The Beginning

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Chapter 16

“Adrian? Do you need my help?” I ask as I approach him.

After the talk with lord Archer, I changed into Black skinny jeans and a grey T-shirt, matching my outfit with Adrian’s, UNINTENTIONALLY!


“Yes honey, actually I called a pack meeting to discuss about the warning the man gave. I want you to be with me.” Adrian say. I smile up at him.

“Alpha, everyone is really scared. The pack members who weren’t at the training in the morning, saw the man’s bloody body and everyone is scared. You have to do something.” William reports to Adrian.

“First we have to divert their attention. We have to do something so their mind is off the matter. If they don’t overthink about it, they won’t be that much scared.” I say. This is one of the tricks that I learnt during my training. The best way to make people panicking is to divert their attention.

“That is actually a very good idea.” Nicolas says, appearing from somewhere behind me.

“That might be a good idea but what can we tell them? And how are you sure that this plan will work?” Adrian says, eyeing Nick as he comes and stands on my other side.

“Are you worried?” Nick asks in a bored tone, with his hands in the pockets of his jeans.

“Yes. I am.” Adrian replies, looking at Nick with suspicion.

“I am in love with your mate, bro.” Nick says in the same tone as he wraps one of his hands around my shoulder.

“NICOLAS!! I’m going to kill you!” Adrian growls, making me freeze. Adrian moves towards Nick but I place my hands on his shoulders and he looks at me. Still angry.

“He just diverted your attention to prove that the plan will work!” I say. Adrian hugs me tightly to himself, burying his head in my hair. He takes deep breaths to calm himself.

I swear to god, some day Adrian will not be able control his anger and Nicolas will be very sorry.

Why can’t this guy be serious for once?!

“Only I will love you! You are mine! My mate! Stay away from Nicolas!” Adrian says in a serious tone.

“Hey! She can come to me! She is my friend too! Aren’t you, my love?” Nick says with a hint of amusement in his voice, making Adrian angry again.

“NICK!!” I warn Nick. Adrian was getting really possessive because of Nick’s constant teasing.

Adrian growls loudly when I say Nick’s name.

“He is NICOLAS! not Nick!” Adrian says.

“She can call him anything she wants to.” A voice says from somewhere behind Nicolas. I pull away from Adrian to look at the owner of the voice.

An elderly man who looks so much like someone I know. Someone like Nick. But I’m a 100 percent sure that I’ve seen him somewhere else.

Then it clicks!

He is Uncle Ben. My Dad’s younger brother.

I’ve only ever seen him in picture but I remember that my dad told me that when he was going to become an alpha, he was gonna make uncle Ben his partner. Like a second alpha. But their father, my grand father said that both the brothers needed to have a death match to decide who is going to be the alpha.

Both the brothers thought that the idea was crazy and they both left the title and their pack. My dad found my mother and joined a pack near where she lived, so that he can be with his mate. But Uncle Ben wanted to go on and search for his own mate. After that, they never met. But they did talk to each other on the phone.

I only talked to him on the phone once, that was when my parents were in the accident. He was trying to make me feel better and he was the only one who came close to doing, well beside Ash, who got me out of depression.

“No! Allura, you will call him Nicolas and you will not go close to him.” Adrian tells me, still angry. But I don’t reply to Adrian, dismissing his order.

“Are you...?” I try to form a complete sentence but fail due to the shock. I never thought that I would be able to meet him. And that to here! At The Mystic Shadow pack!

“Yes. I’m who you think I am. But I’m shocked to see that you recognized me so easily.” He says, answering m y incomplete question with a fatherly smile.

“But how.... Why.... Here?” I ask.

“Can we talk to Allura for a while, Alpha?” Uncle Ben asks Adrian for his permission as he was still being possessive even though he was confused about the exchange of words between me and Uncle ben.

“Yeah.... Sure. And please sir, call me Adrian. You were my father’s beta, which makes you my family. Just like your son, Nicolas, who should be knowing that he will be Allura’s brother-in-law.” Adrian replies, glaring at Nicolas at the end.

“Adrian, I really hate to break it to you, but we are not biological brothers. So I’m not going to be her Brother-in-law. But she will still be having a special place in my heart.” Nick says, still trying to tease my mate. I soon come out of my shock and move towards Nick to whisper in his ear, keeping my volume down so that he’ll be the only one to here what I have to say.

“You actually are my brother. Your dad and My dad were siblings.” I whisper. When I look at his face after delivering the news, I see his eyes so big that I think they’ll fall out, and his mouth is hanging open, a clear invitation for the flies to enter.

"WHAT!" he shouts in surprize. I guess he was also unaware about this.

This reminds how Nick told me that his father was eagerly looking forward to meeting me. I guess he was just as shocked as I am. I guess he also thought that we would never meet each other. But life has planned another set of events for us. It never fails to surprize us.

“I’ll talk to you guys later. I have to talk to Mr. Ben right now. Till then, think of something to distract the people to stop the wave of panic. I’ll see you both at the pack meeting.” I say, remembering Sir Archer’s exact words. I and Uncle Ben make our way to the pack house.

When we reach, we sit in the living room which is empty because everyone is busy in the morning. I’m really thankful due to this. Now we’ll get some privacy to talk about all that we’ve missed. All that we shouldn’t have missed.

“Allura, I never thought that I’ll get to see you.” Uncle Ben says with a smile on his face.

“Me neither.” I say, returning his smile with my own.

“You are like the daughter I always wanted. You don’t know how happy I was to know that you are here. And the best part was that you wouldn’t even leave because you have your mate here. I was not able to spend some time with my brother before he died, but now I have a piece of him near me.” He says with teary eyes.

“Dad is still here. He is still alive in our hearts. He will always be with us.” I say, getting tears in my eyes.

“Ohhh..... Allura! Honey, come here.” he says, before he hugs me close to him.

This feels really good. I have a father figure with me now. I know he will always be there for me like my dad was. The empty void in my life due to my dad’s death is now filled with the love from my uncle.

I know that no one will ever take the place of my father in my life. Every daughter has a deep connection with her father, which can never be replaced. But having my father’s only brother in front of me makes me feel as though my dad is here.

It’s not just the faces that they have in common but the fatherly love that I’m getting is also somewhat similar.

“I’m sure that Logan will be jealous of me!” I say as we pull out of the hug.

“Oh, I’m sure he will be! We’ll send him pictures of us having fun without him and make him even more jealous!” Uncle Ben says with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

“That’ll make him burn in jealousy!” I say, high-fiving my uncle.

“Dad, Allura, Adrian is calling you guys for the meeting.” Nick says appearing from the door.

“Have you guys thought of anything to distract the people?” I ask Nick as we get up and start to follow him as he leads us to Adrian.

“Yeah.” Nick answers, hesitantly.

“What did you think about?” I ask, getting curious as the expression on Nick’s face tells me that he doesn’t want to tell me anything.

“You’ll see.” Nick answers after a brief silence. I nod and try to think of what it could be that made Nick so uncomfortable.

“Allura?” I hear Nick’s voice, breaking my from my train of thoughts. I look at him to see him sporting a hesitant expression. Uncle Ben went to a group of males who look to be around his own age. So Nick and I are walking alone.

“Tell me what’s bothering you, dear cousin.” I tell him.

“As you told me, that our fathers were siblings, so you and are brother and sister, right?” he says.

“Yeah.” I say, encouraging him to continue.

“So that makes me your big brother, right?” he asks.

“Yes.” I say, frowning, not knowing where he wants to go with this topic.

“So when Logan is not here to protect his little sister, it’s my job to protect you from any possible danger, right?” he says, looking me right in the eye.

“Okay, technically it’s neither your duty nor Logan’s to protect me. I can protect myself.” I say with determination.

“But you are our little sister!” Nick argues.

“I’m not that small, Nick! You know, when mom and dad died, no one was there to protect me. Even Logan left me. But look at me, I’m fine!” I tell him.

“Allura.... ” Nick say as he stops in his tracks and closes his eyes sighing deeply, “All I’m saying is that I feel like it’s my duty to protect you. And right now, with the threat that this pack just received, you’re not safe here.” He says as he puts his hands on my shoulder, looking down directly into my eyes.

“Are you telling me to run away? You do know that I’m the future Luna of this pack, right?” I say getting angry.

“I know, Allura. But I really think that as you and Adrian haven’t even marked each other, you should probably go back to you pack.” he says.

“This is my pack, Nick. These are my people. I can’t just leave them. I can’t just leave you. I can’t just leave Adrian here alone!” I reason.

“But it’s dangerous here!” Nick says, desperately trying to make me understand.

“I’m not a coward, Nick! I wouldn’t just leave at the first sign of danger! I’ll fight beside you and Adrian. Even if I die here, I wouldn’t regret my decision to stay.” I say.

“But.... Allura....” Nick says before sighing in defeat. ”You are not a fighter." he says.

“Ohh... Believe me, brother, you couldn’t be more wrong.” I mutter to myself.

“What?” Nick asks in confusion.

“Nothing!” I say, “Nick, don’t worry about me. And besides, who knows, you might just need my help!” I say, trying to cover my slip up.

“Okay. But if then I will have to train you! And if you don’t, I’ll send you back!” he says, in a warning tone.

“Only if you can convince Adrian for that!” I say, reminding him about how Adrian wouldn’t let me train with him.

“Ohhh. He will say yes once he gets to know that you and I are cousins.” He says with a dismissive wave.

"Once he gets to know? Didn’t you tell him?” I ask, confused. I thought that the first thing that he’ll do after I left was to tell Adrian about us being cousins.

“Nope. I didn’t tell him. And neither will you until I tell you to!” he says, with a smirk on his face, looking in the distance.

“Why?” I ask in complete and utter confusion.

“Because I want to tease him a little more. After all, he isn’t having a normal girl on his side! he is having MY sister as his mate!” nick say, making me roll my eyes. I really do not get his logic behind teasing Adrian, but still, what can I do. He is my cousin.

“Okay, As you say, captain crazy.” I say with a mock salute.

“Okay then, before we go to Adrian, let me remind me that you will be training with me from tomorrow. Be ready by four. From what I saw at your first day, you need a lot of work.” Nick says, making me smirk internally, remembering the prank I pulled on William, the gamma.

“Sure.” I say trying to contain the smirk that tries to make its way on my face.

We then smile at each other before making our way to a raised platform where Adrian was standing and discussing something with William.

At reaching a little close, Nick grabs my hand and intertwines our fingers, most probably to show Adrian to make him jealous. I just roll my eyes but I don’t pull my hand away from his. Seeing Adrian get jealous over little things amuses me.

“Adrian, Allura is here.” Nick says as Adrian glares at our hands. I make no move to pull my hand away.

“Okay. you and William can go and take your position now. Let’s start the meeting. Everyone’s here.” Adrian says while wrapping his hand around my waist and pulling me close to him, separating me from Nick.

Nick just chuckles and goes to stand at the corner of the platform, followed by William. Adrian holds my hand and squeezes it once, in a reassuring manner before leading me to the centre of the platform, in front of the whole pack which has gathered for the meeting.

Seeing the hundreds of the pack members, my determination to fight against the attacks with my warrior team increases tenfold. Steeling my resolves, I straighten up and stand in front of them with my chin up in confidence.

I can do it!

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