The Beginning

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Chapter 21

I move a little away from Adrian due to the sudden noise. A little away because Adrian didn’t let me go to far. I feel disappointed that our moment is over. We were just about to take a really big step in our relationship. It could have even made us mark each other. But sadly, someone had to interrupt us.

Adrian groans due the interruption and places his forehead against mine, closing his eyes. I can feel his anger radiating off of him. He is really angry and I guess I have to do something before he goes crazy and kills the person on the door who rang the bell.

“It’s okay, Adrian. It’s not like we are being separated or anything I’m here. Here for you and only for you.” I say in a calm voice. I was just as disappointed as he was. But I have to help him control his anger.

“I know. It’s just....” He sighs and opens his eyes to look at me. “I really really wanted to kiss those lips of yours.” He says.

“I wanted to kiss you too. But maybe the door bell was a sign to tell us that we shouldn’t.” I say.

“Oh really? A sign that I shouldn’t kiss my mate?” He asks, moving his head a little away to look at my face, with a raised eyebrow.

“Adrian.... You’re going to be the one to get my first kiss. I promise. If not now, then later. But it will be you who would take my first kiss.” I tell him, pushing him away. I had to open the door.

“You haven’t had your first kiss?!” Adrian asks, incredulously. He pulls me back to him. Shock was clear on his face and both his eyebrows were high up reaching his hairline. I chucked at his shock and playfully slapped his bicep.

“Of course not! I’ve saved it for you, my dear mate.” I tell him. “Why are you so surprised?” I ask.

“I... I thought that... a girl as beautiful and sweet as you would have lost her first kiss ages ago.” Adrian says, hesitantly. I blush at his remark.

“Thank you for the complements but no. I haven’t lost it.... Yet.” I say. I smile after saying this and see Adrian’s face getting a calculative look. I see the wheels turning in his head before he kisses my cheek and let’s me go. The door bell rings again as if reminding us that someone is still waiting at the door.

“Then you’re right. We have to do this properly. I will give you the best first kiss ever! Just clear your schedule for day after. We’re going on a date!” Adrian says as he makes his way walking backwards, looking at me, to the door to open it. He winks at me before opening the door.

Outside, Nick an William were standing. Nick looked at us suspiciously and made his way towards me. He looked at me for a while before sighing in irritation.

“What took you guys soo long?” He questions, looking at both, me and Adrian. I blushed remembering just what took us that long. Sharing that stuff with my newly found brother was not on the top of my list!

I look at Adrian to find him already looking at me. I know that he understood just how awkward I was feeling by thinking about sharing the details of our almost kiss.

“None of your business. Why are you two here?” Adrian replies to Nick in an irritated tone. I silently thank him with a smile.

“Hmm... Sketchy. You both have each others scent all over your bodies. Did we interrupt something?” Nick says, ignoring Adrian’s question. Adrian sighs in defeat and brings his hand up to massage his temple.

“Yes you did. Now will you tell me why you both came here?” Adrian asks in a tired voice.

"I knew it!" Nick exclaims before hugging me. ”Finally you both are on the right track! I was about to lose hope. But now you both are headed the right way.” He says, wiping his fake tears.

“That’s a little too over dramatic, Nick. Even for you.” I say, chuckling at his antics. He is a drama queen!
Wait.... Maybe not a drama queen but definitely a DRAMA KING.

“Alpha, Luna, Alpha Walker is here to meet you two.” William says, slightly bowing at us.

“Did he particularly ask to meet the Luna or did he ask for Allura?” I ask William. If he asked for the Luna, he would have known everything. But if not, we can explain everything peacefully.

“He asked for ‘Allura’. Though he did ask if Adrian met his mate. He heard a few pack members talking and wanted to meet the girl. But I assure you that he is not aware.” Nick answers putting air quotes on my name. He might have sensed what I wanted to know.

I sigh. “That’s good. We can tell him everything by ourselves.” I say, looking at Adrian. He nods at me.

“Honestly sis, I don’t like this Alpha Walker. He kind of makes me want to stay on high alert. So be careful and stay away from him.” Nick says, seriously.

"Me too." Adrian mumbles to himself. I know that he’s jealous of Ash. All because I’m close to him.

“Don’t worry. I’ve known him for a long time now. He’s a good person.” I say. Ashton Walker, or as I like to call him, Ash, as far as I know him, cannot even harm a fly.

My phone starts ringing. I look down to find that it’s a call from some unknown number.

Frowning, I pick up the call.

“Hello?” I speak in the phone.

No response.

“Hello? Who’s this?” I say.

Again no response.

“Is anyone there?” I ask. When I don’t hear a reply, I end the call.

“Who was it?” Adrian asks.

“I don’t know. No one said anything. It was probably some wrong number.” I say, shrugging my shoulders. Adrian nods with a frown.

“Let’s head to the pack house. Or else he’ll think that I murdered you and that I’m hiding your dead body. That guy was soo impatient and wanted to meet you straight away!” Nick says as if Ash disgust him.

I just shake my head and exit the house. I just took about ten steps when I hear Adrian calling out to me. I look back to see him carrying two travel mugs. He hands one to me and I look at it. I look at him, raising an eyebrow in question.

“I made pancakes and coffee for us but since we have to go, you should at least have the coffee.” He says, shrugging his shoulders nonchalantly and starts walking with me to the pack house. But behind his nonchalant attitude, I can see his disappointment. He takes a sip from his cup and looks at me.

Ohhhh no! How can I be so stupid?! He made the coffee and pancakes for us and I left it all to go and meet Ash. I forgot about all of his hard work! How can I do that?! He was being so kind and good and I didn’t give a second thought before leaving his pancakes behind to go to meet Ash. I look back at him with my lips pressed together as the guilt fills inside my chest.

“Umm.... Nick?” I say, remorse and regret clear in my voice. I stop and look at Nick making him stop walking and stand with me. Adrian and William stop and look at me.

“Yeah?” Nick asks, looking at me with concern in his eyes.

“Can you please go and tell Ash that we will be there in a few minutes?” I ask him.

“Umm... Okay. But can I ask why?” He asks, raising his eyebrow at me, looking between me and Adrian.

“Just please tell him that! I love you my dearest brother!” I say as I make my way back to the house, pulling Adrian with me by his hand.

"Am I really you dearest brother!?" I hear Nick’s voice as I run with Adrian back home.

“What happened Allura? Are you okay? Is everything okay?” He asks. I don’t reply and keep pulling him back towards our house.

“Allura! Tell me what happened, honey!” Adrian says with a concerned tone.

“I want to have those pancakes first.” I say firmly as we reach the front door. I look at Adrian to see him silently looking at me. A few moments later, a smiles makes its way to his face and his eyes lit up.

“You came back... just to eat the pancakes I made for you?” He questions in a sweet and low voice.

“Well duh! Now serve them to me!” I command with my chin held high. Commanding an alpha feels really good. I should command Adrian more often. Maybe next time I’ll command him to do all my chores. Oh! And then I’ll command him to paint my nails!

That is going to be so much fun!!

“Yes, ma’am!” Adrian says, chuckling a little. He ushers me inside the house and closes the door behind us. I go straight to the kitchen. Yummy pancakes!!

Adrian follows me and shakes his head, looking at me. He the places the pancakes in one plate and takes a fork and a knife before heading to the stairs. I follow him, taking his coffee mug with me.

“Adrian! Why are you going to the bedroom? Don’t you know that we should not eat on the bed or the food might stain the bedsheets?! Then we will have ants in the bed!” I shout at him as he climbs the stairs.

Adrian opens the door to our bedroom and walks in, ignore my protests. He sits down on the bed with his legs crossed. He places the plate beside him and pats the space in front of him.

“Come. Sit here.” He says, smiling a big smile. Something is up. Something is definitely going to happen. “Allura! Come. I’m not going to bite! Sit down!” He says, impatiently. Yup. Something is definitely going on in his head!

I just stand at the door looking at him suspiciously, trying to figure out what he has got up his sleeves. He’s got that mischievous look in his eyes that makes me even more suspicious. What will he do? What can he do? I look warily at the place where he was telling me to sit.

“Allura! There is nothing wrong with that place! Stop staring at it! And come and sit down!” He whines.

“How do I know that you’re not lying? How do I know that there isn’t a bomb under that very spot?” I ask Adrian. Adrian sighs and look at me as if I’m stupid. He shakes his head trying to hide his amused smile.

“If you don’t want to sit there, you can sit on my lap. That way, if there is a bomb, I’ll blow up with you. Now that’s better, right?” Adrian says, challenging me with his eyes to sit on his lap. Challenge. That’s what an alpha lives for. Anyone having alpha blood in their veins will never say no to a challenge.

I’m no different. I have alpha blood coursing through my veins. I can not deny the thrill I feel when faced with a challenge. I can never say no to a challenge. That would be like.... like choosing broccoli over chocolates, which is just.... Wrong!

I walk to Adrian with my head held high and sit down on his lap, facing him. I look at him with a smirk and he looks at me, mirroring my expression before taking the cups of hot coffee and keeping them on the bedside table then turns to me. Is it just me or did his smirk grew in size in just a second?

He shifts me a little so that I’m straddling him, my legs on either side of him. He kisses me on the corner of my mouth, making me shiver in pleasure. My hands reach the collars of his shirt, clutching them tightly. He then looks at me, right in the eyes as if he can see through my head.

“You left your very old friend just to eat the pancakes that I made for you. I just wanted to eat them with you. In our room. Where I will be welcomed back someday.” Adrian says, trying to lighten the mood.

“We will see about that. But don’t get your hopes up just yet.” I say, trying to look serious. “But seriously, Adrian. You made these for me. I feel really guilty that I just left them to meet someone. I left my mate’s pancakes which are full of love and... maybe a bit of hard work too. But what I’m trying to say is that, I’m sorry.” I say.

“Don’t be. You came back. That too when you were going to meet Alpha Walker. And as far as I’ve heard, you guys are pretty close. But you still gave my pancakes more importance than him. That’s really big for me!” Adrian says.

“You and all your things are my priority, Adrian. You are my mate. Only you. Ash and I might be close. But no one, no one in this whole wide world can come between you and me.” I say with seriousness.

He smiles at that and we both look at each other with happy smiles. As the seconds pass, something in his eyes make me get even more attracted to him. We stare deeply into each others eyes conveying all that we feel to each other.

“May I feed you?” He asks in an almost whispers with his deep and husky voice, breaking the silence. That made me shiver. His eyes hold pure adoration for me. He brings the plate between us when I let go of his collar. He brings the fork up to my mouth. I look into his eyes as I eat the pancakes.

What is he doing to me? Why can’t I just say something?! Have I lost my ability to speak?! Oh no!! How will I survive without speaking!! I can’t not lose my ability to speak!! Or else how will I survive?! Oh god!! Noooooooo!!!

“How’s it?” Adrian asks me in a whisper, looking at me to see my reaction. As I chew, I get the chocolatey flavor of the pancakes and I close my eyes. I almost moan at the chocolatey flavor of the pancakes. They are just perfect!!

“They are beyond awesome!” I exclaim, opening my eyes to look at Adrian with a big smile. Phew! I still have the ability to talk. I’ll survive. “Have some!” I tell Adrian when he smiles at my reaction.

“Will you feed me?” Adrian asks in a husky voice making pleasurable shivers to run down my spine. I nod my head in answer.

I look around for the fork and realize that he only brought one fork. He passes the fork and knife to me and I look at him in question.

“We are mates! We have to share our lives with each other! And you’re questioning about a stupid fork?!” Adrian asks. Well he is right. We do we have to share our lives with each other. And in front of that, this fork is nothing.

Shrugging, I tear a small bite with the fork and knife and bring the fork up to his mouth. He opens his mouth and eats it, looking at me with a deep look. As if he’s having me and not the pancake. He moans, closing his eyes when the taste registers in his mind.

Oh my goodness!! His voice can do wonders to me. His moan made me take in a sharp intake of breath. His moan made my insides melt. I can’t imagine what it will be like when we mark each other.

The bond between two mates is really strong. It’s even more stronger between an Alpha and his mate as they have to face many more challenges than a normal werewolf. Considering this, the bond between me and Adrian is very very strong, because we both have alpha blood in our veins.

The bond usually gets stronger when mates mark each other. How will it be between me and Adrian when we have marked each other.

The bond is the strongest when the mates are mated as well. Mated means that they have completed the mating process. Done everything.

Will I and Adrian ever reach there?

And if we do, how would it feel?

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