Bodice Snatchers

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When we do something bad then we pay no matter what the price in some strange manner in some strange fiendish way. When we do the deeds which mark us Where did you go my lovely with the egg plant in your hair and what did you do my dearest when the wind blows out your brain? So where is the consequence of this story and what does it do to us as people as society and fools who parade the thing which says everyone is accounted for everyone is in their proper place and proper places and where did mother go? Why is there nothing left but this quest nothing at all but where did us leave and this other begin? What does it mean to us to the whole unit and when does it spoil us the spoil sports to know we can't have everything that when a woman is assisted to die then there is consequences and there is a price to pay for the funeral pry that was never there.

Mystery / Drama
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Chapter 1

Body snatchers they said was just a science fiction film. When the entire population from a Cyprus community look alike. The body snatching becomes something of snacking and making it reality.

“We are good stock when a marriage fails, we take it as above suspicion what we do to the other and then when we do, we do it right. Everyone happy.”

“We take the bad wife out and place the good wife in.”

“Then when we do that, we do not tell the children instead we say your mother is now good and kind.”

“We don’t think this as barbarism we think as being gentle and avoiding divorce and all that.”

“We are oblivious to the issues who is talking to me no deal we deal only with the outcome if a woman is bad and always cross, we like them good humoured and always going and getting on if that woman is not that way, we sort of do her out.”

“Where does the bad woman go?”

“She disappears.”

“No one notices gone at all.”

“That way we have healthy marriages.”

“In obvious places we say that is what it means to be married the husband is the only witness some of the adults as well and we continue living life in the way of good nature and peace.”

“A volatile wife is not ours to keep.”

“We have nothing more to do with her.”

“Women should never interfere with such issues as do not concern them.”

“They should all be humble and God fearing and if not, then the thing is not on and the peace must be maintained.”

“This healthy attitude is it legal?”

“The one who is violent or volatile has always a good-natured sister and we give her the respect she has to have and take the other away.”

“What is the meaning of such a thing?”

“A trade.”

“So, we give the bad away and have the good that way the husband is happy the children are well fed and everyone is happy.”

“Except the woman?”

“Well can’t please everyone.”

“It is shocking what you have just said?”

“We are normal people doing deeds to keep the peace.”

“How unnatural.”

“But that is how we do things”.

“No, I don’t believe it.”

“Justice has been done for some in such a manner.”


“If a wife is discontented and will not obey her husband what else does he have to do?”

“Look I am obviously not into this?”

“Are you not one of us?”


“We will see.”

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