The Beginning

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Chapter 20

After returning from the run, Nick dropped me at Adrian’s house. Adrian was not back yet as he was making sure that the warriors who arrived today were comfortably settled.

I went to my room and picked up my phone to see that I had 10 messages from Caitlin, 7 from Xavier, 6 from Parker, 12 from Ash and 4 from Logan. I was shocked to see so many messages.

God! What happened?!

Even Logan who sent about two messages at the most had sent me four messages. These many messages could only mean two things. First, I haven’t used or seen this phone in a long time. And second, something is wrong.

I quickly go through the messages and Caitlin’s messages were all asking if I was alright and that I didn’t call her in two days. From all the typing she did in capital, I could tell that she was furious. I reply to her with a ‘I’m fine and alive just forgot where my phone was.’

Next, I went to Parker’s messages. He was also concerned about my well being and he told me that Caitlin was going crazy without me. I chuckle at this. Caitlin, my dear best friend could not stay long without contacting me. Classic Caitlin. She might be throwing a tantrum right now for all I know. I give him the same reply I gave to Caitlin.

Xavier’s messages consisted of warnings. He was warning me that if I didn’t call to talk to them, he will come here and spoil my hair or my whole wardrobe. Now that was a real threat. I love my hair and my clothes a lot!

Allura: I’m good! I’ll call you tonight because I know you are busy right now!

His reply came a few moments later.

Xavier: You better do! Or else, say goodbye to your wardrobe!

Allura: Are you gonna come here to destroy my wardrobe?

Xavier: Maybe....

Allura: You’re crazy!

Xavier: Duh! Happy realization!

I laugh at that. Classic Xavier.

Allura: How’s Stefan?

I was wondering how that little guy was. After knowing that he was the one who gave Adrian the false information about me not being trained, I just wanted to pat him on the back. He learnt a lot of mischief from me but this was by far the best! I love him! I wanted to thank him for this opportunity!

Xavier: He’s good. He misses a lot, actually. I think he even cried when we told him that you left! But he didn’t let me see his face. He loves you, Ally!

Allura: Awww.... I would want to talk to him too tonight. Make sure that he’s with you when I call.

Xavier: Sure! It’s not like you miss me or anything. You didn’t even ask me if I was alright! It’s not like we’ve been friends for a long time and all.

Allura: Xavier! I miss you! And I know that you were fine! You’re really powerful remember? How can you not be alright?

Xavier: Really?

Allura: Really!

Xavier: Nice. I think you should talk to your brother. He was really worried about you. He even asked my dad if he could visit you.

Allura: Oh! Okay. Bye! I’ll talk to you tonight!

Xavier: Bye! Miss you.

Next, I went to Logan’s contact.

Logan: Ally please call me. Caitlin has been here about a million times to ask if you called. I think she is freaking out. You’re the only one who knows how to handle her in such a situation.

Logan: Al? Please reply! You never stay away from your phone and your lack of replies is making me freak out! I think I’ll go and join Caitlin and then we’ll both freak out together.

Logan: Allura Grace Winters! Reply right now or else I’m coming there! Allura you’ve never taken more that a few minutes to reply to my messages and you choose this day to start ignoring my messages?!

Logan: That’s it! I’m coming there! I’ll kill that Adrian and that Nicolas if I see even the tinniest of a scratch on you. Something is not alright with you or else you’ll reply. I’m coming sis, just wait for me.

I huff at Logan’s messages and the send him a reply. I know for a fact that he’s just trying to search for a reason to come and see me. He knew that I’ll be busy with what all is going on in the pack.

Allura: No need to freak out! I’m good. And you know that no one can cause harm to me. I’m good. No need to kill Nicolas.

Logan’s reply came almost instantly.

Logan: Thank Goodness! You replied!

Logan: By the way, why did you say that there is no need to kill Nicolas. Why didn’t you include the alpha, Adrian?

What?! He knew that Adrian was the alpha!!

Allura: You knew about Adrian being the alpha?!

Logan: Obviously! Now answer my question. Nicolas was a bit.... I don’t know. There was something about him...

Allura: Yeah, he’s our cousin.

Logan: What?! How?!

Allura: He is uncle Ben’s son.

Logan: And he’s a beta?! How did that happen? Did you meet uncle Ben? How’s he?

Allura: Yeah, he is the beta of this pack. Uncle Ben was the beta earlier. Something about the alpha of this pack becoming really good friends with uncle Ben.

Allura: Uncle Ben is fine. I talked to him the other day. He’s nice to talk to.

Logan: I’m so jealous of you right now! I’ve always wanted to meet uncle Ben. Why do you get to meet him first?

Allura: Because I’m better than you. Duh!

Logan: I have to go right now. Gamma duties. But I want you to video call me tonight! I will seriously going to come to you had you not have replied. I will come if you don’t call!

Allura: Okay, take care of yourself bro! I miss you. A lot.

Logan: I miss you too. I’ll see you tonight. Bye, Ally-bear.

Allura: Bye.

I felt relieved and happy to have a chat with my brother. I don’t know how but he kind of calmed me down just through chatting. I really miss him. Even though he was rarely ever home, he was near me. I miss him. How might he be doing without me.

Goddess! When is he going to find his mate so I can stop worrying about him?!

I open Ash’s messages to see that he was also panicking due to my lack of replies. And his last message told me that he was heading here. What will these people do without me?!

Allura: Ash, there is no need for you to come here. I’m fine. I just kept my phone somewhere and forgot. That’s why I didn’t reply.

I didn’t really forgot where I kept my phone but I didn’t want to tell him that I was busy. Or else he’ll think that I was with Adrian when he told me to stay away from him. I haven’t talked to Adrian about how to tell Ash, my brother and my friends about him being my mate. I think we should talk about that soon.

The sound of a notification brought me out of my trance and I glanced down at my phone to see that it was Ash’s message.

Ash: I’m still coming. No one can stop me!

Ash: I feel like king-kong right now!

Allura: Ash, I’m serious. Don’t you dare come here!

Ash: I am coming! Stop me if you can!

Allura: Ash! If you come here, I will stop talking and texting you!

Ash: Al, why don’t you want me to come? You were always excited when I used to tell you that I’m coming. Why don’t you want me to come see you now? Is there something that you’re hiding?

Well I’m stopping you because I fear that you’ll see me and Adrian together and then you’ll throw a tantrum or maybe you’ll start fighting. And yes I’m hiding something from you. I didn’t tell you that Adrian is my mate!′ I think, sarcastically.

Allura: I am not hiding anything. I just don’t want you to abandon your alpha duties for me.

I didn’t want to lie to him but I didn’t have any other option. I have to talk to Adrian about all this. Soon.

Ash: Okay.

I sighed in relief seeing his message. Thank god! If he was coming, I don’t know what I would’ve done! I hear another sound from the phone telling me that I have a message. I look at my phone.

Ash: But I’m still coming. I have some work with Adrian. I guess that is not me abandoning my duties and I will be able to see you!


Ash: I’ll be there in about an hour. See you then. Bye Ally.


I rush to the bathroom and quickly take a shower to get rid of all the sweat. After the shower I where my black skinny jeans with a light blue tank top and my black sneakers before rushing down the stairs.

As I’m about to reach the front door, I hear Adrian’s voice calling out to me from the kitchen.

“Allura? Are you heading somewhere?” He asks as I reach the kitchen. He was wearing a white shirt with black jeans. His shirt was not hiding the fact that he had a drool worthy body. I rush to him.

“Adrian! Bad news! Ash is coming in a few minutes!” I tell him with panic clear in my voice.

“What? Why?” Adrian asks, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me to him rather possessively. But I know that he’s doing this to make me calm down so I do not object.

“I wasn’t replying to his messages because I wasn’t near my phone and he thought that something is going on.” I say hurriedly.

“First of all, calm down, Allura. I’m here. Nothing wrong will happen.” Adrian says, in a calm voice. His voice alone made me a bit relaxed. And with his arms around me I was back to normal in no time.

“What will we do!?” I ask him, after a few seconds.

“We’ll just have to tell him the truth. The truth that you and I are mates.” Adrian says.

“Are you sure? I mean he was pretty angry when I told him that my mate rejected me.” I say.

“I never rejected you! And as far as I know, I’m your mate. Your only mate.” Adrian says, pulling me even closer.

“Uh... You did. In the beginning.” I tell him, pushing him away. He sighs before pulling me back to him. He looks guilty.

“Look, I’m really sorry about that. I didn’t know what I was doing and I was stupid. I’m really really really sorry!” He says. I smile at him.

“I already forgave you for that. I know you were stupid. In fact you still are! But I think I can deal with that.” I say. He raises and eyebrow at that but remains silent. He leans in and kisses my cheek before leaving me to go in front of the pan which was on the stove.

His kiss made my skin tingle and made me shiver pleasurably. I smiled a genuine smile at him. He passes a smile back to me. I always wanted a mate like this. Who’ll give me such sweet kisses all the time. I guess we’re getting closer to my dream every second that we spend together.

“Do you want some pancakes? I was making breakfast for the two of us.” Adrian says, looking at me.

“Yeah, sure.” I reply. I stand near him seeing him make breakfast for us. It was like a dream come true. Your mate making you breakfast after training. Who wouldn’t want that?! He’s so sweet!!

I was staring at him and I didn’t realise it. It was like I can stare at him all my life and still not get tired or bored of doing so.

“I would have said that take a picture, it’ll last longer but I kind of like it when you stare at me.” Adrian says with a smile, making me laugh.

“You’re a weirdo!” I tell him shaking me head.

“I’m your weirdo. Besides, you were staring at me like you’d rather have me than the pancakes that I’m making! It is oddly relieving to know that my mate wants me!” Adrian says.

I laugh some more which makes a beautiful smile appear on Adrian’s face. He looks at me lovingly before returning his attention back to the pancakes.

“You are supposed to be relieved to know that I want you. Otherwise, I have a lot of boys in mind who would want me.” I say in an amused tone but that makes Adrian’s smile slip away from his face. I move close to him and wrap my arms around his waist, hugging him from behind, resting my head on his back, relishing the sparks of pleasure that I feel due to the contact.

We stay in that position for a few minutes before Adrian turns off the stove and turns around to face me.

“Adrian, you’re the only one I will ever want as my mate.” I tell him sincerely. He smiles and wraps his arms around my waist. I wrap my arms around his neck and we both silently stare into each others eyes for a long time.

“I... I think.... I think I’m falling for you, Allura.” Adrian whispers. His words make me soo happy that I’m sure no words can define what I’m currently feeling.

“And I’m falling for you, Adrian.” I whisper smiling at him. This makes Adrian’s face light up like a Christmas tree on Christmas eve.

“That’s... That’s wonderful! That’s like... all I ever wanted is finally coming true! Well not exactly because I thought that I don't need a mate until I met you....” Adrian says, pulling me closer.

“But don’t think that now you can come and sleep with me at night. You’re still sleeping in the guest room! I have my revenge part two planned up. No forgiving before that’s completed!” I say jokingly and we both chuckle.

When we calm down, we stare into the depths of each others eyes. I don’t realise when we start leaning towards each other but I find myself looking at his pink lips just a breath away from mine. His eyes were on my lips, staring with hunger and list.

Our breaths mingle together making my heart beat faster than ever. His intoxicating scent surrounded me wanting me to just give in to the lust that I’m feeling. I feel my whole being just wanting to feel his lips on mine. My wolf encouraging me to kiss him. I close my eyes waiting for him to close the gap between us.

Just when our lips are about to touch, we hear the door bell ring.

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