The Beginning

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Chapter 13

William looks at me with wide eyes. Everyone around us who heard me also stop and look at me with a mixture of horror and disbelief.

“Y-you a-are ki-kidding, right?” William asks in a shaky voice.

“No, I’m not!” I state proudly.

“Are you sure?!” William asks, tilting his head to the side.

“I’ve been trained by the head warriors of the council. Do you wanna try?” I ask.

How can he still have doubts about me?!

Oh, yeah!! I haven’t shown him the real Allura yet.....

“Head warriors?! Of the council?! Impossible!" He says, rolling his eyes.

“Why is it impossible?!” I ask.

He is really testing my patience!!

“The head warriors select their students on their own. As far as I’ve heard, they do not train a four year old babies!!” He says. He thinks for a while before speaking again, “Unless you are the little dragon that they mentions about when they last called a meeting.”

He crosses his arms and smirks at me. Everyone around me starts chuckling and murmuring, probably thinking that I’m stupid.

I just cross my arms and stare back at William with a smirk of my own.

After a few moments, when every body noticed me, the chuckling and murmuring stops.

They all look at my with open mouths.

Shock. They are in a pure state of shock.

“You.... Y-you a-are the little dragon?!” William asks, his voice the faintest of whispers.

“Maybe..... Do you wanna try?” I ask, with a smirk on my face.

“What! No way!! How??” William asks, his mouth wide open in shock.

“I’ll tell you how, you just have to have a fight with me and if I make you lose in less than one minute then I’m the so called Little Dragon. And by the way, don’t ever call me the Little dragon!! Only my teachers can call me that. No one else.” I say, my voice getting dangerously low at the end.

“But......” William trails off.

“What happened?! Why did you all stop?!” I hear Adrian’s powerful voice slicing through the silence.

Everyone is too shocked to reply and just keep looking at me with wide eyes and open mouths. So I turn to Adrian.

“Will you train me now?? Your gamma taught me the basics.” I ask Adrian, with my hands behind my back like a child in front of the teacher.

“No!” Adrian says firmly. “You first have to defeat my gamma in a combat then only I will train you!” He says.

“Please!! Your gamma is really boring to train with!!! At least let Nick train me!” I say with a pout.

“I’m not letting Nicolas come near you! If you want to train, you have to train with my gamma or you do not train at all!” Adrian says.

“That’s not fair! You’re not understanding! Your gamma is really boring!! All he talks about is how to train!” I say, pointing my finger at William.

William raises his hands as if he is surrendering. Adrian just rolls his eyes looking at me and William. He then sighs in defeat which makes me smile.

Finally!! now he is going to train me himself!

“You do know that you’re supposed to talk about only training while you are training, right?” he asks.

“Please Adrian! At my old pack, I used to train with Xavier! And he is an alpha’s son!” I try to reason.

Adrian just shakes his head and looks at me. I make my eyes go big and pout to make him give in. Adrian groans and closes his eyes.

“This look ain’t gonna work in this matter. But it might just make me do something else......” he says in a husky voice as he opens his eyes. Lust is as clear as day in his eyes.

I gulp at the look on his face. I might have pushed him a little more than needed. I’m sure that my blush is on clear display but I try to maintain my composure. I clear my throat to make sure that my voice does not squeak.

“Adrian, I’m not ready for that but I’m sure that I’m ready to train with you. I mean come on, it is a step towards what you want! We’ll spend more time together!” I say.

“If you are so sure, Allura, then why don’t we have a combat between you and William? That way we’ll get to know if you can talk while fighting and you’ll get to prove if you are ready to train with me or not.” Adrian says as he crosses his arms across his chest.

“Will you train me if I win?′ I ask raising an eyebrow.

“Sure! Why not?” he says.

“Promise?” I ask with a pout.

“Promise” he replies.

I look at William to see a horrified expression on his face as he looks at his alpha with disbelief.

“You heard him, William. Now come on! Let’s give him what he asked for.” I say, smugly.

William turns his horrified face to me and mouths, ′please no!’. He pleads with his eyes.

“Oh come on, William!! Your alpha said something!!” I say, crossing my arms. I lean towards him before whispering in a barely audible voice, ”Don’t worry, I’ll go easy on you."

“O-ok-ay” William says, getting in position to start the combat. His nervousness is clearly visible.

I also take my position. I can literally see William shaking with fear. I smirk.

Now you know what you’re dealing with, dear gamma.

"Start.” I say in a low voice.

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