A Hunter's Sense Of Duty Book 23

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"You're protecting monsters. Matt isn't even human, he replaced the Soulton boy. He kidnapped the real Matt. He doesn't care, they don't care," One day when Lock is over at Avery and Rave's house, Josh shows up and attacks them. Rave, Avery, and Lock try to get Josh to leave but he refuses to. Lock's secret comes out in the process and Josh says he will kill them all. In a fevered attempt to protect everyone Avery locks Rave and Lock in bedrooms and tries to get Josh out themselves but they realize it's more difficult than anticipated. What will they do when they realize they can't get them to leave and doesn't want to hurt him? What other options are there for them? How will they stop Josh from killing them, Rave and Lock? What will Josh turn into after all this and will he finally understand after it all?

Mystery / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Chapter 1



Lock was over visiting when a knock came.

Avery abandons their cup of blood to answer the door.

“Rave,” I heard Avery struggle.

I watch as Josh carries them squirming by the throat into the living room. He stands at a distance.

How did he find us? Who told him Avery’s address?

“Josh, please. Let Avery go,” I reason.

“I don’t take orders from vampires,” he hisses.

Lock seemed to grasp what was going on.

Avery took their fangs and dug them into Josh’s hand. Josh stood his ground and hung onto Avery’s throat. By now a human would be unconscious. But vampires didn’t need to breathe.

“That won’t work this time,” Josh hisses again.

Avery brought their leg up and pushed off of Josh.

Surprised, Josh releases Avery as his breath escapes his lungs by force.

“Josh, if you don’t leave, we will be forced to kill you. For our own protection,” I reason as Avery scrambles away from Josh.

“I’m not leaving till you monsters are dead. But I’ll spare the mundane,” he adds nodding to Lock.

“Sorry to disappoint, but I’m a changeling, you’ll have to kill me, too,” Lock growls.

“Even better, fewer monsters,” Josh replies smiling sadistically.

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