Sequel Of Mafia's Love

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when two people have went far from each other lets see how destiny brings them together This is the sequel Of my previous Book Mafia's Love..First you Need to read that book then this..Then You will Understand the Story❤

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1

New York

We can see a lavish bedroom..which is bigger...But there is no light Everything is dark only the sunlight Coming From window

A boy was talking on the phone sorry not talking yelling on the person and we don’t need to guess who it is

Manik Malhotra

He was looking out of the window Showing his sexy Back as he is shirtless only wearing his jeans his hairs were wet which means he had taken the shower

“Listen i don’t care i want that deal means i want whatever you want but this deal should be mine” He yelled on then person

Then listen “Yes sir” from other Side He throw his phone on Floor angrily

He take the picture From side table And gazed it For some seconds...And then angry hurt Flash in his eyes

“I will Find you.” He whispered in hurt tone

He listen the knock on his door He put the picture in the drawer and opened the lights

“Can i come in” A boy of 5 year spoke in his cute voice bringing smile on his face

“Come buddy” he said sitting on bed and open his arm for him

And without any delay the baby boy run towards him and hopped on his lap

“Good morning” The baby wished him in his cute voice

“Good morning” Manik whished him back with a smile and kissed his cheek

“Mom is calling You For Breakfast” Baby said

“Aman I’m Not hungry go tell your Mom” Manik said And make him sit on bed

And get up to wear his shirt then getting Full ready in 3 pieces Suit He start to set his hairs

“But Mom said If you will say that you are not hungry i will not listen to you” Aman said walking towards him

“IF you won’t come then Even i won’t do breakfast” Aman said Blackmailing Him

“You and your Mom know how to blaik mail me” Manik said with a smile Bending down towards Aman

And Aman giggled and nodded in Yes
Manik ruffled his hairs with a smile

“Come let’s go down or else apki mom upar ajayegi” Manik said Sarcastically

Then holding Aman’s Hand He walked out From his room

“Aman what were you doing? Itna time lagadiya apne Apko pata hai na you have to go school” a girl said making him sit on chair

“Sorry Mom” Aman apologize Holding his ears

“Alia It’s ok because of me he got late” Manik said walking down behind Aman

“Good morning bhai” Alia wished him with a smile

“Hmm..Morning ” Manik Said with a short smile And sit on chair

“Mom Mamu Is Eating breakfast Because of me” Aman Said proudly Making them chuckled

“Where is Everyone?” Manik asked Putting Jam on bread

“Aryaman Has gone London For business Deal Navya is in kitchen And Cabir must be coming” Alia answered.

Cabir came down Then wishing them morning He sit on chair

“Manik Your Secretary was calling you From so long your phone was Unreachable where is your phone” Cabir Said Looking at him

“I Broke my phone” Manik answered Casually

“What Again” it was From alia Cabir and Navya who came from kitchen holding a tray and listened their Conversation

“Yeah i was angry so i throw it” He Said Drinking his juice

“It’s 7th phone that you have broken in a week” Cabir said looking at him And manik rolled his eyes

“Forget that phone woh toh Manik tor ta rehta hai..See I have make parathas For you” Navya said in excited tone giving Plate to cabir

“Baby who said you to go in kitchen and make this” Cabir said looking at her

“What...You Mean You don’t want to eat this..I know you are not the same anymore you are changed your don’t love me anymore” navya said yelling at him

She was high on her mood swings As She is 4 months pregnant..

Cabir Palmed his face while alia giggled and manik just smiled a little and Thought

"Kash Hum bhi itne he Happy hotay par kismat ko kuch or he Manzoor tha”

“Alia You eat” Navya said giving her the plate..

“No navya you know na i don’t eat oily thing” Alia said giving her sorru sorry look

“It’s Ok My baby Aman will eat Haina” Navya said looking At aman

“No Masi I’m Full. Bye I’m getting late For school” Aman said showing his teeths

And run From their Making Manik chuckled

“I will Drop him at school” Manik said getting up Form chair

“But bhai you didn’t Compete the breakfast” Alia said

“I’m Not hungry anymore. Cabir Come soon today is important meeting” Manik said and walked outside

“bhai is so changed he is not the same anymore” Alia said sadly

“Alia give him some time He will be fine” cabi said Assuring her

“How much time cabir 5 years are enough time but nothing changed we don’t know what happened that day

And after that Everything is changed bhai khush rehna bhool gaya hai He has Forgot How to enjoy life. He is only Focused to work Even he have leave that Mafia thing...Nothing is same And All that Happened because Of that Nandini Mere Bhai ki life Spoil Karke Chali Gayi Bloody bitch..” Alia said Angrily

“Alia” And she Listen Manik’s Shout
He was Glaring At Her angrily Which Make her scared

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