The Beginning

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Chapter 11

After I change into my night clothes, I put pillows in the middle of the bed to separate his and my sleeping place.

I wasn’t gonna build this pillow wall but now that he has made me angry, I have to. Clearly he wouldn’t let me sleep in a separate room so this is the only thing that I can do.

“What is all this?!!” Adrian asks from behind me. I didn’t know that I left the door open so I jumped at his sudden voice.

“Goddess!! You scared me!!” I say as I place my hand on my chest.

“What the hell is this!!” Adrian says angrily pointing towards the pillow wall.

“It is called a pillow wall.” I say, proudly looking at the wall that I made.

“Yeah, I know what it’s called but why is it here?!” He says, anger evident in his deep voice.

“Do you prefer to sleep on the couch?!” I ask, raising an eyebrow.

“No, I prefer to sleep on my bed, cuddling with my lovely mate!” He says.

“Oh!! What if your weak little mate is crushed under your arms while you’re cuddling?! Huh?! Would you like that?!” I ask, getting angry.

“I didn’t say that you were weak and little!!” He defends.

“Okay, so what if she’s ′not strong enough′ for your arms?” I say putting air quotes.

“Allura.... You know what I did was for your own safety!!” He says in a defeated tone.

“Adrian, then you know that what I am doing is for my safety as well.” I say.

“So you think that a couple of pillows can save you from me??” He asks, raising his eyebrow.

“Ohh!! No, definitely not!! I think that a couple of pillows can save your future. Because if you try coming to my side, you’ll be very very sorry.” I say, with a mischievous glint in my eyes.

“Okay, fine!!” He says, grumpily before climbing on the bed and facing the other side, away from me.

I smirk at that and turn off the lights. “Goodnight, Adrian. Sweet dreams!” I say before getting into bed.

“Wake up dear ma-” I start to say as I come out of the bathroom after getting ready for the training, just to be cut off by the sight of Adrian’s naked back.

“I’m up, love.” Adrian says, smirking as he turns to see me frozen in my place. He was just wearing his grey track pants so his broad and muscular chest was on full display. Ivy was going crazy at the sight in front of me but I was trying my hardest to control the urges.

“O-okay. G-get r-ready then.” I say in a shaky voice as I try to regain my composure.

“I’ll be ready in a few minutes. Good to see your punctuality, dear.” Adrian says, still having that smirk on. He bumps his shoulder lightly with mine as he passes me to go into the bathroom.

Why is he so controlling!!

When he comes out after a few minutes, he is wearing a white T-shirt and his grey track pants. I’m wearing my black T-shirt and grey tights.

We make our way out of the house at around four fifty. Adrian leads my to pack’s trained grounds where almost all the pack warriors are present.

No one’s began practising yet and were just getting ready but still I was really impressed to see the huge ground full of warriors.

Adrian leads me to the centre of the ground and everyone turns to see us, stopping whatever work the were doing.

“Good morning, everyone. I hope I have your attention.” Adrian starts, addressing his pack members in a firm and business-like voice. “This,” he says motioning to me, “is Allura from the crescent moon pack. She will be here as a part of our own pack for a month. She’ll be training with us everyday. I hope you treat her well. Now start the training!!”

I felt a little disappointed as Adrian didn’t address me as his mate even though the whole pack was aware about me being their future Luna.

“Allura, this is William, my gamma.” Adrian introduces the big muscular person in front of me. The gamma looked powerful and was tall but Adrian easily overpowered him. The gamma looked to be a friendly man around Adrian’s age.

I shake the Gamma’s hand as he bows his head a little to show his respect.

“He will be training you here everyday.” Adrian says, making me look at him.

“But I thought that you were going to train me!!” I say.

“I will when reach that level. William will first teach you the basics.” Adrian says, making me angry.

He thinks that I don’t even know the basics!?

Ooohhhh.... He’s soo wrong!!

“I’m not doubting your gamma but could Nick train me? I mean, I already know him and I would be more comfortable with him.” I say, thinking that it would be better to be with him. At least I will be able to talk while training.

“First of all, he’s Nicolas not Nick and I would like it if you call him that. And second, no!! I don’t trust Nicolas around you anymore.” Adrian replies, before turning around and leaving to do his own exercise.

Adrian joins a group of four warriors and Nick a little away from us.

Good. Now at least he will be able to see me and get to know how wrong he is.

“So, let’s get started, miss” Gamma William says.

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