The house

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I run to my next class, and sit next to Nick. Gladly, Sarah isn't in this class. I put my head down, thinking if I should show him the note.

"What's wrong Emily?" I put my head up to the sound of Nick.

"Nothing's wrong I'm completely fine." I can't just lie to him. And then, I make a decision I will very much regret.

"Your girlfriend is threatening me." I show him the note. Nick bursts out laughing. Doesn't he understand this is serious?

Nick: "Good job making an exact copy of Sarah's handwriting."

Me: "What do you mean? She wrote it! Why don't you believe me?"

Nick: "I do believe you, I just...yeah I don't believe you."

Me: "You don't ever believe me! When she ruins our friendship, don't blame me for anything I didn't do."

Nick: "But she won't! You should really learn to like her. She's not who you think she is."

Me: "Oh really? She can't even spell! Why d-" Our conversation gets interrupted by a smack of a ruler.

"Quiet down students! We are going to be going in a field trip next month. So please take a form on my desk, and have it signed by your parents." I can't wait! Even though I still am mad at Nick, it will get better if I just stop Sarah!

After school...

I head out the door next to Nick. Sarah of course comes along, and snatches Nicks arm.

"Hey Nick! Wanna come to the ice cream shop with me? It's on me!" Sarah's voice sickens me.

Nick: "Actually, I have to go st-"

Sarah: "Pretty please? You can go home straight after!"

Nick: "Well, I can't exactly disobey my parents."

Sarah: "Ugh, do you even love me?" I can't believe she just said that!

"Listen up Sarah! He does love you. Your just an impatient, winy, ignorant brat." I had to say it sooner or later.

"What did you just call me? Nick, why are you friends with this loser. I am not ignorant! I am better than you in every way!" Does she think she can push me around?

"Oh really, how?" I shouldn't have said that. She might have a lot of false reasons.

"My dad is still alive." She did not just go there. This statement just got all the anger that was inside of me boiled up. Without hesitation, I punch her in the face, and she gets knocked out cold. I guess I forgot Nick was there.

"Emily what did you do!" I don't even hear Nick over the emotions going through me. Sadness, anger, maybe even regret.

"My dad is alive! He will come back, and I will be ten times greater than you! Don't you ever talk about my dad again!" I run from the school with tears in my eyes. Why would she say something like that to me? I guess it's not surprising. But, if I knew she would say something like that, why does it hurt so much? I know it's not true, and I know that's just something Sarah would say. Why does my heart hurt so much? Why do I feel like throwing up? All I feel is despair. I walk the rest of the way home with no emotion. I just wanna go home and lay in bed forever.

When I get home, I walk over to the kitchen. My mom is sitting at the table.

"Emily are you okay? You look like you were just crying!" My mom grabs my face, and I just smile and lie.

"Oh I'm fine! But um, we are having a field trip next month, and I really want to go!" She takes my paper, and study's it. She gives me the most fake smile I have ever seen.

"I will do it later." I guess I shouldn't worry. I sit at the table with dinner already on it.

Mom: "How were your days?"

Samantha: "Mine was terrible. I have so much homework to do."

Jake: "Mine was good good good!" I don't reply, and move around the food on my plate.

"Emily are you okay" I try to fake a smile.

"I'm not hungry. I'm going to go to bed. I'm really tired." Hopefully she believes me.

"Okay dear, goodnight!" I smile and go upstairs to my room. I lay in my bed and think. Then all I can do is cry. Soon, I cry myself to sleep. Hopefully, Tomorrow will be better...hopefully.

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