The house

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Family Crisis

I slowly walk up to the glass and stare at my dad. He doesn't look scared. He doesn't look sad. He just looks...neutral.

"Hello there Bubblegum." I couldn't stop the tears from coming up into my eyes. How could he call me that? After all he did to me why would he call me that!

"I'm sorry you had to find out this way. I didn't mean to bring you any harm-" I cut him off mid sentences and screamed into his ears.

"Oh, you didn't? Well I guess you failed at that didn't you! I was so worried for you and now I think that was for nothing. I thought you were in war fighting for our country. But I guess I was wrong. I hate you." Then I left. I got in the car and sat there. I can't believe he did this to me.

Awhile later...

I soon see my mom and Jacob coming out. Except my sister Samantha.

"Are you okay sweetie?" My mom rubs her eyes.

"lets go home. I will get Samantha." I hug my mom and brother, and walk into the building. I see Samantha and my father whispering, and hide. I slowly move closer, and hide again. Now, I can hear them clearly.

Dad: "You should have told them."

Samantha: "No, they would have been broken.”

Dad: "Well, I have a plan."

Samantha: "What's the plan?"

Dad: "You have to break me out the night before they kill me. Also, take these, its my ticket to Canada, a spare key to my cell that I stole, and ask the officer for a paper of the day and time they kill me."

What did I just hear? Confusion fills my mind and I slowly walk towards her.

"it's time to go."

Samantha looks at me, smiles, and walks towards the door, with me following behind. She stops before the door, and by the desk, and does exactly what she was told.

"Excuse me officer, could I have a paper of which the date and time my father will be killed?"

The officer looks in a folder and hands her a paper, until another officer quickly rushes in with another copy with different numbers.

"They changed it, just now." My father should count himself lucky that they gave her that paper and not the other one. My mind was racing. He was destroying our lives, while not even being here. And yet, Samantha is just gonna let him hurt us more? I couldn’t wrap my head around it. As conspiracies bottled up in my head, I could hear my sisters faint voice as she snapped I front of my face, and just like that reality came back to me.

“What are you doing? I thought you said we had to go, come on mom must be waiting on us.” So much to say and yet, nothing.

“Oh, of course sorry! Just taking in the moment.”

“Mhm...whatever weirdo.” We then walked off, into the parking lot, where my impatience mother and crazy little brother were waiting.

“Took you both long enough! Now get in the car we need to go home.” My mother demands. Me and Samantha get in the car. Samantha in the front, and me in the back. As I stare at the back of her seat, I question the people I’m living with. Maybe there is a bigger picture, I start with my mother. She doesn’t look very... villainous. But neither did my sister. Well, I take that back. She’s rude and demanding and outright ungreatful. Then I start to look at my brother Jacob. What am I doing! He’s too innocent. Jakey hasn’t even met his father anyway... but what if Samantha told him to help and just said if he told he would get in big trouble! No, no, no. I’ll over thinking, he is such a loud mouth, nobody would trust him with a secret if life depended on it. As we drive up in the driveway, I get Jacob out the car, and all of us walk into the house. My sister goes straight to her room, probably going to take a nap. How can she act so normal? As I walk up to my room, I form a plan, just to see how long this has been going on. I’ll check her phone when she falls asleep to check for calls too or from the jail my fathers at, or look at a time after school when I can see how many times my sister has visited. What’s going on with my life? Sarah ruined my friendship with Nick, I’m moving all of a sudden, and my dad was in Jail all this time. Maybe I should tell Nick what happened; but would be judge me? What if his girlfriend finds out and tells the whole school! For now I’ll just keep this to myself. I’ll start researching tomorrow. I collapse my head onto my bed, dreaming and hoping what I find isn’t what I think I will. Who knows what hides behind the walls of the internet this time.

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