The Beginning

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Chapter 12

“First I want to see your strength.” William begins, “so try to making me fall on the ground. No wait let’s start from you trying to get me to move from my place. I wouldn’t do anything. So start.” He says as he stands straight for me to attack him.

Adrian might have told him to start from the beginning that’s why he’s treating me like a beginner.
This thought makes me smirk to myself.

They’re really underestimating me!!

I decide to let them go with their thinking that I’m merely a beginner. I act as if I’m putting all my power to push William.

From the corner of my eye, I spot Adrian looking at me.

Aww... They don’t know me or else they wouldn’t have messed with me. Anyways, they’ll learn their lesson soon enough!!

“I’m not moving, Allura!! Try harder!!” William says, making me smirk internally at him.

“But I’m not strong enough!!” I say looking at Adrian, who is looking at me. I hope he gets this message loud and clear.

William looks at Adrian and then turns back to me.
“O-okay, let’s try again. Put all your power, all your strength into pushing me this time.” He says.

“Alright.” I reply, still looking at my mate.

Adrian just looks at me with an amused expression and mouths, ’told you’.

I smirk at that. He’s so wrong!!

“Okay, start!” William says, bringing my attention back to him.

I look at him and then back to Adrian, who stands there with his arms crossed, looking straight at me. He has a challenging glint in his eyes and a satisfied smirk on his face.

Ooooohhhh!! How much I’ll love to pull that smirk off of his handsome face!!

You can’t win this, Adrian!! Especially not by underestimating me so much!!

Adrian just waves me away and turn to train with his group.

Oohh, so now he’s gonna wave me away, huh?!

“Come on, Allura!! Just one more time!!” William says.

I smirk before I put my leg behind William’s knee and push him a little, still looking at Adrian. More like his back.

I turn to look down at William who is on the ground rubbing the back of his head.
“Wow, William!! You’re such a good teacher!! See how I perfected this thing so fast!!” I say, clapping my hands and jumping up and down, with a wide grin on my face.

“Okay. I wasn’t expecting that but it was good. Nice thinking. Well done. Let’s carry on.” William says, getting up from the ground.

I lean towards William so that he’s the only one who could hear me.

“Expect the unexpected, William. And do yourself a favour and do not underestimate me!” I say in a low and serious tone. I’m sure that Adrian wouldn’t have heard me even with his heightened hearing.

William looks at me with wide eyes, looking a bit scared.

I smile at him cheerfully before leaning away and ask, “So can we start with the combat training now?!”

William blinks his eyes, clears his throat and shakes his head before he starts, “Right. But as the alpha Adrian said, we have do the basics first, like punching, kicking-”

I cut him off by punching him in his stomach and kicking his leg, making him fall on the ground again.

"Now can we start the combat training?!” I ask, putting my hands on my waist, getting restless.

“Owww!! Ouch!!” Is the only thing that comes out of his mouth as he groans in pain on the ground.

Oops! I might have hit him harder than I thought.

I bend down to look at William.
“I’m sorry!! Are you okay?” I say, concerned.

“I’m okay. Well, I will be in a few minutes. But you, Allura, are clearly not a beginner!!” He states. “Why did you lie then??” He asks.

“I’m sorry. But your alpha is the one who underestimated me and thought that I’m a beginner. I just hid the fact that he was wrong. So technically, I didn’t lie to anyone!! But your alpha did!! I’m innocent!!” I say.

“Yeah, you’re right!! He’s really an idiot to just consider anything about you!! He could have at least asked you!!” William replies, groaning and clutching his stomach.

I know that I should feel angry that he just called my mate an idiot but I don’t because I know that he didn’t mean it literally. And besides Adrian was being an idiot in just considering that I haven’t trained ever in my entire life. At least being my mate, he should known better than that.

I giggle at that and get up. I offer my hand to William. He looks at my hand and then at me, raising his eyebrow in question.

“Are you seriously underestimating me?! Even now?!” I ask, raising my eyebrow at him.

Didn’t this guy learn his lesson!!

He shakes his head before mumbling, “I better not!“. He takes my hand and I effortlessly help him stand up.

“So, as you’re clearly not a beginner and are really strong. You even know a few tricks judging by how you made me fall the first time.” he says, surprised about how I effortlessly helped a huge guy like himself get up, “How long have you been training??” He asks.

“Since four years.” I say, proudly.

“Okay, four year of training would have made you perfect in the basics. So have you started the combat training or do you want me to teach you? Or do you want to-” He asks, but I cut him off.

“Oh!! Not four years of training, dear!!” I say, crossing my hands and smirking at his confused face, “I meant to say that I’ve been training since I’ve been four years old.”

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