The Beginning

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Chapter 19

Now what?

They are all showing their respect and everyone who is here is just looking at them with a shocked expression on their faces.

I know for a fact that this guy is doing it all on purpose. But how does he know that no one knew about me. How does he always find out my secrets?! How can he know about this one?! Why is he doing this? Is it to take revenge?

I know that drawing random and childish things on his face while he was sleeping was not good because he was supposed to have a dinner with the head warriors after his nap. But it was his fault to! He should have at least looked at the mirror before coming out! Then none of the warriors would have laughed at him.

And now he’s taking revenge! He’s supposed to help me not annoy me! And then Sir Archer told me not to fight with him. How can I not react when the first thing he does when he arrives is to annoy me?! Ughhh!!

I can see the evil glint in his eyes even thought he has his emotionless and strict expression on. I can see that glint even though his head is bent downwards to show respect.

He knows what he’s doing. And he is enjoying this.

Well, game on! I would never let anyone go without a revenge. And he should have known that considering how long we’ve know each other. He should have been smart enough to know that he shouldn’t do this.

I look at Adrian who is standing beside me, looking at them with shock and confusion. He sure looks cute with that expression on. His eyebrows are pulled together in a frown. His confusion is mirrored by all the pack members around us. I turn forward to look at them all.

I have to do something. I can’t just let the be on their knee for the whole day. But I can’t blow my cover! At least not yet! But then, till when are they gonna be on their knees?

Mentally huffing at the situation, I step forward. And just when I know that Adrian is going to tell me stand back or maybe even pull me back himself, I place my fist near my heart and bend down, copying what the group did except I didn’t bend my head down.

I rise up and the group rises up with me. I pass a smile to all of them, purposeful avoiding to pass a smile towards the man in the front. They all return my smile and from the corner of my eye, I see the man in the front trying to hide his evil smirk. But I still ignore him.

I nod at the group to let them know that they can drop their cautious stance now. They all nod back and drop their hands to their sides, smiling at me.

I turn around to face Adrian and the pack only to be met with even more shocked and surprised faces. Adrian’s mouth is open and his eyebrows are raised as if they are going to join his hairline. He is looking soo adorable!

Chuckling at his expression, I move towards him before placing two of my fingers underneath his chin to close his mouth. He doesn’t say anything. He just stands there, looking at me as if trying to find out my secrets just by looking at my face.

Standing beside Adrian is my shocked brother who is not even trying to act like the beta he always is. He is not looking at me but at the group behind me.

“Everyone!” I say, in a loud voice to call everyone’s attention on me. “These people belong to the warrior’s league. They are here to help us with the current situation and to fight with us when needed. I hope you will treat them nicely just like you treated me.” I say.

“But how do you know them?” Adrian questions. He is know looking a bit more responsive unlike a few seconds ago when he was frozen.

“I told you this morning. A few old friends of mine were coming. Well these are my old friends.” I say, gesturing towards the group at the last sentence.

“How do even know them in the first place?! If they are from the warrior’s league then how can you be friends with them?” Adrian asks, placing his hands on my shoulder.

Now what do I say? Do I tell him that I’m a part of this group? No, that will blow my cover off and I have to teach him a lesson for considering that I’m weak without even asking or witnessing anything. I have to do something! I can not just tell him the truth yet! Where is the fun in that?!

Think, Allura! Think! Fast!

“Adrian, you know that Ash is my close friend! You know that he’s got his connections everywhere!” I say. Well at least it’s not a complete lie. In fact it’s not a lie at all! Ash and I are close friends and he does have connections everywhere. But I might have missed out the part that more than half of his connections are because of me.

“Oh! So you know them because of Ash!” Adrian says, trying to hide his anger but his gritted teeth tell me that he is really angry.

What could have Ash done to make him this angry? Are they enemies are something? If that’s the case then I’m not sure which side I would be the on. Ash and I are really close. After all he was the only one there with me to take care of me when Logan left. And Adrian? Well he is my mate.

“So, you’re saying that you called them here for help?” Nick asks, coming out of the trance he was in.

“Yeah.” I reply, shrugging my shoulders nonchalantly.

"And they came?!" He asks in an exasperated tone with his eyebrows shooting up.

“Well, you can see them. They are here, aren’t they?” I tell him with confusion. What did he even mean by asking if they came? Can’t he see them standing here?

“How did you convince them? Why did they agree to help us?” Nick asks, freaking out. He throws his hands up in the air and look at me with raised eyebrows, his jaw hanging.

“Umm... I guess we should discuss all that somewhere else. We have a lot to talk about.” I say. The thing is that we can not discuss such things in front of the pack members or else they will start panicking. We have to first discuss this among the warriors that are here to help and the alpha, beta and gamma. Then the rest of the pack would be informed.

“Okay... So they are going to stay with us, right?” Adrian asks, probably understanding that we shouldn’t be discussing everything in front of the pack members.

“Yes. I hope you don’t mind but we would like to have our rooms close to each other as well. And a little privacy from the pack members.” The man standing in front of the group like the leader says, stepping forward. His voice was deep but not as deep as Adrian. Still, he was kind of intimidating though I wasn’t affect in the least.

“Sure! William, show them to the guest house. There are enough rooms there and you will have the whole guest house to yourself. You all can go and get refreshed and then we will talk.” Adrian replies, his voice deep and intimidating. I can see that he’s now completely out of his shocked state and is now in his alpha mode.

“Thank you, Alpha Night.” The man says before nodding his head. William motions them to follow him as he leads them to the guest house. The man shouts me one last look as if saying, ’we need to talk’ before following William. The rest of the group follows behind him, slightly lowering their heads as they pass me.

Adrian didn’t notice their movement, or if he did, he didn’t acknowledge it and just tells everyone to resume their training. Nick nudges me and starts to run back to the track where we came from. I soon follow him.

“So... Umm... Ash and you.... Are you guys close?” Nick asks after a while of complete silence as we jog on the path, coming back from our run.

“Yeah. I mean, he was the one because of whom I am what I am today. When we got to know about mom and dad.... Logan just... He left. He didn’t tell where he was going. For about two weeks, I was alone. Ash took care of me during those two weeks. I guess since then our real friendship began.” I tell Nick, trying to keep my feelings out of my words.

I don’t go around telling people about my past. It’s painful. And the looks of pity and sympathy that the people give are even more painful. They just remind you that whatever bad happened, it happened to you only. And it never happens to others. That makes the pain grow.

“Just two weeks and you guys got close? You are just acquaintances, right?” Nick asks.

“No. We are more than friends. Ash is family for me. And wasn’t just there for two weeks. After the two weeks, he had to return back to his own pack to handle his duties. So he took me with him. I was there with him till Logan came back. I guess I would have been in his pack forever if Logan wouldn’t have come back.” I tell him.

“Oh! So you stayed at his pack?” Nick asks, looking sideways at me. I nod as answer. “Didn’t you feel scared of living in another pack? I mean for all you knew, he could have killed you there. Why did you even trust him enough to go with him?” Nick asks, raising an eyebrow.

“I stayed at his pack for more than a year and I wasn’t scared. And why do you think that he would kill me?” I ask, looking at him with amusement.

“I don’t know. Maybe because you didn’t know a thing about his pack. You didn’t know a thing about him.” Nick says.

“Well, I didn’t know a thing about you guys. And look at me! I’m here! And I’m not scared. Besides, I knew about him before that as well. We weren’t friends then but I knew him. Sir Archer himself introduced him t-” I stop myself when I realised that what I just said.

Nick stops running and looks at me with his eyes wide. I look at him and try to come up with a lie.

“H-how do you even know about Sir Archer?” Nick asks.

“Uh... I... I know him because.... Everyone knows who he is! He is famous!” I say, trying to hide my nervousness but failing to do so. Nick looks at me for a while, debating in his mind to trust me or to ask more.

“So how did you meet him?” He asks.

“I didn’t.” I lie instantly. Even Nick shouldn’t get to know anything before time. He also underestimated me. After all he was the one who was my babysitter while Adrian fought with the rogues when I first arrived. He also deserves to be taught a lesson.

“Then how did he introduce you to Ash?” Nick questions. His expressions tell me that he is not believing me.

“He introduced him to a group of people. I was just there with my dad. My dad had some work there so he took me with him.” I say.

I’m not good at lying to I just manipulated the truth. I was with my father when I first saw Sir Archer. And my father did have some work with him. But that has nothing to do with him meeting me. He did introduce Ash to some people while I was there but he introduced me to Ash when I started training under him. Ash was also training with me.

“Oh! I really thought that you’ve met Sir Archer. I should have known. Even I was never able to talk to him. He is always busy and he spends his free, that too if he gets any, with his students.” Nick says, shaking his head and then continues to jog. I jog with him.

Phew.... That was close!

He could’ve just discovered my revenge part two.

And my revenge from him.

But I’m safe now. All I have to do is wait for tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I will take my revenge from all those who underestimated me, thinking that I’m just a girl.

Tomorrow, I’ll show them what a girl can do!

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