The house

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Like Mother Like Daughter

As I wait in the office, I see my mom's car pull up. I walk out the school, and go towards the car. As I get into the car, I can see the anger and frustration on my moms face.

"What did you do this time. And why didn't you tell me about this yesterday?" I slowly think about what I was going to say.

"She was talking about dad." As the word "dad" comes out my mouth, her expression turns from angry, to complete sadness. I stop talking, and just sit back and close my eyes.

As we get closer to the house, my stomach turns. My mom parks the car, and I get out. I can see my little brother Jake, playing in the front yard, and then he sees me. He runs up and hugs me.

"Hi sissy!"

"Hey Jakey!" I look at mom, and by the look on her face, I know to just go inside. I get inside the house, and go to my room. This isn't even fair! Why did I have to get in trouble? It's her fault for saying what she said to me. I grab a pillow and scream it in, letting all my anger out. I tip toe out the room, and go towards the kitchen. I grab a granola bar, some fruit snacks, and a bag of chips. Then, I bolt up to my room. I sit on my bed, open the chips, and turn on the TV in my room. I hear foot step, and my mom is at the foot of my door.

"Why are you watching TV?" I look at her confused.

"What do you mean?"

"I thought I didn't have to tell you and you already knew, but your grounded." She snatched the remote away from me, and turned off the TV, which left the room quiet. Thankfully, I decide to break the silence.

"Why did you do that? Why do I have to be grounded? I didn't do anything but defend myself!"

"From what? Words? You are gonna have to deal with this all your life, and one day, your gonna hit somebody you really shouldn't have!" She gives a quiet sigh.

"Listen Emily, you can't let yourself be hurt by words. Words shouldn't be your weakness, they should be your strength. Words power us and make us who we are. Good or bad. Words can affect us as much as actions can. But only if you let them." She boops my nose, and I give a small smile.

"Your not grounded, but think about what I said, okay Bubblegum?" As soon as she said Bubblegum, memories of my father pour in my head, with waves of sorrow. But 2 particular words sticks in the back of my head... come back.

"I'm sorry Emily, Your father called you that all the time. I shouldn't have-" I stop her in her sentence.

"No mom, call me whatever you want. It's not like only dad could call me that."

"I know you miss him. I do too, but we need to stay strong, and be thankful that he is fighting for our country." As soon as she is done talking I wrap my arms around her, and start to cry. She holds me close to her embrace.

"Will he come back?" My question leaves my mom to think, Which scares me.

"Well, sadly I'm not sure. But I am sure that he will always be here for us. And if we keep believing and praying, we might be able to see him again. Besides, Jake has never met him." I almost forgot about that. Jake has only heard story's about dad and seen a picture. I feel really bad about it. I accept what she says and don't speak onto it. But will he really come back? I guess only God would know, and I have to wait to find out.

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