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soul knows what heals it, a person doesn't know how to conquer fear. evil will alway rise stronger than you that is when you know how to control fear. Two sisters were taken to their father's seconde house they never knew existed. The girls begin to notice paranormal activity and were soon haunted by a little ghost girl . The ghost begin to give them clues. The two sisters along with their mother experience a whole new adventure. Who will be killed and how will they succeed and survive. How will justice be done?

Mystery / Thriller
Marvy Virago
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sylivia scott

“My name is Darcy, Darcy Lawrence,” I said standing in the spotlight “I had struggled a lot, so much struggle that I was nearly about to die.”

I turned as I heard my sister Helena clapping for me in a sarcastic way.

“That was some fine comedy. You, in the spotlight, dramatic dialogues.” She begins to laugh “when will you grow up Darcy!”

“What it’s so fun pretending to be a struggle, standing in the spotlight people listening to you and say, wow she is tough,” I replied

“Really!” She whispered, “Anyways come mom is calling you down.” She replied and went away.

I came down and saw my mom, Rose, packing her bags. “Darcy, I was looking for my pink bag, you have seen it?”

“Mom!” I said while looking at her and stood silently, wondering. She noticed my face expiration and asked: “What is the matter, Darcy?”

“I borrowed that bag from you, remember?” I said I a very low voice

“Oh I am sorry, I totally forgot.” She said and begin to pack her bags again.

“Mom,” I said, walked to her and took her hand in my hand “Why do you look that tensed, mom you never forget anything. I know you, there is definitely something that is bothering you, what is it?”

“Darcy, it’s nothing my darling.” She said kissing my forehead

I gave her a fake smile and went upstairs to my room. I jumped on my bed and took my pen and dairy. “Dad, he never told us that he owns a house in Mississippi. Strange isn’t it.” I begin to write it down on my diary before my mom called me to get in the car and set off to Mississippi

I and my family used to live in Boston, My name, Darcy Lawrence and I am 16 years old. My elder sister, Helena Lawrence, she is 19. My mother, Rose and my father Steven. My father was one busy personality and as soon as he got holidays he took us all to his now discovered house in Mississippi.

We traveled at the way to Mississippi, I was continuously listening to music and eating and of course, teasing and poking Helena.

After a long drive, we arrived in Mississippi. When we reached the house, its first glance was incredible. It was an enormous house which had a lake sort of thing in front of it which I believe was abandoned otherwise the front of that house would probably be a public area.

There was a bright over it and the house was surrounded by bushes. There was a long area which we had to cover to arrive at the main door of the house which was approximately equal to the size of the park which was in front of our house in Boston.

There were nineteen rooms in that house and each room had an attached bathroom with it, there were seven dining rooms, five

Kitchens and a door to an old basement. This was the whole huge land my father owned. And that whole place seemed a pretty boring place to spend summer holidays.

As I expected to stay in Boston to chill n relax and if I get bored I will go out somewhere there was everything I needed in Boston.

My mother chose an area where there was a kitchen, three rooms, the door of the basement and of course attached bathrooms and closed the rest of the doors so that she won’t get confused as a matter of fact she was the most excited to roam around the whole house.

I had already said to my father that I needed a big room so my father gave me a room which was big but, it was Pink!

The room was itself a suspicious; it was like if some baby owed this room before me. I instantly wished my father to change its paint of the room as since I was a youngster and I didn’t want another youngster to find anything to mock at me especially after a pink room.

The room was painted the room navy blue quickly because I had made a mess around the whole house. That could work as since there was no other availability of other paint.

My rich father brought us all fine furniture and like always I was with him so I brought the best furniture I could.

After the setting of our house then I thought that maybe it isn’t a bad place to spend summer holidays maybe it’s good to try new things. But

There was one thing I should have taken seriously that I didn’t that even after the new navy blue paint and adult furniture there was something that made the room look like if not me a little girl is an owner on this room but I simply ignored this fact and prepared my bed

and was about to sleep that sister Hela came and knocked at my door.

“Come on in!” I replied, “What is the matter Hela?” I questioned

“Nothing just offering you something.” She said and came inside

“What is it?” I asked

“Tomorrow’s night!” she said excitedly jumping on my bed.

“Now what is tomorrow’s night?” I asked her

“Babe it is a movie……... a horror movie.” She said handing me the USB where she had it,

“Wait…wait is that the one you have been waiting for to release?” I said

“Yup! I am so excited. Darcy today was its third day in cinema, people said that it is very scary. So, I brought this from one of my friends, it was so hard to get it but I got it anyway. So, sister, I am offering you to watch Tomorrow’s night with me! You in or not?” She offered me so excitedly that it agreed to her.

I and Hela both were watching Tomorrow’s night it was like a slumber party with a boring sister watching a horror movie that was scary but not that exciting as Hela found it. She was liking it so much because she was extremely afraid of demonic activity. When it was an intermission of the movie I kinda fall asleep and in the stages of sleep I reached the stage of dreams where I saw a little girl in Our house who had blond medium straight hairs nearly aged six. She was running in our house because there was a man running after her whose face, I couldn’t see clearly in my dream. I felt the man was savage because his aim was to harm the little girl it was clear because he holds a knife in his hand. While escaping the girl, unfortunately, fall down the stairs of our basement. She got her head wounded the blood started to pour like a river, this made the little girl lost hope for survival because she felt weak. The brutal man took its advantage and ran down the stairs. He was savage he hanged the little girl upside down and pierced her chest, the little girl screamed as hard and loud as she could for she could not bear the pain. And I woke up sweaty with fear and my heart was running with fear.

My eyes wide open and my breath bouncing, Hela looked at me and hurriedly gave me a glass of water. She asked what happened because she knew that I fall asleep. I just said that I was falling in my dream but that seemed quite lame according to my condition even Hela was intelligent enough and said to me that falling dreams cannot make someone’s condition that bad.

“Darcy, I am pretty sure that a dream in which someone falls does not make such bad condition!” she asked me and I knew that she won’t leave without knowing. “Hela you don’t want to know what I saw!” I said rubbing my eyes but then I gave it a thought, nothing is wrong in telling my dream to her so I begin and told her each and everything I saw “It is the most horrible dream I ever saw.” I gasped after telling my dream to her

“Darcy, I guess that maybe you should try not watching horror movies at night, you know, sometimes it happens and before you fall asleep didn’t you saw Jane was also killed by a Ghoul!”

Jane, seriously Jane, she was an annoying and useless character who was doing such silly things in the movie and when she died I liked it and Hela found that sad because in the movie she was the daughter of an actress whom she was a great fan of and she was killed by a Ghoul.

Hela who deep down knew that I wasn’t liking her stupid story so she wished to scare me from the core of her heart and this happened to me before Hela stopped watching that movie and asked me to go and rest and left the rest of the movie even though it was her one of the most awaited movies but she didn’t watch the rest.

I went back to my room, my navy-blue room which still looked like if it belongs to a girl of six-eight years old.

I directly went to my bed and slept widely.

It was almost about 2:37 my eyes opened due to the voice of thunderstorm. I noticed the roof of my room, the navy-blue paint seemed to be scratched from some areas, but soon I noticed the paint was piling of from my walls as well.

I got off my bed and clearly saw the paint on my walls which I thought was of bad quality.

After seeing that clearly it left me in surprise, my eyes were wide open and my breath hanged in my throat, I was alone my big room and the capacity of fear filled in me at that time couldn’t let me scream.

It was a picture of the same girl I saw in my dream and the worst thing, the rain outside with thunder, I became even more fearful. The voice of the heavy lighting was preventing me to be brave.

My body was shunned; I could barely move and as soon as the lighting strike outside my window. I was able to see a blaze of lighting. It was so bright that my eyes could not bear it. I closed my eyes and bend down in fear. That sudden moment left me unmovable, very little might was left in me. I managed to look back on my wall. The view in sight left me confused, was this an illusion of mine of was it real. The lighting had changed the picture on the wall which I was staring at deeply. Now there was the same knife with whom the little girl was killed.

After this sight, I could not stay in my room, I felt not blood but fear is running through my veins. I ran towards my door and hurriedly came outside where I felt even more insecure, it was a huge house where the picture started to vibrate.

I ran towards Hela’s room and opened the door without knocking. I couldn’t believe she was watching something else.

“Hela!” I said where in return I got a scream. “SSh.SSh! It is my Darcy!”

“What are you doing here!” she said taking the blanket of her “You just freaked me out. What brought you here?”

“I am afraid to sleep in my room, so I came to you. Simple!” I said trying to twist the reason because Hela didn’t give me a good response for my dream before so I thought that it was of no use for telling her.

“Oh my goodness! thank you!thankyou!thankyou!” She said coming over to me.

“For what?” I asked

“I kinda got afraid so I was watching comedy series so that I don’t get tomorrow’s night’s nightmares.” She replied, “Wait, you are afraid to of the movie.”

“No, I am not,” I said and laid down next to her

“Then what made you so scared, I mean you did not look that fearful before when you saw your dream.” She said, “Come on Darcy spit it out!” She begin to stare at me, when she realized that the movie was not the reason I was afraid, it was something else

“There were weirdo, creepy, scary pictures appearing on my wall, which I saw in my dream,” I said hesitating

“WHAT! Pictures of your dream appearing on your wall! Are you okay?” she looked at me in disbelieve

“Let’s just say I was being hunted, ignore what I said before.” I tried to balance the situation,

“Hunted by what?” She asked, now she seemed to be interested.

“For that my sister you have to go and visit my room,” I said closing my eyes on her bed.

“Darcy is it dark in there?” she asked

“Yes!” I whispered

“Is it raining outside?” She asked again, I said yes.

“And you were haunted by something…right?” She questioned thrice

“Yes,” I said

“If you mix all of these things together I’ll have a heart attack if I go to your room alone!” She said,

“Why do you wanna go there?” I asked, not wanting to go.

“You yourself just told me that there were creepy things on your wall what you saw in your dream and Darcy if there is anything like this then we must be aware! Don’t you think? So, let’s get up and see our fate!”

“All right! I’ll come with you!” I said getting out of the bed. “Life you are

giving me a bad taste,” I whispered

So I and Hela both went to my room with the same old story it looked like a little girl’s room and yeah there was the evidence of my truth, the knife was still there on the wall seemed to be telling a story of agony suffer and gloominess.

“Holy spirit what is that?” She said looking at the wall.

“Hela I really don’t want to stay here, not even for a minute!” I grabbed her arm and pushed her backward,

“Wait, Darcy!” She let go of my hand and slowly went forward to the wall. Hela, she got crazy like cuckoo at that time, she raised her arm and slowly started to touch the picture desperately in a very uncouth manner she kept her nose close to the wall and kept on smelling it and I behind her, wondering what is the matter with her.

There my sixth sense told me that Hela wasn’t in her senses it seemed that someone else was controlling her body and me again thinking to be dead sooner or later.

“Do you like this place dear Darcy?” She asked me

When she said “Dear Darcy” I was confirmed it was not her, Hela would call me dear.

I gathered my might and managed to speak a few words “Why you don’t like this place?” As I was speaking to her, I was losing boldness, even a few words made it difficult to speak due to the fear I had my heart.

“I don’t like this place so you don’t have to like it either or do you wanna die then sister mine” I seized her shoulders and shaken her hard

“Helena!” I shouted out loud as I could I don’t know why but my vocal cord was not working properly in fear.

“What happened?!” She asked me while rubbing her eyes.

The situation was even freaking me out she does not even know what just happened to her that was so confusing, what on earth did really happened to her, she was in her senses or wasn’t she, she just confused me but I drowned the whole thing and pretended that if neither I am aware of what happened.

“Hela maybe we should leave! Please!” I begged her “This place is very scary!” I grasped her hand and took her towards the door,

“But what about the picture?” she asked

I really wished I had a memory eraser because now I was a hundred and ten percent sure that she was not I her senses.

“No Darcy.” She said letting go my hand “You first tell me what happened here! What happened to you! What happened to us!!??”

“Hela let’s just go from here then we will talk.” I insisted her,

I took Hela’s out of there because there was no way she was going to

Leave that room without knowing and we came to her room.

“Now wait, Darcy! You have to tell what happened there it was like all black I could not see anything neither could I feel anything!” She said, “Is that why you were doing those nasty things.” I whispered to myself

“What nasty things I was standing still!” she said

Now I had a million questions in my mind.

“I don’t know what happened over here? I don’t know what happened to you? But yes I know what happened to me, I was there between you and the wall confused.” I replied stunned

“I was standing there like if I was blind feeling nothing nor could I see anything and standing there I gave you voices as well!” She said

“You didn’t give me any voice you were,” I said

“Darcy stop it! Just tell me what happened.” She said in anger

So I had to tell her everything.

I was quite an unusual night, I slept with Hela after a long talk with her, and we both were scared. But we slept anyway.

Next day I and Hela had a deep conversation that nor I neither she will tell it to any man because it was a man who was after the little girl. So, dad was a man,

“But why dad, he is our father,” Hela questioned me like I know everything.

“Maybe because he is a male,” I replied

“Then what about mom?” she asked

“It is of no use for telling her, all she will do is get even more tensed and scatter this matter, we need to take it very delicately,” I said

“I agree with you but what do we do next?” Hela looked at me

“Just clear your mind and if you find any other clue related to it, then and only then we will think of telling this to mom I don’t want her to behave in such weird way like she did last time when I fall from the slide,” I said

We were fixed with this thing and I gradually started to feel insecure when my whole day went on thinking about Hela and her condition. I was pretty sure that there was something with her, something I should have told to father or mother. But I didn’t, something told me that telling this thing to any man, no fair will happen and I had a really a terrible experience with mom so I thought that maybe I am capable for handling this matter in my hand by my own, independently. But I kept on thinking maybe I should tell it to mother but there were memories of mine with mother that were preventing me to share this matter with her.

Once I fall from a slide when I was thirteen years old, a four years ago memory of mine. When I fall from the slide, Mom took me and left the park that minute and kept on asking strange questions until we reached the holy temple. Mom had given me under the custody of weird people didn’t leave me alone not even for a minute and continued with her strange acts for about a whole month.

“Darcy!” mom was there on my door when I was recalling my flashbacks, she knocked slightly and came inside, close to me holding my hand tightly. “Are you okay?” she whispered.

“Yes, I am,” I whispered to.

“How is Helena doing?” in the lowest voice that only the person she is talking to could hear.

“She is doing fine till now I don’t see another thing.” I paused for a minute realizing that mom have no idea of my situation. “How do you know mum?!”

“Come outside.” She said and so, I and mom both went outside, to that lake type thing in front of the house I know it called something but it was fun calling it a lake type thing. We both sat down on the swing that was close to it and she begin. “Darcy, you remember your memories of four-years back when you were thirteen years old?

In a quite sensitive way, she begins to tell me the reason.

“Now I know that you are enough grown up that I can tell you now.

I remember the time you fall from the slide, I remember how I caught you, and I remember how close you were to die at that time.”

“Death!” I whispered in disbelieve and curiosity

“Yes, death Darcy, you weren’t noticing but I am your mother I know, I noticed every of your move. There was a rock whose opposite side which was buried in earth was pointy as a needle, sharp as a laser which turned upside down right in front of my eyes, not by wind but by Madison.” She said

“Who is Madison?” I asked

“Madison was a dead soul that wanted to kill you and I aimed your survival from her. We first saw her in your twelfth birthday standing behind Helena. We ignored it again in a few more pictures we saw it with Helena. Gradually weird things started to happen in our house after that we took notice of it. We thought that maybe this thing is after her so we took her to the temple gave her holy things to wear but it was of no use, it was such a coincidence picture in which she was you were always with her. A whole year of tension and insecureness end that on your thirteenth birthday she wasn’t with Helena she was with you right next to you. Her hand was on your shoulders.” She showed me the picture and gazed at it as that year have returned. “That day your father took us to the park so that I feel change because we kept it hidden from both you, that was the day you fall from the slide. There was a rock whose opposite side was extra sharp and pointy it was quarter visible and rest was buried in the earth right in front of my eyes it turned upside down and that was the same moment you fall from the slide and if I was not there to catch you, you would probably be dead.

Then I took you to priest he let you live with me and few other priests for a whole week doing all the investigation and told me that there was not just something with you it was with Helena too. You were too strong to be attacked soon that is why my weak daughter Helena was attacked first she was just a piece that was being used so that she could get till you. You were strong, you are strong that Madison couldn’t take control of your soul even in a year. The priest told me that these demons do it on purpose mostly they come to take a soul with them.

They need a soul and would not leave without it and if they don’t get it they torture you, bad. He even said that souls are attracted to you and of course he told me that Madison wanted something from you if she needed a soul she would probably kill Helena but she didn’t, imagine a whole year with a demon and demonic activity.” And her words dropped my mouth,

“Then how did you got rid of it?” I asked

“It was Priest who did everything, not me.” She replied

“Why are you telling me all of this?” I asked

My wonders had left me alone in the world of surprises, I was unable to believe how tactful my mother is, that it’s been four years she kept it hidden from me and Hela and she, she didn’t even give us a clue about it. She didn’t even let the slight wind blow to us.

“I am afraid you would not tell me about the new demonic activity you are facing. I am perfectly sure that there is something here and that, that you have felt it, haven’t you?” She said

For one minute, I kept looking at her but then I decided I will tell her everything, I took mom to my room where there were extra curtains not just on windows but also on one of the wall.

She sat down on my bed whereas I went to the wall and moved the curtains away exposing it. The knife was there no doubt it had a meaning.

“Well I don’t have any clue about Hela’s condition but this appeared on my wall all by itself and before this knife, there was the picture of the girl I saw in my dreams…”

And I told mom everything I should have.

Now mom and I were keeping an eye on Hela, although she was fine. We checked her for the whole two days. There were no signs of abnormality in her.

One day we were going outside, dad said that he will take us a trip around Boston.

Mom gave me a trick that day to figure out something about Hela, because she started to act in a strange way in the breakfast and Dad was sitting knowing nothing looking in a very strange way to mom and me.

When we were at the dining table she sat down with us for breakfast and begin to stare at the table and said to dad,

“Why do you not know that I don’t like to be told what to do!”

“Pardon me Helena! I don’t understand what do you mean?” He replied

“I said why do you not know that I don’t like to be told what to do, you forced me that night to do what you want!” she replied

“When I forced you?” He asked

She stood up and went to the room hitting things and walls. I and mom went after her and when she was walking she was talking.

We realized that she was sleep walking, but still it was odd.

We came back to the dining, dad was looking at us and asked us what had happened. We told him that she was sleep walking, he was yet not satisfied but since we pretended to behave normal so it he was fine.

Then he thought that maybe it is because he does not give much time to his family since he is too busy, maybe it made us a little mentally upset so he took us all out in to the trip of Mississippi but something went wrong and we couldn’t.

Dad didn’t mind anything because he wanted our comfort. He was okay if we go or not.

The thing which was an interruption between our trip was that mom told me to share my Holy things with Hela, ask her weird questions that might wanna give us an answer to her condition. I gave her my four years before holy necklace which the priest had given to me to wear, she intently denied saying that it is very old now and was also surprised that however I kept it for the whole four years. I made her wear it, actually I forcefully made her wear that.

But before we were informed that we would be leaving in fifteen minutes Hela came to my room to use my bathroom it took very long in the bathroom so I came over to her asking her why is she taking so long.

First she didn’t allow me to enter, then I asked her again she didn’t reply me, the third time when I asked her she asked me to come in, so I came in.

“Hela, you okay.” I said

She was standing in my bathroom right in front of the mirror on the wall. I asked her again about her condition, she didn’t reply me.

Suddenly I heard a voice, voice of agony that seemed to be coming from the back side of the mirror. I placed my ear on the mirror on the wall, once Hela asked me that what was I even doing. I told her what was happening, my bad I told her. She became even more terrified at that time than I was. The mirror turned as if semi black.

She seized my hand and pulled me back, all of the sudden I saw a women appearing in the mirror. My terror rose when a flashback of Madison came in my mind. The picture mom had showed me, It was the same women appearing in the mirror. Which meant Madison was here.

It was odd of everything that was happening because she disappeared without causing any harm or violence. It was just a few minutes when she had disappeared, she appeared again. The light bulb busted and the door closed by itself. The mirror begin to crake and the tap of water opened. We were still strong enough not to scream because we had each other. We again looked in the mirror at saw there was a little girl appearing from behind of the mirror, wounded. She would be approximately be six years old. Then appeared another little girl, also injured around eight years old, then last appeared the girl we had seen before on the wall.

“I am no harm! we are no harm!” she said to us and begin to move forwards to us raised her hand out of the mirror,

When we saw this we ran towards the door screaming and crying.

Mother was passing by my room, came in, when she heard our cry.

When we came out pushing the door with all our force, mom rushed to us gathered us in her arms and hugged us tightly.

“What happened?” She asked And we told her whatever we had seen.

“So you mean that the little girl was coming out of the mirror, and there was Madison!” Mom continued “That means that there is defiantly some relationship of Madison and the little girl…… Mom was just saying this when she saw the little girl standing far away in the room looking at us.

She stood up in surprise and said boldly “Who are you and what do you want!” The girl said nothing but ran out of the room.

“We need to talk to that girl.” said mom stun looking where the girl stood.

“Do not take impulsive decision mom, I am not brave enough,” I said

“Besides how are we going to do that?” asked Hela

“I have a feeling, she means no harm, we can talk to her. Trust me on that.” Said mom looking at me. “Just give me a minute, I will make your father sleep than we will and I will tell you how. Till that time you two stick together and don’t try to do anything because Madison is still watching you.” She said and went away.

After half an hour mom came back, she took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a minute. Then she went towards the windows and covered them with curtains, took the stand of candles and lit them up.

Afterward, she came to me, “Darcy, you have this attracting power for ghosts and spirits, not us, you will have to call them.”

I did as I was told. I took the stand of the candle, and whispered: “Give me a signal if you are here with me.”

The vase fall down and broke into pieces. Hela went towards it.

“Mom, Darcy look!” she called us when she looked at the vase. When we looked at the broken pieces of vase it mentioned the alphabet “S”, rest of the broken pieces were away.

“S stands for what? Whispered Hela

“Sylvia Scott.” ringed a voice in the room. We tended to be brave, but we all knew what was happening in our heart deep down.

“Sylvia Scott, can I see you?” Said i

At the split second the curtains below and the picture of the little girl came there.

“So you are Sylvia Scott.” Said I

Mom detained our hands and said, “Stay strong, we can’t give up now.”

“What is yours and Madison’s relation?” I asked Sylvia Scott

“She is my mom.” said a moving thing behind the curtains.

“What do you want from us!” Said, mom

The girl came out of the curtains, we all moved back.

“We just wanted to help!” said the girl

“What type of help, how can you help us, we don’t want any help from a ghost.” Said Hela

“That was a blunt delivery,” said Madison coming from behind Sylvia.

“Your father, my husband, even your husband,” said Madison disappearing

“What is wrong with our father,” I asked

At the moment, there was a knock on the door, I rushed towards the door and opened it slightly, it was dad. He looked inside the room, he eyebrows wriggled in a strange way.

“Can someone tell what is going on?” He said coming inside the room, but when he looked around everything was normal, no darkness, the candle stand was on its place and the no candle was fired up and the vase was unbroken.

“Nothing, what made you come here, you were asleep!” said Mom coming towards him and acted as normal as possible.

“What happened to you Helena, did you know you were sleepwalking.”

“Who me, no way. They didn’t tell me such a thing.” She said pretending. The situation was unexplainably awkward, none of us knew what to do and there was silence and all of us was talking to dad in terror and was hesitation.

We were just looking at each other, well I begin to laugh when I noticed the situation gradually Hela, mom, and even Dad.

We had a good laugh, then mom said to him “Girls are insisting me to sleep with them and nothing else.”

“Okay, no probs.” he replied, “I actually came here to know what’s for dinner.”

“Whatever you like.” Said mom going out of the room taking dad with her.

I closed the door, “Now what?” I asked Hela

“Mom is not safe with dad.” She said sitting down on the sofa.

“I know but………..” At the moment Hela said, “Ouija, we came to talk to Sylvia through Ouija.”

On the spur of the moment, the curtains moved by themselves, that created darkness, the candle stand ignited and the vase broke.

“No need for Ouija, we can listen to you, we can talk to you and we can see you.” echoed the voice of Sylvia,

We stood up from our places and I said, “What was it that you were telling us about dad.”

“Your dad is also my dad and he killed me, my mother and my sisters, in this house. Now he have brought your family here to kill you all.”

“But why will he do that to us?” Asked Hela

No reply came, we turned around and saw Madison sitting on the chair she had unbroken vase in the hands, she was looking at it “ Tonight, he will kill you, before he kills you, you kill him, you will not just save yourself but you will free our souls and give us the peace. If you don’t today is your last day of survival.” she said this and vanished in the light of the sun reflecting her when the curtains were opening again slowly.

When she was gone mom came inside the room, she looked at us noticing our expressions,

“What the matter,” she asked

“Dad will kill us tonight.” Whispered Hela

“I don’t quite understand.” She said

Madison reappeared from the particles of sunlight.

“Our husband had killed my young ones, and now he is on you too.”

“That night was a terror.” Said Sylvia coming from the curtains, and walked to me. My legs left my support, mom sized my hand and asked me not to be afraid.

“Don’t be afraid, I am not going to hurt you.” She said

I bend down to my knees as her figures touched mine. I thought I would die that very moment, if not by my step sister but by fear.

“He killed me, my three daughters. The most cruelly killed victim is my Sylvia.” Said Madison “When he brought me here I thought he loved me but after that night I seek revenge on him. I and my Sylvia will not rest until we see him finish die with our own eyes.”

“Chloe, my other sister, and Natalie my eldest were strangled to death. He killed mom by cutting her windpipe but me.” Continued Sylvia “I was hanged upside down, he beat me with a pole. When there was little might left in me, he burnt me. This all happened in the basement. So no matter what happens do not go in the basement. Dad will get the chance to kill you easily.”

Mom looked at us in a shock and fall down on the floor by her knees. A tear dropped from her eyes silently. The anger rose in her she wiped her tears and stood up.

“If this is so then I am wasting my energy crying over him, we must make a plan a solid plan that will nip him all in one,” said mom.

“I could help you.” Said Madison, “I am buried in the front yard, if you need me, you will find me there.” She disappeared that very moment.

All this time I have only thought evil about souls, what if it is just a plan to kill us. Madison wanted to kill me before. Or maybe I am just overreaction, or over exaggerating. Let’s see what faith does.

That night mom took a knife with her and hid it in her side table. Father knew mom now know his evilness and he knew that she have a knife with her. Mom kept us with the grave of Madison to keep us out of the danger. Hela was extremely tensed and I was thinking if we lose mom, what will happen. I can’t live without her, she is my life.

Mom and Dad were on the bed, opposite to each other they were going to take action at any moment.

“Rose, Is everything okay?” He whispered

“Yes, why.” She said turning around to him and hid her right hand which had a knife.

He turned around and looked at her. “Are you hiding something?”

“No, Steven, what thoughts are running across your mind.” She said

He moving to her face, looked into her eyes.

“I can see secrets hidden in them.” He whispered

“In where.” Said, mom

“In your eyes Rose.” He rolled his hand on her face, down to her neck, then shoulder to her arm.

Mom begin to feel insecure because dad’s hand was proceeding close to the knife.

Then arm to her hand, before he could hold her hand, she had squeezed it under her leg and her hand was free.

Dad took her hand, seeing that nothing was in it. For that moment he felt ashamed but pretended that nothing had happened. So he kissed her hand just to balance the situation.

“This secret, your fragrance what else.” He whispered and lied down back to his place.

That was the moment mom had, she took the knife out and stabbed him on his right hand.

He shouted in pain and looked at her, “Why did you do that Rose!” He shouted painfully.

Mom took the knife out of his hand, got off the bed and pointed at him and said “You killed her, Madison, Chloe, Natalia, and Sylvia Scott, don’t you. You evil Satan, and know you wanted to kill me and my daughters.”

“What are you talking about Rose, I have no idea!” He said in pain

“Who is Sylvia, Chloe ad Natalia? And Madison wanted to kill Darcy, I have no relation with her.”

“You are lying.” She said

“I am not, believe me, Madison, Believe Me.”

“Madison! I am not Madison. Is that what you said to her as well.” She shouted

“That was a spill of a tongue.” He said holding his arm in agony “I swear, believe me, Rose.”

Mom clam down a bit she dropped the knife down and looked at dad for a while, he was crumbling in pain. She sat down on her knees and said: “I am sorry.”

“You should be.” He said and promptly took the knife and jumped on her. He seized her tight and pointed the knife at her windpipe.

“Who told you all that!” he said crushing his teeth.

Suddenly Hela came inside the room with a vase and threw it on dad, she took mom’s hand and they ran outside of the house. I was standing there when mom and Hela came running, Mom was gasping while she said: “I am sorry my girls I don’t have enough might to kill him, I thought it will be easy to do but turns out no.”

“No mom, it is not your fault,” I said holding her shoulders

“He is coming.” Said Natalia, she was hiding behind the gravestone

“What do we do now?” I said

“Be brave and don’t hesitate.” Said Sylvia standing next to her sister

“We need to prepare ourselves for whatever the situation is.” Said Hela

Steven came to them running, but when he saw nothing he stopped and took out the knife.

“Oh, my dear family I know you are all here, hidden somewhere.” He said when he saw a glimpse of Hela and me behind the rock.

“It’s okay, you don’t need to be afraid I am your father.” He slowly walked to the rock, when he saw, there was nothing. I and Hela had already left. Madison had helped us get away. I was standing in a very difficult place, while Hela was in an easy position. Because of my position, I never knew how but Dad got to know that I was standing behind the tree. I knew the very moment when dad was next to me. I thought it could be a near miss but no, dad took the knife out and tried to stab me. I ran swiftly, the only place where I thought would have the possibility of my survival was the door I was able to see. The door was leaving me in the house again. Dad was behind me when I closed the door with terror in my heart of dying. I felt safe but it was only for a few moment when dad stabbed the knife in the door and whispered.

“My sweet sweet Darcy, don’t run away from your father.”

His words paralyzed me, I lost hope for survival when the door’s wood cracked by his kick, and the light bulbs diffused. I was nearly pitch black.

“Quit in here.” Said Sylvia

I turned around and saw Sylvia in darkness, was standing at the corner of the basement. She had removed nearly wood plank from the floor, there was a hole in it.

I ran towards it, anything was better than been killed by one’s father. I jumped in the hole and lied down. Then she covered me with the wood plank. A GHOST WAS HELPING ME! It was unbelievable, honestly god. These were the days I had to see.

The very moment Sylvia had covered me with the wood plank Dad entered in the basement.

“Darcy, my honey, you are the dearest daughter of mine. So don’t just run away from me, I will find you anyway. Because I am everywhere.” When he said everywhere, he stepped on the wood plank where my face was. My tears dropped down silently, I covered my mouth with both my hands. There was suffocation and I was already breathing heavily. I tried to breathe soundlessly but it felt nearly impossible. I felt like I was in a grave and perhaps it will be my grave soon.

“Darcy, don’t act like your stepsister, Sylvia.” He said, “She died down here, and I guess you will too.” When he said it, he kicked the plank and it broke, the very moment I turned my face away from his shoe.

He picked me up from my hairs and threw me on the floor.

“I guess you will die like her too.” He said and begin to drag me from my feet. I was screaming and pulling myself away from him but I wasn’t strong enough to escape. I took the rope and that came into my hands. And I tangled his feet in them and pulled him, he fall down and I ran towards the door. When I opened the door Hela was in front of me. I took her hand and ran towards mom.

“Mom, we need to run from here,” I said shouting and running

“We can’t Darcy, what about your stepmother and sisters. Who will do justice to them? If I wanted to save myself and you two I would have done it I lot earlier.” Said, mom

“He is coming.” Said Hela

“Madison cover us as much as possible, we need to think of something.” Said Mom

Mom took us and ran into the water. I could see nothing. I was dark and blur, the water was cold.

Suddenly I saw Sylvia swimming through the waves of water and took me through the other side. I took Hela’s hand and she took mom’s hand.

Sylvia took us out and said, “That is very noble of you all, but right now you all need to run.”

“What about you Sylvia.” Said Hela shivering

“You don’t have to risk your life to give us peace.” She said

“She is right.” Said Chloe coming from their back “You need to save your own life.”

“You all have shown enough of your bravery.” Said Madison rising from the water. “It is time you leave.”

“No Madison, you can’t give up, we can’t give up on each other. You have to trust us.” Said Mom

“Remember you came to me.” I Said, “four years ago, what kept you away from me?”

“The necklace, that kept me away.” Said Madison

“But that necklace was for protection from any harm, you are no harm.” Said hela

“I was harm, four years ago.” She said stooping her head “I wanted to kill your whole family until I knew that you are the next victim.”

“Great!” I said, “There is no time to waste then.” I shouted in excitement “Where is the necklace Sister mine?”

“It’s in the house.” She whispered biting her touch

The optimism turned to pessimism, well at least I will not keep expectation or hope. That is one of the benefits of being pessimistic.

“Don’t blame yourself Hela, We will find another way out,” I said

“So what do we do,” I asked for suggestions

“It is time to be reckless.” Said Hela “Do whatever you can to kill him that is it. We are three, he is one.”

“We are unarmed, he is armed.” Said I

“We have arms darling.” Said, mom

“What are you actually supporting her idea!” I looked at mom

“You have a better idea?” Mom asked

“Well …” I kept on thinking “Then what are…. We ….waiting …..For!!! Let’s go, YEAH, ” I said hesitated when no idea came in my mind

“Girls, be careful.” Said Madison “You to Rose.”

“We will be.” She replied

We tiptoed all the way to the other side of that lake type thing and hid by a large rock

“Dad is still inside the basement.” Said Hela

“What is he doing inside.” Said mom “Maybe he is waiting for any of us.”

“What do we do then,” I asked

“We pop in.” Said Hela

“No wait, it is too reckless,” I Said

“And that is what we are doing, reckless.” Said, mom

Mom got up and stood on the rock, “Wow, I have never seen mother that excited about anything, especially in danger.” I whispered to Hela

She giggled, took my hand and stood up next to mom.

“Girls we go in there and destroy him, that’s it. It might sound easy but it is not, No guts no glory.” Said, mom

We all walked forward in the basement, we stopped on the front mat of the basement, it was all dark. Little light was there. Suddenly door closed, Dad was behind the door. He smiled evilly and took the necklace out in the napkin. “Looking for this, well you can’t get it.” He dropped the necklace on the matt and threw a chair on us. We had to spread.

“Be reckless.” Said Hela and stood up “Dad you want to kill us, get me.” She shouted

“That is very courageous of you my dear Helena, all this time I used to think of you a coward.” Said dad “Come my sweetheart.”

She ran to him with a pot of in her right hand and aimed his head. On her count of three when they when we’re in front of each other, Hela smashed the pot of clay on his head.

“That’s my girl” Shouted, mom

Dad fall down on the bunch of sacks of waste steel and metallic pieces.

“Hurry he is down.” Said I running to Hela, Mom ran to us too.

“Dear husband, your time is over.” Said mom raising her hand which had a wooden staff, to hit his head.

“No baby, your time is over.” He whispered. And took one of the steel staff and hit her head with it.

It felt as if my world tore apart. I knew I have lost my mother at that moment. I fall down to my knees as I was seeing her fall and her blood flowing on the surface. Hela took me up and said, “Sadness will fail you, Darcy, not now.”

“Then let’s take revenge on him,” I said as I was trying to strengthen myself. A tear dropped down my eyes as I stood up. The situation couldn’t go any worst know, if yes then I am going to fail my mother that I can’t let it happen.

“Dad, hope I remind you of Sylvia,” I said

“Aw, Baby, yes of course, perhaps you will die like her too,” I said

“And that is exactly what you said the last time to try to kill me,” I said and ran over him.

He took the staff and threw it on Hela, she survived it.

Now he was unarmed but there were many other objects that could be used to attack.

I took his head and climbed on to him and closed his eyes, at that moment Hela took a chair and threw it over him. The old wood of chair tore apart and dad fall down, me under him.

Hela took a knife and came to us. I managed to crawl and get him off of me. Hela sat down on him, her right knee on his left hand and her left knee on his right hand. She took the knife and tried to cut it through his throat. Her hands begin to shiver. “I don’t have enough might. “ She whispered to me

“Just do it Hela, you will regret if you will not,” I said

“Oh no, you will regret fighting me.” Shouted dad and threw her down. He took the knife out of her hands forcefully and cut through her hand wrist. He kicked her, she fall on a couple of broken glass pieces. They gave her further dozens of bruises. He tied her wrist with rope and hanged her.

Then he looked at me. I dragged myself backward to protect myself. I lost hope to live, to take revenge, to just justice.

He went closer and closer as I pushed myself away from him. He took a wooden staff that mom had in her hands and strike me with it. Stars came in front of me and I felt slightly unconscious.

“Darcy don’t you think it is a little too dark in here.” He said

I rubbed my hand on my head and tried to get up because I knew that now he is going to fire up this place.

“How about I set this place on fire.” He laughed “Oh look, oil is here, and I have the lighter.”

No, I can’t let this happen, what about Hela and mom, Sylvia, Chloe, Natalia and my stepmother Madison. I failed them all because I failed myself.

I was able to hear him throw the oil on the ground. He didn’t threw the oil on me Hela or Mom.

“Now you must be thinking why I haven’t I oiled you, Helena and Rose, Well here is it, I wasn’t you all to die the world’s worst death, slowly you will caught fire and slowly you will die. The slower the more painful it will be.” He laughed and lit the fire up. “I have managed my way out already when he opened the door and begin inhaled and exhale.

“The power of Satan can be strong, but,” I shouted when I was able to open my eyes again. I managed to stand up and I took the metal staff which was hot as hell, but nothing could stop me now.

“But the power of the one who created Satan is the strongest,” I said as I stood up.

I ran to him and hit his head as hard as I could, he missed it. I tried again, he missed it again it went of vice versa until I really strike his head. He fall down in fire, so did I but not in fire.

“And that is how you killed me.” Came in Sylvia from the flames

“I died in this basement, remember father.” She said coming forward to him, he running away from him “You kill me here, and then when little life was left in me, you burnt me.” He was now completely in hands “Now you will have to die the exact same way as you killed me.” She would step one foot forward he would move backward.

I stood up again, with the knife this time. I ran into the fire, fire burns, it will hurt but I am now not afraid of being hurt. I ran on him and threw the knife on his windpipe “And that is who you killed Madison, my stepmother.” I said

That sort of courage might never come in me again because after that I felt might less and I fall down on the floor due to suffocation and heat, all I remember when my eyes closed was Sylvia’s face. She was looking at me.

When my eyes opened to see the sun casting its radiant glow through the curtains of Sylvia’s bedroom. Outside the birds sang to welcome me to a new day. I could hear the sound of the nurse as she moved about.

Mom and Hela were there too. They were up already. The nurse was looked at me and said: “How are you feeling?”

“I am good,” I said and sat down on my bed.

“How did this all happened?” I asked the nurse

“A women named Madison informed us about the fire in your basement. I am sorry about your father, he didn’t survive.” She said, “that is great.” I whispered

“Sorry what.” Said the nurse, surprised when she heard me whispering.

“No, nothing. Just wanted to know how long will it take for us to heal?” I asked

“About a couple of weeks.” She said “You must have rest, your condition is the most delicate after your mother. So I shall go, you rest.”

I was overjoyed to see my mother alive at that moment. I felt like cloud nine.

The nurse went away, I looked at the side of my bed, and Sylvia was sitting there.

“That was brave of you Darcy.” She said, I smiled and said

“I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“Who are you talking to?” Mom asked and I replied “Sylvia.”

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