The Beginning

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Chapter 1

At last! The last day of school!

As I reach my locker, I see Caitlin, my best friend, rushing towards me with her usual overexcited expression on her slightly tanned face, her blond hair bouncing as she approaches me.

“Al!!” She almost screams, running towards me. My friends call me Al or Ally as an abbreviation of Allura, my name.

I smile as she wraps her arms around me hugging me tightly. “What’s up Caty” I ask.

"Halloween!!" She says nearly screaming.

“What? Caitlin are you alright? Don’t you remember we celebrated it just a few months ago!” I say in my most dramatic tone. Of course she was not alright.

Did someone give her a little to much sugar this morning?

“Stupid!! I mean that something scary is going to happen....” She says with a mischievous smile. “Something terribly scary....”

Yup, someone gave her a little too much sugar.

“For now the scary thing that’s going to happen is you and I getting late for our English class. And then Mr. Connor giving us those huge lectures is going to be even more scary....” I say trying to act as if I’m telling her a horror story.

“That’s really scary.” She says making a childishly scared face and we both laugh.

We both know that Mr. Connor usually gave us loads of homework if we entered the class after he did. And if we are not able to complete the extra punishment homework on time then he would write big big notes for the parents to come to the school and meet him. Which happens to be a common practice.

And yeah, that could happen even on our last day....

Usually parents show up to complain about the excess of homework given by him. But when the parents come, Mr Connor would so skillfully make the parents believe that the children are wrong and he is right. He can be really persuasive if he wants to be.

I open my locker and take out all the books that I’ll need and then close it. I turn towards Caitlin. “So shall we go to the class?” I asks her. She nods and then we both make our way to the English classroom.

As we approach the classroom, we see the popular boys hanging around near the door. Xavier, the most popular guy and our future Alpha and his best friend Parker, the second most popular guy and our future beta, attend this class with us.

If you ask me then they are highly annoying. I know that I shouldn’t say that about my own pack’s future alpha and beta, but I can’t help it. They really are annoying. Still they are my friends. My best friends.

Xavier and Parker are the famous kids but the are not those kind of guys who use girls and then throw them when they’re done. They are the good guys.

I and Caitlin have been waiting only for our mates. We don’t want to be with anyone else. And we’ve convinced Xavier and Parker to wait for their mates as well.

I used to think that I and Ivy, my wolf were the only ones who so badly wanted to meet our mate but when I met Caitlin, she had the same thoughts and I knew that we will be the best of friends.

Xavier and Parker have been like a part of our small friend’s circle since we entered highschool. But we became best friends in the ending of the sophomore years.

We all hang out together, go to watch movies and do all things like best friends. Xavier and Parker treat us as their friends..... Well best friends. They never try to make us feel like we are with some royal people. They do not have arrogance.... Well, not much, and that’s one of the reasons as to why they are our friends.

“Hey, Allura! How are you?” Xavier asks seeing me and Caitlin. Caitlin punch him on his hand with a lot of force.

“You forgot about me?!” She says, making an angry face. Angry Bird. That’s what I usually call her whenever she makes that face.

“Oh no! Never in our lives!! How can we forget about our favorite news channel?” Parker says. Caitlin is usually the one who keeps us all up to date with the stuff happening round the corner. She knows about each and every gossip at the school and around the streets. She is a real gossip queen.

“Well, if she’s famous for her news reports then what am I famous for?” I ask them curiously.

Parker pretends to be in a deep thought while Caitlin just smirks, knowing what Parker is going to say. I don’t know how but usually Caitlin is right about what Parker is thinking.

“I don’t know.... Maybe you’re a the one who helps us do our maths home works and yeah sometimes other subjects too.... And I don’t know...” Parker says that as if he’s trying really hard to think more. I hit him on his arm.

“Ouch!!” He says, rubbing his arm where I hit him. “That hurts. You are really strong.” He says, while I glare at him.

“Well I am supposed to be!” I say, crossing my arms.

“Relax, Al.” Xavier says. “If you weren’t my friend, then probably I would have failed all my test in high school so far.”

“So I’m just a nerd who helps you in your studies??” I ask. I can’t help but feel disappointment due to their answers which is clearly reflected in my voice.

“Ally! If you weren’t there then we all wouldn’t have been friends!!” Caitlin says, rubbing my back. Well that’s true. If I wouldn’t have been there then Caitlin and Xavier would have probably been the worst enemies.

“Well and you are a great fighter as well. Amongst the best of all.” Xavier says. I’ve been training with the pack members since the starting of high school. And yeah, I’m really doing good. In fact I train some people. Some warriors. And yeah, I usually train with Xavier, the future alpha.

“And yeah, you are the best singer!” Parker exclaims, hugging me tightly.

“And you are the one who gives the best music to my songs!” I say matching Parker’s excitement, hugging him as well.

“Okay so that’s enough now!” Caitlin says pulling me and Parker away. We both pout like little kids seeing which Caitlin starts laughing. Parker and I join her laughing as well.

“So, news channel Caitlin, what is happening round the corner?” Xavier asks, looking seriously at Caitlin, as if he’s taking a report from a boundary patrol guard.

“Has anyone found his or her mate lately?” Parker inquires, with a mischievous grin. Parker was always interested in knowing who was who’s mate and stuff.

“Well, no. No one’s found their mates since I last reported about Jim and Jenny.” Caitlin says looking frustratedly at Parker. She turned towards me and a rather serious looking Xavier. “But I do have a news!” She says, excitedly.

“Ahh.. I’m not interested. But that Jenny girl was... nice...” Parker says, thinking.

“This news is not about our pack. It’s about another pack. A rather famous one.” Caitlin says completely ignoring Parker’s comments.

“W-what news are you talking about, Caitlin?” Xavier asks, his eyes narrowed at Caitlin.

“The news about the alpha of the Mystic Sh-” Caitlin tries to to give us the news but she is cut off by Xavier, who seems to have lost interest in the news now.

“Ohh... Nice to here about the news but I’ve got a better news to tell!” Xavier says. Caitlin just frowns at Xavier. It’s really peculiar because no one ever cuts Caitlin off when she’s about to tell us about a thing we haven’t heard. I guess that he’s trying to change the topic.

“And what is your better news?” I ask Xavier. I know that Xavier’s hiding something. I don’t want to force him into telling us about it.

“Mr. Connor had gone out of town for a week or so!!” Xavier exclaims. This news was really better than whatever Caitlin had to tell. This was one of the most relaxing news.

It’s like a farewell treat!!

“So let’s do something. I don’t want to waste this opportunity!” Parker says, growing excited. We all nod at him. “So are we going to stand here all day?!” He asks.

Just then, our principal, Mr. Tanner comes into view. He walks towards us, gently smiling at the four of us.

“Good morning, Mr. Tanner.” We all greet him. Mr. Tanner is one of the sweet teacher, who loves children. And is loved by them too. He is really kind and even after the loads of work that he’s got to do, I’ve never seen him getting frustrated.

“Good morning kids.” He says, “So your teacher is not in the school. I would request all of you to either go to the library or join other classes. Someone will be visiting the school today so I don’t want any indiscipline.”

All of the students nod at him and start to make their way out of the class. As me and my friends are about to do the same, Mr. Tanner stops Xavier and whisper something in his ear. Xavier nods his head. He then turns towards us. “Sorry guys, dad seems to have some work for me. I’ll have to leave.” He says and then waves at us while hurriedly making his way out of the school. I and Caitlin exchange glances before shrugging off.

This was weird because Alpha Bryan, Xavier’s father never called him for anything while he was at school. He believed that education is very important.

“So what are we gonna do?” Parker asks me and Caitlin. Just when Caitlin is about to say something, Mr. Tanner calls out.

“Allura and Caitlin, I’ve got something to talk to you about. Please report in my office.” He says and walks back towards his office. I look at Caitlin who is just as confused as I am.

“What do think it is?” I ask her nervously. She shakes her head.

“I don’t know. I haven’t got the slightest idea.” She says and I nod at her. It wasn’t usual that Mr. Tanner would call us to talk to us about something.

Last time I was called by the principal when my parents died. The principal was trying to counsel me at that time. Me and my wolf, we both were not alright. We used to cry a lot. I shake my head as I push the old painful memory away from my mind. I turn towards Parker who is silently standing besides me. He seems like he is in a trance.

“So what are you gonna do while we are gone with Mr. Tanner?” I ask him. He shakes his head coming out of the trance. He thinks for a while before he answers.

“I’ll be waiting for you guys in the library.” He says and walks away. I turn towards Caitlin. She looks at me and nods telling me that we should go now. I give her a reassuring grin.

We all in silence to the principal’s office. As we reach the office, the principal’s assistant nods and opens the door for us. We enter the office and see that the Mr Tanner is sitting behind his desk, smiling at us. We smile back at him.

“Come. Sit.” Mr. Tanner says gesturing us towards the chairs in front of his desk. We nod and sit still having no clue as to why he called us here.

“Allura, Caitlin, you might be wondering why I called you guys.” Mr Tanner say and we nod. “Well, your brother, Logan is going to be needed to take his responsibility as the gamma as soon as possible. Our earlier gamma, gamma George, is dead.” Mr Tanner says.

Oh my god! We were all dreading this moment.

Gamma George was really very sick and heart broken. His son and wife died a few months ago. That’s when my brother was declared as the future gamma. Gamma George was not able to do anything and most of the important pack work was handled by my brother.

I’ve heard that when a werewolf loses his or her mate, he or she can go crazy or in some cases they get really heart broken. They feel that there is nothing left in the world. Our gamma, gamma George was a really powerful person. He made the longest I’ve ever heard, a werewolf who lost his mate ever, made. And that too when he not only lost his mate but also his only child.

“That’s really bad...” Caitlin finally says. I can feel the sadness in the room. We just lost our gamma. Our wolves are really sad. Ivy feels sad and so do I. But this is the time to stay strong.

“I know that’s bad. I really do. But the reason I called you is to tell you that when Logan becomes the gamma, Allura, you and Logan will have to leave your old house and move to the pack’s Gamma’s house....” Mr Tanner says nervously looking for my reaction.

This can’t be happening! That house is the only memory of my mom and dad that I have. I can not leave that house. How can I leave my only memory of my parents and go to live somewhere else?! I feel tears rolling down my cheeks. I should’ve known the consequence of my brother becoming the gamma.

The worst part is that I can’t even live alone in that house while my brother moves into the Gamma’s house because my brother is the only family I have left. I can’t leave him either. My mom made me promise that I’ll always be with my brother. I can’t feel anything around me now. I’m feeling lost just as I felt when my parents died.

“Allura? Al? Are you okay? Al!” I hear Caitlin’s faint voice before I drift off into total darkness.

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