...

First period is finally over. While getting up from my desk, Sarah walks over to my desk, and puts a crumbled paper on my desk. She smirks at me while she walks out the room. I take the paper and walk out. In the next class I sit down and read the paper:

Meet me on the rooftop at lunch, or some roomers will be spread!!

She didn't even use the right form for the word rumor. But I better meet her there at lunch before something happens. While the teacher Mrs.Thomas talks, I'm thinking if I should show Nick the note or not. Her name wasn't on it though...but shouldn't he know his own girlfriends handwriting? I guess I should just wait and find out. I don't want Sarah to destroy the friendship Nick and I have. She already threatened it before.

Mrs.Thomas: "EMILY!"

Me: "Huh? Wait what?"

Mrs.Thomas: "The answer?"

Me: "Um what was the question again?" Mrs.Thomas sighs in annoyance.

Mrs.Thomas: "You need to pay more attention in class. What is the answer to number 15?"

I look at the board and look at number 15.

"Is it Albert Einstein?" I say questionably.

"Correct Emily." After she just embarrassed me in front of the class, the bell rings for lunch. Then I remember I have to meet up with Sarah on the rooftop. As I walk out the door, the worst thing happens.

"Emily, stay here." Are you kidding me? My reputation is on the line! My Friendship! Everything and anything Sarah could destroy. I walk over to the teacher trying to not show how worried I am.

Me: "Yes ma'am?"

Mrs.Thomas: "You have been slacking, and I need you to write me a paragraph on why." After she lectures me, I hear the bell ring. It's all over for me. I see Nick and Sarah walking together, then she mouths the words "I warned you" and chills go up my spine. My life is over. My friendship with Nick is over. I swear Sarah if you do anything. I will end you. Even if it takes away my friendship with Nick.

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