The Werwulf Trials

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To capture the Predator, you can't remain the Prey. Iohann witnessed his family's demise. His little sister's cadaver were violated. His mother was mutilated. The only clear recollection he held onto was a pair of glowing eyes. And it was all his father's fault. Before running from it all, he watched as his neighbors cursed and condemned Joseph. Until his last memories of his father was a severed head by his bare feet as a pair of lifeless green eyes stared back. End sometimes came in the beginning. However, for Iohann, Joseph's end was just the beginning.

Mystery / Thriller
R.L. Keziah
Age Rating:


I have always been fascinated by historical events that seems like a well manipulated story to cover a big conspiracy. One of the events that garner my attention is particularly of Peter Stumpp, the werewolf of Bedburg. In addition to the mystery, I have since then gotten a particular love for all things werewolf.

The Werwulf Trials is a story that I’ve been planning to write since November of 2018. In a place such as the medieval times, I always wondered how people lived their everyday lives, their beliefs, and their faith. I contemplated at first because writing a historical fiction is not an easy feat because of the research that should be put behind it.

This book contains mature themes, including talk of mental health, sexuality, and romantic relationship between two men.

This literary piece is purely work of fiction. Any resemblance to real people, place, or events are pure coincidence. Any part of the work shouldn’t be reproduced or distributed without the author’s permission.

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