The Beginning

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Chapter 14

As soon as I say ‘start’, we hear a loud shriek coming from somewhere in the forest.

All the heads turn towards the sound and we see a badly injured man hurriedly coming towards us. He was facing difficulties in walking and was limping towards us.

We all rush towards him. From his scent, I can tell that he was not from this pack.

Adrian helps him stand as he falls down face first on the ground just as we reach him.

On a closer look, the man was fully soaked in blood which was probably his own. He was badly injured and blood was coming out from all most every possible space on his skin.

“T-they a-are T-they a-are coming. They said that your p-pack is next. T-they are g-going to k-kill e-everyone. E-every c-child, w-woman and man. N-no one w-would be left. they will sh-show no m-mercy.” the man says with a lot of difficulties before he passes out. My eyes grow wide and my jaw hangs open due to his words.

Adrian holds him to prevent him from falling on the ground.

“Take him to the pack house and call the pack doctor! Make sure that he is looked after! I need this man alive. Nicolas, go and find out how this man slipped inside the pack territory! And don’t come back without any answers!” Adrian shouts out the orders to his men as I just stand there looking the man.

Everyone rush to do the work that their alpha told them to do while the rest who were still standing and murmuring among themselves go back to their positions to train when they receive a hard look from their alpha.

Even when the man was gone, I kept staring at the spot where he stood a few seconds ago. All this is a lot to take in.

This should not be happening again. Not with the innocent people.

I know what is happening. Even though, I’m sure that Logan did everything in his power to hide all this from me, I had to know.

This is why my brother was made the gamma so suddenly. When they know that a war is coming for them, they are not going to wait for the alpha’s son to reach a certain age before appointing the new gamma.

A gamma leads the warriors in a pack. That was why my brother was given all the responsibilities right after the old gamma’s death.

All this blood makes me remember my parents death. But I push all that to the back of my head with a lot of problem as their dead faces flash up in my mind.

This should not be happening!!

No one’s prepared for all this. These innocent people have no clue what is coming for them.

“Allura? Are you okay? Baby, say something.” I hear Adrian’s voice trying to calm me. I look at him with my eyes wide open.

He brings his hands up to cup my cheeks but he brings them back down seeing the blood on them. he hides his hands away from my sight and behind his back.

Oh my goodness! He thinks that I am scared because of the blood!

He doesn’t know that I was one of the youngest people who took part in the bloodbath that happened years ago due to similar attacks and warnings.

“Allura! Baby, come on. Let’s go back home.” Adrian says.

“No! I’ll go. Your people need you. I’ll be fine. They need you more than I do.” I say, trying to sound convincing.

“I’ll drop you back first.” he says, taking my hand in his, which are clean now.

I don’t reply because I know it will be useless. We silently walk side-by-side back to his house.

On reaching our bedroom, I give him a reassuring smile and he nods in understanding.

“Go and change out of these blood soaked cloths first or they will be scared.” I tell him and he takes out one of his T-shirts and a pair of jeans before he enters the bathroom to change.

As soon as he is inside, I rush and locate my phone.

I’m feeling angry. Really angry. How dare he hide all this from me?!

I know that he was trying to protect me but what about all the innocent people who are dying?!

I will not let anything bad happen to this pack when I know that I can help them.

I know somethings that even Adrian, after being the most powerful alpha, doesn’t know.

I’m sure they are just considering all this to be a small thing. But it is not.

I dial Logan’s number. He picks up after three rings.

“Ally!! Are you okay? Are they treating you well? Are they-” he starts to say all in one breath but I cut him of.

“Why did you hide this from me?” I ask, my voice cold with all the anger that I’m feeling.

“W-what are you talking? I didn’t hide anything from you, sis. I don’t know what you are talking about.” he says, but I hear the hesitation in his voice.

“I know that you know what I’m talking about!” I shout, unable to control my anger any longer.

“I-I....I just wanted to protect you!” he reasons.

“Protect me?! Protect me?! From what!? What about all the innocent people who are dying!? I could have saved them! At least I could have saved one life!!” I all but shout into the phone.

At this point, I can’t control my anger. The threat is now on the pack who will be calling me their Luna! The threat is on the man who will be my husband! The threat is on my mate!

“Allura, calm down. We can talk about this calmly like civilised people. There is no need to shout.” Logan says, calmly. I take deep breath to control myself. Adrian should not get to know about this right now.

“Okay. Tell me when did you get to know that all this happening again?” I ask in a calm and composed tone.

I wait patiently for Logan’s reply, but I don’t get for about half a minute before which I grow suspicious. He is not answering. That means that he doesn’t want to reply. He is stalling. He is hiding something.

“Logan? Speak up. Dear brother of mine, please do me the honour of receiving your answer.” I say in a thickly sugar-coated voice.

“I’m sorry?” he says but it comes out like a question.

“Logan!” I say in a low, warning tone. I’m restraining myself from jumping through the phone and breaking more than just a few of his bones.

“Promise me that you wouldn’t shout!!” Logan says, desperation clear in his voice.

“Logan!” I warn.

“Please! For me!” he says.

“Okay. I promise.” I say, trying to control my anger by closing my eyes and taking a few deep breaths. I know for a fact that I would not be liking what he has to say.

“Okay. So, I have known about this since the first attack.......” he says and waits for my reaction. I take few breaths to compose myself.

“Carry on.” I tell him.

“Since two months ago......” he says, and I try to calm my anger to keep my promise. “Four attacks ago.....” he adds.

“FOUR!!” I shout, before calming myself. “Actually five. There was one more attack.” I say in a much calmer voice.

Logan shouldn’t be having all this information but since he is my brother, he gets the information from me and my sources so he knows all about the situation.

“Allura, I’m really sorry for hiding this from you but I did not want you to risk your life again. You are the only family I have left!” he says but I keep quite.

I have to do something. And I have to do it soon.

Innocent people are dying. I can do something. I will not be able to live with the guilt of not doing anything to save them.

The next attack is supposed to be on the people that I have started to recognize as my own even thought I haven’t met them. Even though I haven’t even seen all of their faces. But they are my people. It is my duty to protect them as their future Luna.

If I don’t do anything, they might not even live till the time of me being their Luna. I have to protect them.

And I have a mate now. I have to do this for him. I have to save him. He is my future. I have to save my future.

“Allura?! Al, you there?! Ally, say something!” Logan’s voice brings me out of my train of thoughts.

I have to do this. I am doing this for the innocent people. I’m doing this for my brother. I’m doing this for my mate.

“NO! DON”T! Don’t even dare consider joining the force again!! NO!!” Logan shouts through the phone.

“I’m sorry. But I can’t do anything else.” I say in a small voice.

“NO!! ALLY, PLEASE NO!! You’re all I have for a family!!” Logan pleads. I know that he has tears on his face because I have tears on my face too.

“I have to, Logan! I’m sorry!” I say.

“AL, THINK ABOUT ME!! I will have no one left for me!! We already lost our parents, I don’t want to lose you too.” He pleads.

“Think about it this way Logan, I’m preventing other kids from becoming orphans like us. I’m saving their childhood which we both lost!” I say, desperately wanting him to understand me.

He doesn’t say anything. But I can hear his sobs which tells me that he is there.

“Bye brother.” I say, in a small voice.

“Bye Ally. Make me proud.” He finally says, making me smile. He cuts the call as I know that he would not be able to hold on any longer. I know that my brother will start crying as soon as I can no longer hear him. But I can’t help it!!

“What were you talking about?” I hear from somewhere behind me, making me freeze.

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