The Beginning

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Chapter 17

“I have gathered you all to give a very important news.” Adrian started in a powerful and authoritative voice. “This news would most definitely change things in this pack.” He says before looking at me.

I smile at him as he squeezes my hand. He smiles back at me before pushing me forward in front of all the pack members. I look back at him, raising an eyebrow in question.

“This is Allura. Your future Luna!!” He announces, all the while looking into my eyes. My eyes grow big as I stare at him in surprise.

Each and every pack member’s face shows pure happiness as they all start cheering for me. I look at them and see a few of the small kids jumping up and down in happiness.

I smile at them all as they express their happiness in different ways. Some shout, some cheer, some jump up and down, some hug each other, etc.

“I thought that you already told them about me.” I ask Adrian in a low voice so only he can hear what I have to say.

“I told them that I found my mate. All of them already knew that I was going to reject my mate at the first meeting. So me announcing about their future Luna is a big deal for them all.” Adrian explains, looking at me with his eyes full of love.

“Then why didn’t you tell them that when we came here? Oh! Sorry. When you forced me into coming here?” I ask.

“Because I was not ready to share you with the pack just yet. Truth be told, I’m still not ready. I want to have you all to myself, mio amore.” (my love) Adrian says, with a sincere voice.

I think I’m gonna melt. My heart just skipped a beat. My life just got a new meaning. Him. My mate. My Adrian.

“A-are... Do even know what you just called me?” I ask in a low voice.

“You understand Italian?” Adrian asks with shock clear in his voice.

", certamente.” (Yes, I do.) I say with a big smile on my face. Tears of happiness leaking out of my eyes.

“Alpha, Luna, the pack members want to know when the mating celebrations would be held.” William says, bringing me back to the more pressing issues.

“Right... Umm... The mating celebrations will take place at the end of this month.” Adrian says, clearing his throat.

"MATING CELEBRATIONS?! Adrian we haven’t even marked each other yet.” I tell him.

“Sweetheart, that could happen anytime you want it to happen. It can even take place right now, right here. Just say the words.” Adrian says, with a smirk on his face.

“Shut up!” I say with a blush, looking away to hide my embarrassment. Adrian chuckles at me and then turn back to the pack members.

“Anyone who wants to talk to their future Luna can go to her and talk. She’ll be there to hear you. She’ll be performing the Luna duties from now.” Adrian announces. His words make me more confident about what I have to do to protect my people.

“Do you want to say something, Allura?” Adrian asks. I nod my head before stepping forward to speak.

“Luna!” everyone says before sitting down on one knee and bowing their heads.

“Umm.... It’s okay. you all don’t have to do this. You all can rise.” I say and they all rise up. “I want to be approachable for you all. I want you all to share all your problems and grievances with me. I want you to know that I’m always there for you all. I don’t want you guys to treat me like some royalty or something. I want you to treat me like part of this pack. According to me, a Luna’s duty is to look after the pack and fight for the pack. I’m going to do my best to fulfil my duties. But for that, I will be needing your support. I will be needing your trust. I know that I can not just ask for your trust, I will have to earn it. And I promise you that I’ll work hard for it. For now, I just want to ask you guys to treat me like your friend. Thank you, everyone.” I say as I finish my speech. I can already guess all the work it would take but afterall it’s for MY pack now. I cannot feel happier about this.

After saying all this, I step back and look at Adrian to see a smile on his face. He grabs my hand and gives it a reassuring squeeze.

“Now all of you are requested to carry on your day-to-day activities as normal. And just a reminder, all of you will have to train at least five days a week. It’s up to you to choose either the afternoon time or the morning time. Thank you all for coming to attend this meeting.” Nick says, dismissing the pack members.

Due to excitement of the announcement Adrian made, everyone forgot about the warning. No one even came to us to talk about the warning or the man. Everyone was talking about the upcoming mating ceremony and about me, their future Luna.

Pack members smiled at me as they all left, leaving me, Adrian, Nick and William.

“Adrian, when all the pack members are training, I’ll have to train as well, right?” I say, a bit nervously.

“Yes. In fact, you’ll have to train to be the best so that you can fight along side our alpha.” Nick says.

“I think she was talking to me, Nicolas.” Adrian says through gritted teeth, looking at Nick before turning to me with a smile. “No, not necessarily. If there is an attack, I’ll put you on duty to take care of the small kids and other people who can not fight.” Adrian says.

“But a Luna is supposed to fight along with the alpha not to just sit there and look pretty.” I say, with an angry look on my face.

How can he tell me to just go and hide with the small kids during an attack. It is my duty to stand beside him and fight.

“No, absolutely not. You don’t have to just sit and look pretty. You have to look gorgeous. And besides, if you really want to do you so called ’Luna duties”, then I’ll give you some paper work.” Adrian says.

“Adrian! I am going to fight! I have to fight! I can fight! you are just underestimating me.” I shout at him, pouring all my anger in my words.

How dare he tell me to hide at the first sight of danger?! I am a fighter. And what he said was an insult for me.

“Allura, William won’t be able to train you now. He has to train the pack.” Adrian says, trying to make me understand.

“If others are fighting, why can’t I?” I ask him, looking him right in the eye.

“Because in my pack, everyone is supposed to train for at least six years after they turn ten. So everyone is trained to some extent. But you are clearly not!” he reasons.

“No, Adrian. I will train. No matter what. And besides, I already told you that I used to train with Xavier at my old pack. So I know how to fight.” I tell him.

“Allura, from what I saw, you will have to work really hard and we don’t have enough time! And I have no one to train you.” he says.

“Don’t care about that. I’ll train her.” Nick says.

“No, you will not!” Adrian hisses at Nick. “I don’t want her running away with you!” Adrian adds. I can see his veins because of then anger. From this I can say that his wolf is trying to come to the surface. And if he is not controlled, Nick will have about a hundred broken bones in just a few seconds.

“I’m not running away with him, Adrian.” I say. I know that I should keep quite for now but I have to tell him that I have to fight.

“Why are you taking his side? You are my mate! Only MINE!” Adrian shouts at me.

“Adrian! You can not shout at her like that!” Nick says.

“Why? What will you do?” Adrian asks, not even trying to hide or control his anger.

“I will take her back to her old pack.” Nick say, with a serious expression. “If you con not respect her, you do not deserve her.” he adds.

Adrian growls at that and lift Nick of the ground by his neck, choking him.

“Adrian! Leave him! I swear if you did any thing to him-” I start, only to be cut-off by Adrian.

“What will you do? Huh? Why are you even trying to save him? WHO IS HE TO YOU?” Adrian growls.

“Br-bro-brother. I-I’m h-her brother.” Nick says, getting out of Adrian’s hold by punching his elbow when he didn’t expect it. He fell to the ground, trying to catch his breath. I run to him, kneeling beside him to make sure that he’s okay.

“Are you okay?” I ask Nick. He just nods at me.

“What?” Adrian finally speaks, coming out of the shock. I stand up and look at him in the eye with all of the anger that I felt.

“Yes. What Nick said was true. He is my cousin. Uncle Ben, Nick’s dad was my father’s only brother.” I say.

“I-I didn’t know that.” Adrian says, trying to search for words.

“Why would you know that? You don’t know everything, Adrian! So stop acting like you do!” I shout. I am so furious because of what he just did right now and I am not going to forgive him easily. He maybe the alpha but he should know how to control his anger. And I am definitely gonna get back at him for this.

“Allura, I-I’m sorry.” Adrian say with regret clear on his face.

“I don’t accept your sorry. I promise to get my revenge.” I say before making my way to the pack house. “Come on, Nick. Show me what all paperwork I’ll have to do.” I say, without even looking back. I hear Nick’s footsteps as he follows me.

Knock. Knock.

I lift my head up from the file that I was reading to look at the door. “Come in.” I say, looking down at the file again.

I have been working on the files and other important paperwork for hours now. I haven’t gotten out of my seat in the office that (Nick told me) was my own since I first got here. I’m sure that I missed the breakfast and lunch both and that it’s soon going to be time for dinner. But I don’t plan on attending that either. All this paperwork is distracting me from the anger that I’m feeling towards Adrian.

“Ms. Allura, it’s nearly dinner time. You should go and get refreshed.” William says. I look up to see William standing there still looking a bit scared. I think that the training session taught him to never underestimate me. Besides, I know that he saw my anger when Adrian was about to kill Nick. At least William learnt that lesson, if not that egoist alpha.

William came to me to call me me for breakfast and lunch. He’s been here to help me the whole day.

“I have to do some work. You can go and have something. I think that I’ll have to skip dinner today.” I say, returning back to my work.

“But Luna, you haven’t had anything today. You skipped both breakfast and lunch. I think you should eat something or else you’ll get sick.” He says.

“William, I said, I don’t want to eat! Now go!” I say frustratedly.

" I’m sorry Luna.” William says, bowing his head a little.

I sigh. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to shout. I’m just....” I say, sighing at the end due loss of words.

“It’s okay. I understand. Please come to eat something if you you feel hungry. I’ll be back in about thirty minutes.” William says before leaving.

I’m really hungry. But I’m to angry to admit it. I’m not going to talk to Adrian. And if I go for dinner, I’ll have to talk to him otherwise the pack members will know that something is up.

Knock. Knock.

“Come in.” I call out without looking up.

It must be William. He might have had his dinner.

“Allura, it’s time for dinner.” I hear Adrian’s voice.

I look up to see a guilty expression on his face. But I’m not going to fall for it. He almost killed Nick. And thought Nick is not my sibling like Logan, he is still my brother. And if Nick thinks that he is supposed to protect me, then it’s my duty to protect him whenever needed. I’ll have to teach Adrian a lesson so that he never tries to harm my brother ever again.

“I’m going to act like you didn’t come here because otherwise the pack members will talk about how the alpha was ignored by me.” I say, returning back to work.

“Allura, please! You haven’t had anything since last night. I know you’re angry, and I know that I’m the reason. But don’t punish yourself. Punish me if you want. But please don’t punish yourself.” Adrian pleads.

Come to think of it, I really am just punishing me with all this hunger. My hunger is not going to affect him. The one who should be punished is him. Not my stomach.

“Okay.” I say, “I’ll come to have dinner with you.”

“Thank you, Allura. I knew that could convince-” Adrian starts to say but I cut him off.

“But!” I say, pausing to give a dramatic effect. “You will sleep in the guest room till I don’t call you back. Alone. While I will sleep in our room.” I say with a challenging glint in my eyes.

“Okay. But please come down to have a meal.” Adrian says in a defeated tone.

I smile and get up from my seat. I happily make my way out of the office while Adrian stands at his place, mumbling some incoherent words to himself with a pained and defeated look. I just leave him there to go and eat something.

Finally food! After a whole day’s hunger strike!

Suddenly a thought I comes to my mind and I turn around and peep inside my office where Adrian was still standing, glaring at the ground.

“Adrian?” I call out.

“Yeah?” Adrian says, looking up at me with a hopeful expression.

Aww.... He looks like a kid on Christmas!!

To bad, I’m just about to crush his hopes.

“This, the sleeping arrangement is just the part one of my revenge. Part two is still remaining. And a little heads up, part two is going to be much more than part one.” I say with a wicked smile before happily skipping to the dining room of the pack house.

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