The Blacks (Book 2)

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MUST READ BOOK 1 BEFORE THIS !!! ~The risk of falling in love is knowing gravity doesn't catch us all~ WARNING: Contains violence and abusive language.

Mystery / Thriller
Romaisa Choudhry
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Rome, Italy. (04:30 pm).

Ryan sat in the driver's seat of Marcus' black Aston Martin, with him in the passenger's seat and Benjamin in the backseat looking ready to pass out any second because of the boredom.

They were parked in front of an old diner, opposite the private back parking lot of one of the most famous and expensive hotels in the city, looking out for the four familiar faces, if they were to come out. It has been an hour and a half and there is still no sign of them.

Ryan rubbed his sweaty palms against his black skinny jeans for the hundredth time, to say he was nervous would be an understatement.

He knew what he had to do as soon as they get out of the building and he couldn't help but be wary thinking about the situation, an unknown fear bubbling up within his being, making him clutch the staring wheel harder his knuckles turning white.

Ryan's fidgety state didn't go unnoticed by Marcus. He looked at him intently tilting his head to the side, examining his features watching different emotions passing through his eyes.

Apprehension. Nervousness. Doubt.

"You're not backing out, are you?". Marcus said, with a challenging lilt in his voice.

"Huh? No! Of course not". Ryan replied, his voice heavy with nerves.

"Good". Marcus said, a ghost of a smirk appearing on his face, his dark and cold midnight blue eyes trained on the back exit of the building.

After a while Benjamin looked up in his hazy state towards the building and saw a man dressed in charcoal black three piece suit with a white shirt underneath get out of the building and stood in front of the exit, looking around as if analyzing his surroundings for any kind of danger then he stepped aside and stretched his arm out gesturing towards the parking lot, reassuring whoever it was that it was safe to step out now.

Benjamin touched Marcus' shoulder slightly to gain his attention and gestures towards the parking lot with the slight tilt of his head, where he finally caught sight of the four of them getting into the car.

"Get ready". Marcus stated firmly addressing Ryan, who had a look of pure dread covering his features.

Ryan turned the key in the ignition with his shaky hands, making the engine roar to life, clutching the wheel tighter in hopes of reducing the shaking of his hands.

He started driving as soon as he saw their car pull out of the parking lot and onto the road, he drove the car at the speed of 220 mph, swerving and overtaking the cars to get to their target.

Eventually he overtook their car as well and then turned the wheel towards the right hitting the breaks abruptly, the sound of tires screeching surrounded the air stopping the car in front of theirs which made Tyler Shaw, hit the breaks suddenly and as a result the back of the car was in the air and then it rolled forward rolling three times before stopping upside down a few feet away from them smoke coming out of it, the smell of burned rubber wafting through the air around them and then their was an explosion, fire enveloping the car, leaving nothing of the once sleek black car and probably nothing of the men inside either.


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