The house

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Home Alone

When my mom leaves the room, I walk over to my desk and eat my chips. The TV is turned off, so it’s completely quiet. I peak out the door, and I can hear my mom on the phone. What is she talking about? And to who? I walk back into the room. But then I can hear my mom crying. What happened? I walk down and I was mistaken. She was just laughing. I need to stop coming to conclusions. I go outside and go to the mailbox. I open it up, and see 3 envelopes. I take them and walk back inside. My mom is still on the phone, so I decide to look at the envelopes. The first one is an advertisement, so I throw it away. So is the next one, so I throw that away too. I open the last one and its bills. But why are they over due? We get money for my dad working in the military, $1,599.90 per month to be exact. I guess it's not my part to worry about it, but I do anyway. Then I hear my mom, well I don't. She stopped talking. I peak the corner and listen to their conversation.

"What do you mean? No I can't do this anymore. I'm trying to pay the bills but I need to know why my money isn't coming in!" Everything is silent for a second.

"Listen up. I don't care what you do, just give me the money that I am missing so I can pay my bills! I have 3 children I have to take care of by myself while my husband is in war. So I need my money!" My moms eyes start to become watery.

"What do you mean he isn't in war? He is in war what do you mean!" She soon hangs up and sighs loudly. Then, she sees me.

"What are you doing? Were you spying on me?" I can't even think.

"What happened to dad." I can't stop myself from crying. My mom lifts my chin.

"Nothing's wrong with your dad. Everything is fine." I don't believe her and walk away. My mom could be lying. What if dad is really hurt? What if he's dead! I guess I shouldn't come to conclusions. I walk upstairs and lay in my bed, soon falling asleep.

2 days later...

It's Finally Monday, but I'm suspended so I have to stay home all week. I'm missing a lot of work which is bad for me, because next week Is report cards. My mom is gonna kill me. I walk downstairs and get some toast. I stuff it in my mouth and sit down. I see my sister walking down stairs still putting on her makeup. Typical Samantha, always so extra about her looks. Jack is eating his favorite cereal, Rookie Rrisp. I'm not a big fan of chocolate, but that's just my opinion. When my sister is done applying makeup, she goes over and bumps me purposely. I say nothing knowing it will make things bad. Ugh, she is really annoying.

"Morning mom, morning Jake, morning squirt." Samantha flicks my forehead.

"Will you just leave me alone? Dang just go away for once." She chuckles as she walks to get her backpack chewing the last mouthful of cereal she had. Jake walks over to me and gives me a goodbye hug. My brother and sister walk out the house with their backpacks. My mom grabs her purse, gives me a peck on the cheek, and leaves. Now, I'm alone. The house is quiet without anybody around. I see a note on the counter from my mom, and of course, read it.

I am going to bring your siblings to school, which is quite far as you know, so it will be a while. Then, I'm going to the store. So I expect you to behave on your own. Lunch is in the fridge, and you can make yourself some snacks. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!! Love you- Mom :)

Well I guess she will be gone for a couple hours. Before I start to walk up the stairs, I get stopped by the ringing of the phone. Who could be calling this early in the morning? I go and pick up the phone.

"Hello?" At first the phone is quiet. It's probably just a robot.

"Hello Emma Butler, I am here to tell you the house is finished and ready for you to move in. To learn more, please press 1. To talk to a worker, please press 5. To talk to the manager, please press 9." I am shocked. This call must be a mistake. We aren't moving! Even though it did say my mom's full name. But would my mom really lie to me like that? I don't wanna leave! All my best friends are here. I grew up here and I know everybody in the neighborhood! It's not fair! I know I shouldn't come to conclusions but I don't care anymore. It all makes sense now. My mom didn't say anything about the field trip, because we are moving! I'm not in big trouble at school, because I wont be there for long. I try not to cry, and decide to do what I have to. I call my mom.

As the phone beeps, I start to question whether this is a good idea or not.

"Hi Emily, what do you need?" No turning back now. I have to ask, or I wont learn anything.

"Is it true mom?" I try not to sound like I'm crying through the phone, while in reality I'm crying my eyes out.

"Is what true?" She can't pretend anymore. It's to late for that now.

"Are we really moving?" She gives me the silent treatment, which scares me.

"I didn't want to tell you yet, but yes we are." My stomach turns and my heart drops. Out of anger, and without thinking, I hang up the phone. I sit at the table, to angry to cry, and open my moms computer. First thing that pops up, is the house. It's so creepy, and almost like a mansion. I already hate it. How could my mom do this to me? My life is already hard, and moving to another place will make everything harder! While deciding what to do next, I hear the doorbell. I walk over to the door, and look through the hole. It's the police.

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