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Actions Have Consequences

In the morning, I get dressed and go downstairs. I get a piece of toast, and leave the house with my backpack. I walk slowly to school, looking down at the ground. As I approach closer, all eyes are on me. I look at Sarah, now with an eye patch on her eye. Did I really hit her that bad? She deserved it so I don't feel bad. She is the one who should feel bad for saying that to me yesterday. Everybody stares me down, backing away from me while I go into the school. I go to my locker and people all run to their classes. Away from me especially. Why is everybody so surprised? It was just a fight. Even though she didn't have a chance to fight back. I walk to my classroom. Then the announcements come on.

Good morning students, and happy Friday! I hope your morning is going great. First lets say the pledge of allegiance.

We all stand up, and talk in unison.

"I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the United states of America. To the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god. Individual, with liberty and justice for all." When we all sit down, the intercom turns off. As I do my bell work, I hear the crackling of the intercom.

Excuse me students and teachers, but will Emily Butler and Sarah Duncan please come to my office.

Oh great, that's me. As I stand up, Everybody oo's me and stares while I walk out. I walk up to the principle Johnson's office, and of course, Sarah was there. This must have been about yesterday.

Mr. Johnson: "So I heard you got into a fight? What happened?"

Sarah: "I was just walking with Nick, and She punched me!"

Me: "You know that's a lie, so don't try to say something different. Why would I hit somebody for no reason?"

Sarah: "Your just jealous that I got Nick before you."

Me: "Why would I be jealous? If Nick wants somebody as ratchet as you, I wouldn't even have a chance." Mr. Johnson could tell we were about to fight.

"Stop girls, I don't have time for this. Sarah, you first. Tell me everything. Emily, go wait outside my office. I will call you in in a second." I do what Mr.Johnson tells me to do, and walk out.

10 minutes later...

It has been some time, and Sarah finally leaves the room.

"Mr.Johnson said its your turn. It's already over, so don't even try." I glare at Sarah and walk inside the office.

Mr.Johnson: "So, tell me what happened."

Me: "I was walking with Nick, and Sarah came over..." I continue telling Mr.Johnson about what happened at the end of the day. I almost get a little teary, but I manage to hold it in. As I finish the story, I start to notice what I did. Now I don't know if I did the right thing, or if I did the wrong thing. Maybe I shouldn't have hit her? I guess I will find out what happens to me.

"Can you please get Sarah?" I nod and leave the room.

"Mr.Johnson wants us." Sarah rolls her eyes and walks with me back into the room.

"Sit down you two." me and Sarah take our seats.

"Both of you took a wrong turn. I want you two to say sorry to one another, and then you will be suspended for a week. I hope you learned your lesson. Sarah, I know you didn't fight back, but this is unbelievable behavior. Emily, You should have gone to a teacher or adult, and we could have handled it. I need both of you to call your parents, and go home. I will see you in twoweek." We say sorry to each other, and leave the room.

Sarah: "This is all your fault! If you didn't hit me we wouldn't be in this mess."

Me: "Oh please, this is your fault! You're the one who decided to bring my dad into our conversation."

Sarah: "Whatever, I'm calling my dad! Somebody you can't."

Me: "Wanna loose that other eye too? Because it wont hurt me for you to turn blind." I walk away and go to the main office. I ask to use their phone, since mine is prohibited to use inside of school, and I call my mom. She sounds angry and stressed on the phone. Great, just what I needed. I just can't wait to go home. Towards more troubles, and more stress. For a whole, entire week. Hopefully, I'll survive.

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