The Beginning

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Chapter 9

“Chocolate!” I say, excitedly.

“Vanilla!” Nick says.

“Chocolate chip!” I say, with increased excitement.

“Vanilla with chocolate syrup on top!” Nick says, smirking a bit.

“Chocolate chip with Oreo!” I say with a huge grin. Nick’s smirk instantly vanishes. “Aha! I win!” I say, jumping up and down.

“Okay. But you’re gonna bring that from the kitchen.” Nick says.

“Anything for choco-chip ice cream with Oreo.” I say.

If you’re wondering what is happening, Nick and I were currently talking about which ice cream to eat.

I kind of fell asleep after a while in the car and apparently Adrian dropped me at Nick’s place. Nick told me that Adrian will soon be back to take me with him but I ignored that.

So when I woke up at Nick’s place, it was dark outside. We watched a movie after which I wanted to eat ice cream. That’s why we were debating on which is the best ice cream.

It’s nearly midnight but neither of us are feeling sleepy. And I got to know that Nick is a really good and friendly person. I can already say that he’d soon becomes one of my best friend.

As I bring the ice cream and Oreo to the couch where we’ve been sitting and watching movie, I see that Nick is on his phone.

“But she just woke up!!........ Okay, I’ll bring her to to you...... Not today!!!....... Maybe tomorrow??...... You have to talk to Adrian...... I think he’ll agree..... Okay, bye.” Nick says on the phone before turning to look at me.

“Who were you talking to?” I ask, curiously.

“My dad.” Nick shrugs. “When I told him your name he kind of got eager to see you. I really have no idea why. But he’s badly wanting to see you.” Nick says, frowning.

“So what’s the big deal?” I ask.

“I don’t know. He’s never been this excited to just see someone. He’s acting weird.” Nick says. He turns to look at his phone. “Have you ever met my dad?”

“I’m pretty sure I have never met anyone from your pack before I met Adrian.” I say.

“Okay...." he says nodding his head. “Hey the ice cream is gonna melt!”

We sit down and start eating our ice cream. As I see Nick’s face now, I do think I’ve seen him before. But maybe that’s my mind playing games with me. Maybe I’ve just seen some people with a few of the similar features and now I think that I’ve seen him before.

But there is something about that is really familiar. I can’t put a finger on it but I have this feeling that I should know him.

But I haven’t met anyone from this pack till now! Well except Nick and Adrian.

So I let it slide.

“Hey! Umm.... Do you want to go over to Adrian’s place so you can settle down or arrange your stuff or something?” Nick suddenly asks.

“To be honest, I won’t even like to see his face, much less stay with him. I think I’m better here.” I answer.

“But you know as much as I would like you to be here, he wouldn’t let you stay away from him. At least not for long.” Nick says.

“I know.... No offence but, why did your stupid alpha agree with him?” I ask, my voice full of frustration.

“Oh! You don’t know?” Nick asks in shock.

“Umm... No I don’t. What?” I ask.

“Adrian is the alpha.” Nick says.

“W-what? Are you kidding me?” I almost shout at him.

“No, I’m not kidding. I thought you knew that. He went for work with alpha Ash when alpha Ash was coming to your pack to visit you.” He explains.

“So you’re telling me that my current enemy is not only a stupid crazy werewolf but he is a super crazy, the biggest idiot and a crazily possessive alpha male?” I say, my mouth still hanging open with shock.

From the aura that Adrian radiated, I guessed that he was an important member of his pack and was having a high rank. But never in a thousand years would I have guessed that he was a freaking alpha!!

“I would have taken offence of that statement but considering that you are his Luna, I guess that it’s your personal argument of how you describe each other.” Nick says, with amusement clear in each of his words.

“He told you that we are mates?” I ask, my jaw now touching the floor with shock.

“Yeah, I mean we are best friends and he tells me everything. And besides, the whole pack is aware about you being our future Luna.” Nick says clearly enjoying my discomfort and shock.

Adrian told the whole pack that I was going to be their Luna when I wasn’t aware about that myself!

Is he crazy or what?

Now there is no chance for me to leave him and run away. Not that I was planning to run away but now he’s not the only one needing me. The whole pack needs me now!

Without the alpha’s true mate, the pack can not survive for long. Alpha’s usually need their true mates that the moon goddess gives them to make their pack happy.

Where the alpha’s job is to provide the pack with strength, protection and power, a Luna is supposed to provide love, care and kindness.

Without either the alpha or the Luna, the pack can not survive. Especially after the alpha finds their true mate.

How am I going to be the perfect Luna? That to of one of the most powerful pack?

I’m clearly not ready!

Oh moon goddess! What in the world do I do now?

“You know, you’ll have just about two months at the most to set your difference aside and mark and mate with each other. After that one of you may lose the control and do it without the consent of the other. You both have strong blood in your veins. You both are going to be in heat in a month’s time. And it is going to be really intense.” Nick explains, bringing me out of my thoughts.

“So, what do I do now?” I ask Nick.

“According to me, you should go to Adrian’s place and make yourself comfortable. And when he arrives back, seduce him and complete your bond. But I might be thinking like a pack member rather than a friend of yours so it’s up to you.” Nick says, nonchalantly.

Woah! That was bold!

“What! I’m not seducing him. At least not anytime soon.” I say, adding the last part in a near whisper.

“Yeah, actually you should just go and ask him to do it with you. He won’t say no. In fact he would happily oblige.” Nick says.

“Ugghhh! That’s not what I meant!” I say huffing like a child.

Nick laughs at me. When he sobers up, he looks at something behind me before his eyes lit up with mischief.

“You’re sooooooo cute!” He says, before I can look at what he saw.

“How does that make me cute?” I ask, with a frown.

“Awww... You’re adorable!! You’re soooooo.... Lovable.” Nick says.

My frown deepen at his statement.

“You know, I think I’m falling for you, Allura. I’m falling really hard.” Nick says, shifting closer to me.

I don’t feel creepy at his statement because I hear amusement and mischief in his voice. He does make me suspicious but not uncomfortable.

A growl echoes in the house as Nick tries to shift closer.

Before I can react to anything, I find myself pressed against Adrian’s chest.

I feel about a hundred million butterflies in my stomach and tingling sensation from all the parts of my body that are in contact with his. Heat spreads all over my face and I’m sure that I look like tomato’s twin.

“She is mine!!” Adrian growls at Nick, who looks smugly at us.

At that sentence and our proximity, my mind stops working. My brain shuts down.

“Now that’s what I want! You guys together.” Nick says, smiling genuinely.

Without realising, I wrap my arms around Adrian’s neck and place a lingering kiss on his cheek.

Adrian shudders at my actions making me satisfied by the fact that this affects him too.

Adrian tightens his hold on my waist. When I try to pull away, he just growls.

“Nick!” I call out to Nick for help, making Adrian growl more loudly pulling me impossibly closer.

“It’s okay, Adrian! Nick was just teasing you. Now please let me go!” I protest.

Now, I’m not going to say that I’m feeling uncomfortable in his hold because in real, I’m enjoying it a lot, but I would like it more if we were not having Nick as our audience.

"Never! I’ll never let you go!” Adrian says, his voice dripping with honesty and determination.

I literally melt at that.

“What if I forgive you?” I ask.

“Will you?” Adrian asks, nervously.

“I forgive you, Adrian. I know that you got possessive and you wanted to have me in your pack. I understand now. Your alpha side wouldn’t have let you breathe if you didn’t take me. So I forgive you. Now take me to your place.” I say, keeping my voice calm, so that he doesn’t get any ideas about what I’m planning to do.

Adrian pulls his head out of my hair to look into my eyes. And that’s when I smell it.

The most horrifying smell.

The smell that shouldn’t enter a pack.

“Have you been fighting with rouges??!!” I almost shout at him.

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