The house

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I slowly open the door, hoping nothing bad is going to happen.

"Hello officer." He is tall, and the sun shines on his shades which burn my eyes.

"Do you know an Emma Butler?" I try to play dumb.

"No you have the wrong house. Sorry." But that didn't work.

"Emily Butler. That's you right?" I am about to say no, until he takes a paper out of his pocket. Which sadly, happens to be a picture of me. How did he get that? And isn't that the same picture as the one on my birth certificate? This makes no sense and I feel like my mom has something to do with it. I stand corrected, I am positive that she has something to do with it.

"How did you get that picture?"

"That's for me to know and for you to not find out. May I come in?" I try to think of what to say.

"My mom isn't here you can't come in." He doesn't listen, and pushes me out the way. What is happening? He comes and sits on the couch like it's his own house. I run upstairs and call my mom on the phone. This is gonna be messy.

20 minutes later...

My mom is finally back, and the police officer is still sitting on the couch.

"Go upstairs dear." I have to listen to my mom, so I go upstairs. Then, I go right back down. I hide behind the kitchen counter and listen to their conversation.

Mom: "Hello officer."

Police: "Hello Mrs.Butler."

Mom: "What brings you here on this fine day?"

Police: "You haven't payed your bills yet as you know."

Mom: "Yes sir."

Police: "So sadly, we have to take some of your money from your account."

Mom: "No you can't do that!"

Police: "I'm sorry ma'am. It's already done. I don't make the rules."

Mom: "Why am I not getting money anyway?"

Police: "I thought you knew."

Mom: "Knew what? What happened?"

Police: "Your husband tricked you. He is a Russian spy that came here without anybody knowing. You thought he was normal, but he wasn't."

Mom: "No, this is a lie!"

Police: "He was in the U.S army only to gather Information. He was found talking into a walkie talkie, telling the other team our plan. He is now sentenced to death. I'm sorry."

My mom starts crying. I stand in shock. Way to mad to cry. My dad, the one who raised me and called me his own, was a Russian spy? Questions fill my head. Am I really Russian? Is my family in danger? Even the question, was it my fault, comes around. I don't understand how this could happen. He was the best father I could have! Yeah, maybe he was faking being American. And maybe he was gathering intel on our country. But was he faking being my father? Was he lying when he said I was the best daughter ever, or I was beautiful? Was he faking that he loved me? The stairs creek and my mom sees me on the steps.

"Is it true?" I look my mom in the eyes as we are both crying.

"I'm so sorry you had to hear that." I run up and hug my mom.

"Can we see more time?" I can't stand seeing him, but my gut is telling me I have to.

"Yes ma'am. You two can come in the cop car with me, and come see him if you would like." I look at mom, and she looks back at me.

"We will wait to tell the Samantha." I can't believe Jacks first impression of dad, is him being in jail. I get more mad and sad than I ever have been. How will Samantha act? She has known Dad more than all of us! My mom leaves to pick up Samantha early, and I go upstairs to Jacks room.

"Hi sissy!" Jack is too innocent. this would break his heart to know. But he is too young to understand the idea of jail, and the deal with Russia and everything. Plus, I thought it was over. I can't believe dad is going to die. I run up to my room, and cry.


My mom, me, Samantha, and Jack are in the living room for a family meeting. I am the only one who knows what it's about.

"Something happened with your father, and he is in jail. We are gonna go visit him, and you are aloud to say whatever you want. The cop is outside, so lets not keep him waiting." Samantha and Jack look confused. We all go outside, and into the cop car. We all wait silently, until we arrive.

When we walk in the building, we get scanned, and go straight to the phones. I am scared to talk to him, but I have to understand.

"If you don't know, your dad was a Russian spy." My brother looks confused, I already heard, so I just look down, and my mom starts crying. But Samantha has the most straight poker face I have ever seen. And then, she smiles. Why is she smiling? This isn't a funny or happy moment.

"Why are you smiling? Didn't you here? Dad is a spy!" She looks up at me smiling.

"I know. I knew ever sense I was 6." Wait what? How would Samantha know this? And if she did, why didn't she tell anybody?

"What do you mean you knew?"

"He told me one day, and I just know. Nothing else to say about it." I don't understand. Maybe it's not my place. But if she knew...why is she smiling? I look at her one more time, and her simple smile, turned into the most evil grin I have ever seen. And then, she laughs. Right as we all question why Samantha knows these things, I hear something ringing, and I see my dad.

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