The Beginning

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Chapter 18

“Allura! Allura! Where are you?!” I hear Adrian screaming for me upstairs as I place my hand on the door knob to open the door. I hear his footsteps as he runs around the house, searching for me.

Before I can open the door, he opens and looks at me. And in just a blink of my eye, I find my self squished to Adrian’s chest.

“Where were you? Do you know how scared I was? I thought that you left me because of our fight yesterday. I was losing my sanity due to that thought. I was soo scared. I-” Adrian starts rambling as he pulls a little away to look at my face.

I put my right hand up to stop him. I pull away from him and take a few steps back.

Now don’t get me wrong. I do like to be near my mate but it is disgusting to be close to anyone when you are covered in sweat. And it is really uncomfortable to embrace someone when all your clothes are wet because of your sweat. It gets sticky!

“Adrian, I’m covered in sweat. It’s disgusting. Please stay away.” I tell him as I push him a little to enter inside the house.

I currently need a shower and some water to drink. I just came back from my morning run. The talk can wait.

“Allura where were you?” Adrian asks as he follows me in.

“I just went for a run.” I tell him.

“But it’s three fifty right now!” Adrian says, still freaking out.

“I skipped my run both day before yesterday and yesterday. I just wanted to start my morning run again. So I woke up at three in the morning to go.” I explain him as I get my clothes and get ready for a shower.

“You could have gone at four! When I was up! Why did you have to go at three in the morning?” Adrian asks me, incredulously.

“I have to train with my brother, Nick, at four.” I say, with a bored expression on my face.

Adrian opens his mouth to reply, but no words come out. He tries again, a few more times but still, nothing comes out. I just sigh and push him aside as I go to the bathroom to take a shower.

“Why are going to have a shower if you have training in ten minutes?” Adrian questions as I close the door to have my peaceful and refreshing shower. I guess the shower has to wait as my mate is clearly asking too many questions early in the morning. I open the door and look at him. I sigh.

“I just got to know that a few people are arriving today. A few.... old friends of mine. I don’t want to go in front of them and the pack members completely covered in sweat. That too early in the morning.” I explain to him, in a bored tone.

“Oh... Who are these friends?” He asks.

“Umm... You’ll see... Now go and get ready for training.” I say and shut the door. After a few seconds, I hear him sigh and get out of the room.

Finally! Shower!

“I’m soo sorry for being late!” Nick says as he comes running towards me and Adrian. I and Adrian came to training grounds after I showered and got in my training clothes, black tights and a black t-shirt. All black. Same as Adrian.




“By a minute.” I say raising an eyebrow and putting my hands on my waist. How can he say that he is late when it’s just Four one right now?!

“Yeah. But I’m still late. As the beta of the pack, I have to be on time. And seeing you shocked at this, I guess you got your first lesson. Be punctual.” Nick says. His demeanour is different. He is in his strict mode right now. I’m sure he’s doing all this to train me.

“Okay. Got it, sir.” I say, trying to hold back my amusement from entering my words. Nick being this serious is really amusing for me.

“Nicolas, I wanted to apologise for yesterday-” Adrian starts to apologise with a guilty expression on his face, looking down but Nick cuts him off.

“It’s okay. In fact it’s nice. What you did yesterday told me that you won’t let any guy to flirt or irritate my sister. It’s kind of like you passed the test number one. I’m proud of you, Adrian.” Nick says, wiping fake tears at the last sentence. He said all this looking like an elderly person giving a valuable lessons. His drama is back on.

“So.... Are we back to normal?” Adrian asks, still looking a bit guilty.

“Yeah, man. You know that I can’t stay mad at my best friend for too long.” Nick says, giving Adrian one of their bro-hug. Adrian pats his back and smiles at him.

“Umm.... I guess you’ll be training Allura now?” Adrian asks, looking at me and Nick.

“Yes. I have to train my little Ally how to defend herself.” Nick says, looking at me with adoration. He said that as if I was a five year old girl.

“Hey! I’m not ‘little’!” I say with an angry pout, crossing my arms. Adrian and chuckle at me and both of them pinch my cheeks. I push their hands away and scowl at them. I’m anything but little. I’m big. And strong. And powerful.

“She’s really cute!” Adrian says, looking at me with a lovestruck expression on his face. Okay, I’ll take that compliment. But I’m still not little! Still, I smile up at Adrian making his grin grow even bigger than before.

“I know. And that’s why I will have to ask you to leave or else none of us will get any training today and you both will keep staring at each other in that weird way. Come back from dream land and focus on training, guys. I know that the pack wants their heir but now is not the time for that.” Nick says, coming to stand between me and Adrian. I immediately Blush at his words and look down. Adrian chuckles lightly, Scratching the back of his head.

“I swear, I’ll take the revenge when you find your mate, Nick.” Adrian says with an amused expression. “I’ll see you later. Train her nicely and make sure she learns everything.” Adrian says, patting Nick’s back. He glances at me for the last time before running to a group of warriors who were with William.

“Okay, first we have to build your stamina so we will start with jogging. I’ll join you. Come on, let’s start.” Nick say and both of us start jogging side-by-side.

This reminds me of how I used to go for a run with Logan, back at home. When Logan left after mom and dad’s accident, The morning run was what I missed the most. When he came back, we never missed our routine run. Not even for a day. Not even when Logan had a hangover or when I had a fever. Not even when he had tons of paperwork to do. According to Logan, it was our ’Brother-Sister Bonding time’ so we should never skip.

Logan and I used to talk about anything and everything during our runs. Once when Ash joined our morning run, none of us spoke a single word. Logan didn’t tell me but I knew that it was when he fully realised his mistake in leaving Alone when I needed him the most. That was when he realised what he did and how it affected our relationship. He didn’t talk to me the whole day. He didn’t even look at me. His eyes were down with shame. Since that day, I never invited anyone to our morning runs. It was just me and Logan.

I wonder if he misses me during his morning runs. Or if he even goes anymore.

“So, Allura?” Nick says after a few minutes Making me come out of my thoughts. I glance at him, before looking forward. We are jogging on a path made for running and jogging, on the outskirts of the forest.

“Yeah?” I ask.

“You and Adrian. How are you guys doing?” Nick asks, glancing at me for a moment.

“I guess we are okay. Once I get my revenge, We’ll be back on great.” I say, smirking internally at my idea of revenge part two.

“No. I meant, are we expecting mini Adrians or Alluras anytime soon?” Nick asks, making me look at him with my eyes wide in shock and cheeks red in embarrassment.

“No! Definitely not anytime soon.” I say.

“Oh. That means, Adrian is behaving and keeping-” Nick starts but cut him off.

“Nick!” I warn him with a stern expression.

“What? I just thought that you guys might have at least-” Nick starts again and I cut him off.

“No! We haven’t even kissed yet!” I say, which makes a few people around us turn and look at me. I mutter a ‘sorry’ to them and glare at Nick.

“What! You have to be kidding!” Nick says, shocked.

“No. We haven’t. And it’s none of your business.” I say.

“Well then I have to do something. I have to play cupid. Do you not like him or do think that it’s him who is procrastinating?” Nick asks.

“None.” I reply.

“So you do want to do it with him? Maybe I can arrange some soundproof room for you guys to-” Nick starts but I put my hands on my ears. Ivy, my wolf is already to much for me to handle. I don’t want Nick to fill my mind up with anything else related to that topic.

"Stop!" I shout at Nick as I stop jogging and stand at my spot, blocking my ears with my hand shutting my eyes. Nick comes to me and removes my hands, looking at me with an amused smirk on his face.

“I swear to god, I’ll take my revenge when you find your mate!” I tell him with honesty and threat clear in my voice.

“You know, I will love to see you try. I mean, look at you and Adrian. You both are the same. He gave me the same threat. I believe, my mate is going to be like me. Bold. She won’t get shy when we talk about our future kids.” Nick says. I huff and then start jogging again.

“We’ll see.” I mutter to myself. Somehow, someday, I’ll get my revenge from him. I’m know as the queen of revenge. I’ll figure out a way to take a revenge from Nick.

Nick joins me again but doesn’t utter a word. As I run, I think of all the possible ways of how I will get my revenge form him. Maybe I’ll add some itch powder in his shirts. Or maybe I’ll put super glue on his seat or something.

No. I have to think of something big. These are just some little tricks that I’ve already done multiple times. I have to think of something big. Something new. Something I haven’t tried before. Something no one will expect.

“Allura, I think, some thing is going on. We should head back to the training grounds.” Nick suddenly says with a dead serious expression and his beta mode on.

“Why? What is happening?” I ask him, getting worried. It can’t be the attack. Not this early. The usually take a long break between each attack. Besides, they usually attack when the pack is the most vulnerable. And currently, everyone is starting the training. They will not be able to defeat the pack.

“I don’t know. I can sense a new presence in the pack. Someone’s here. Someone who has never been in this pack before.” Nick says as we both start running back to the training area. Something is up. We can see that everyone that we pass is now on alert.

“Nick, contact Adrian. Ask him what’s going on. He’ll know.” I say. Nick and Adrian can talk through their mind link. But I can’t. Adrian hasn’t marked me yet. So I don’t have a link with this pack. If their is an emergency, Adrian could alert everyone.

“I did. Just now. He just told me to make sure that you’re okay and to come to the training area. Some people are here. He is not sure who they are and they are not talking.” Nick says, hurriedly after a moment as we run at a really fast speed to the training area.

When we reach the training area, we see that everyone is standing and looking at a group of people. A group of people standing with emotionless face and a strict posture with their hands at the back. Each of them wore a black bullet proof jacket with back T-shirt and black lowers and black combat boots.

I and Nick make our way to Adrian who was standing right in the front with William standing behind him like a bodyguard. Adrian has a confused but cute expression on his face as he takes in the appearance of the group of people in front of us.

As soon as we reach Adrian, the leader of the group slightly glances at me before he places his fist on his heart and sits down on one of his knees with his head bowed in respect. The rest follow him and do the same.

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