The Beginning

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Chapter 15

I turn around to find Adrian standing behind me with his hands crossed. I was so immersed in my conversation with my brother that I didn’t even realise when he came up behind me.

I try to come up with a believable excuse.

I can’t tell him about my plans. He couldn’t know what I am about to do, or else he would never let me do it. He still thinks that I am weak. He still thinks that I haven’t ever been trained to fight battles. He doesn’t have any knowledge about my past.

“I-I...... I was just talking to my brother....” I tell him.

“That I know. I heard you call your brother’s name. But it felt like you were talking to your little brother rather than your elder brother.” he remarks, with a little chuckle.

“Umm.... We-we are like this. I shout at him, he shouts at me.” I say. Adrian observes me for a moment and then he walks towards me. He cups my cheeks with his big and warm hands.

“You can tell me anything. I’ll always be there for you. No matter what. I’m not going to push you though. You can tell me anytime. Just know that you don’t have to ever lie to me.” Adrian says in a soft voice. I nod my head. He caresses my cheeks with his thumbs before pressing a kiss on my forehead.

“I’m okay, Adrian. Don’t worry about me. Right now your pack needs you the most. You are supposed to be there for them.” I say, holding his hands and bringing them down, intertwining our fingers together.

“You’re wrong. OUR pack needs US the most right now. You are their Luna.” he says, looking directly into my eyes.

“Can I ask you something? I know that this isn’t the right time to ask such a question but I wanted to ask you about this....” I say, hesitantly.

“Yeah. Sure.” he says.

“Do you still think that I’m weak?” I ask keeping an eyes on his expressions.

“Umm....” He tries to think of an answer but I interrupt him.

“Don’t you lie to me! Or else..... or else I will.... talk to Nicolas without your permission!” I say, trying to think of a way to give him a warning.

“Okay!” he says, with his hands up in surrender. “You didn’t really prove your strength today. And from what I saw, you were not even able to move William with all your strength.” he reasons.

Well he is somewhat right. He doesn’t know that I’m one of the most feared warrior of the Warriors League. I guess he will get to know sooner or later.

“But who gave you the idea that I don’t even know the basics?” I ask.

“Today’s training.” he replies, simply.

“But you clearly told William to start from the basics. How did you know about me being a beginner since then?” I question.

“Umm.... That little boy, Stefan, Xavier’s cousin told me that you are kind of weak. He was actually telling me not to hurt you.” He answers, rubbing the back of his head.

Ohh.... The little boy must be giggling somewhere after telling Adrian that. Or maybe he was just trying to protect him without telling him that I might just be stronger than him, and hurting his ego.

Either way, the little guy knows how to have fun. It would be hilarious to see Adrian’s face when he gets to know about my real strength. And I’m sure the little boy was aware about this. At least he learnt how to have fun after spending soo much time with me.

Stefan, Xavier’s little cousin, used to come go with us to our training I the morning because he said it was nice to see Xavier get beaten up. Xavier always tried his best to fight me so that he is not humiliated in front of his little brother. But alas! He never won. Except that one time when he asked me to lose from him as his birthday present. That day was really hilarious. All he talked about that day was about how I lost a fight against him.

“Allura, what are you thinking?” Adrian asks, seeing me standing in front of him with a creepy smile, thinking about old times.

“Nothing important. Lets go.” I say, with a smile. He smiles down at me and nods his head.

We reach the main door of the house together. I stop right when we are getting out. Adrian looks back at me and raises one of his perfect eyebrows in question.

“You go, I have to change. I’m sweating due to all the training and I think I shouldn’t go in front of the pack like this. After all, this is the first time I’ll be formally introduced to them.” I say.

“You didn’t train today!” Adrian remarks, with a raised eyebrow.

“Okay! I’m sweaty due to the panic I felt due the warning. And I want to appear brave in front of the pack.” I say. I don’t want to lie to Adrian because of all the trust that he is putting in me. But I didn’t lie completely. I was panicking and I did sweat due to it. But I wasn’t sacred from the horrible condition of the wolf who came. I was panicking due to the fact that I’m actually starting have feelings for this whole pack.

Adrian smiles at me in understanding and nods his head. He kisses my forehead before leaving me in the house.

I go back to my room where I kept my phone and dial Sir Archer’s number.

Sir Archer was my teacher when I was training with the head warriors. He is the eldest and the most respected member of the warriors league. He was the one who chose me to train with them when I was little. He is my inspiration, my mentor, my teacher, my second father.

He was one of the people who supported me when my parents died. He did his best to fulfill the role of a father in my life. He directed all my sorrow and grief to training which made me as strong as I am now. He was the one who introduced me to Ash.

He picks up the call after a few rings and I hear the sound of some paper and a bit shuffling before I hear his deep, fatherly voice.

“Hello?” his voice comes.

“Sir Archer, it’s me, Allura. Your Ally-bear.” I say, feeling a little excited. I haven’t talked to him for quite some time. Now I realise how much I missed him.

“Allura!! How are you, my little dragon?” he asks. I smile at his nick name for me. He was the one who named me as the ‘little dragon’ when I was little and he was training me. According to him, I was like a small but fierce dragon as I was always better than the others who were training with me, even though I was the youngest of them all.

“I’m fine, Sir Archer. I hope you are good too.” I say.

“Yes honey, I’m fine. So tell me, what happened? You have a hint of worry in your voice.” he says.

That’s another thing about Sir Archer, he always knows how I’m feeling. No matter how hard I try to hide things from him, he always gets to know about them. He can read me like an open book. He is truly like a father for me.

“I got to know about the attacks.” I say coming straight to the main topic.

“Oh..... Logan told me that he was not going to tell and he said that he would keep you occupied.” he says, a bit hesitant.

“I know. I talked to him a few minutes ago. And it wasn’t him who told him, so don’t worry.” I say. I know for a fact that Sir Archer was also involved in hiding the information from me.

“Oh-okay. So who told you?” he asks.

“There was an attack near where I’m currently staying. And the pack I’m staying with is being warned.” I told him.

“Which pack was attacked? And who is the next target?” he asks, his serious tone coming on.

“I’m staying at The Mystic Shadow Pack. I don’t know which pack was attacked as the man who brought the warning is still unconscious.” I tell him.

“How are you sure that it was one of those attacks?” he questions.

“I saw the same Eagle tattoo on the man’s neck as it has been on others who were the news carriers. Everything was similar to what happened years ago. But this time, the man was in a much worse condition. He was on the verge of dying. I think that the intensity of the attacks is increasing. I’m not even sure if the man will survive to tell us the name of his pack.” I tell him, getting worried.

“He will. He will tell you his name and his pack’s name. But he’ll die the next second. That’s what happened with the rest.” Sir Archer replies.

“I’m worried! What can I do to help at the moment? Is there anything we can do to stop-” I start my rambling but Sir Archer cuts me off.

“Is there something that you want to tell me, Allura? Something important? Something you forgot to mention, my dear Ally-bear?” He asks.

How does he know about me so well?!

“Yeah..... Umm.... I-I have my m-mate in this pack. In The Mystic Shadow pack.” I saw, in a small voice.

“WHAT?!” he shouts.

“I found my mate here. I don’t want anything to happen to this pack. Please help me protect my people!!” I plead. A tear slips down my cheek thinking about the danger on this pack. On my pack.

“Allura..... I’m assuming that you want to join the Force and help in hunting down the attackers.” he asks.

“Yes..” I say, sobbing lightly.

“Allura..... This is not the time to cry. You have to be strong. You are the only one from inside the pack who knows this. You have to help them understand everything and be ready for everything. So stop crying and take the responsibility. You are trained to be a fighter! Fighters never cry! Don’t let your training go to waste!” He says. I take a few deep breaths and control myself.

“Okay. I’m good now.” I say with determination.

“Okay. So as far as I know, the pack is really strong on it’s own. The strongest actually. But we can’t take any chances. So I’m sending your team with James. You will be taking your earlier position as the leader of the team. Is that clear? Can you do it?” Sir Archer asks, in a strict voice.

“Yes sir. It’s all clear. And I’m ready!” I say.

“Good. Now first of all, stop the wave of panic in the pack. And keep me updated on anything and everything.” he says.

“Okay Sir.” I say.

As the future Luna of this pack, I pledge to protect this pack with everything I have in me.

I will not let anything happen to my people.

I, Allura Winters, The Head Warrior of the Field Defence Force, pledge to protect the innocent people from the ruthless killers. I’ll do anything necessary to protect my people, even if it means losing my own life.

“And yeah, Don’t start fighting with James like the old times! He might be of some help. He has improved a lot in all the fields. Although he is still not better than you, but don’t tell him that I said that!” Sir Archer says before cutting the call.

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