The Beginning

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Chapter 22

“Where is she!?” I hear Ash’s voice growl from inside the meeting room as I turn the corner with Adrian to reach there.

It took us longer than we thought to finish our breakfast because, after every few seconds, on of us will get lost in the others eyes and the other wouldn’t mind and won’t interject. Although the pancakes were made with perfection, it was each other’s presence that we enjoyed more.

“I don’t know where she went! She just took off and told me to tell you that she’ll be seeing you in a few minutes.” I hear Nick reply with irritation in his voice. I can feel the annoyance in his words from where I am.

“If she went away then where is your alpha!? I swear if he even touched her, I’ll kill him!" I hear Ash yelling in anger. The threat on my mate made my wolf and me extremely angry and a very furious growl came out of my throat, silencing the commotion inside the room.

I barge into the room before Adrian and look directly at Ash with a glare so powerful that an alpha like him was looking scared to death. I won’t be entertaining any threats against my mate! No one will ever hurt him!

I feel Adrian hugging me from behind with his hands tightly wrapped around me. His touch instantly make the anger vanish and I close my eyes my due the peace I feel. His scent surrounds making me completely forget about anything around us.

“It’s okay, love.” Adrian whispers in my ear and I shiver as I feel his breath on my neck and hear his music like deep and powerful voice being all soft only for. I open my eyes and Adrian smiles down at me and I return his smile. I then turn to face Ash who is standing there with his mouth wide open.

“Ash, how have been?” I ask in my usual voice, forgetting what he said earlier. I am still wrapped up in Adrian arms and I don’t make a move to get out from there.

I can feel Adrian’s smirk as Ash’s eyes bulge out in shock. He knows that making me calm down is not a easy job. He knows that my anger is like a volcano which when erupts, takes down even the strongest of all. He’s never been at the receiving end of it but I’m sure he’s aware about it’s intensity.

“I-I am fine. Are you alright?” Ash speaks with uncertainty in his voice. I know he’s just trying to be careful around me right now because just a few seconds earlier I was about to explode with anger and now I’m smiling like nothing ever happened.

“I’m wonderful!” I tell him, cheerfully. He looks at me, narrowing his eyes, trying to search for any expression. I smile at him.

“Alpha Walker?” Adrian says in a formal voice, calling Ash’s attention on himself. He’s now acting like an alpha with a strict posture but one of his hands is still wrapped around my waist. “I apologize for being late. My beta and gamma told me that you’re here for some pack business. Can we discuss about it now?” He says.

“Uhh... Yes. I just wanted to make sure that the relations between our packs are still strong. I just came here to visit you and make sure that everything is fine because last time you left without a word.” Ash says, coming into his alpha mode.

“I assure you that everything is just as it is supposed to be. I left because you were planning on staying for sometimes at the Crescent moon pack and I had to come back to my pack.” Adrian answers. Ash glances at me before speaking up.

“I was planning to stay there for the girl you brought to your own pack, Alpha Night.” Ash says in an accusing tone. Adrian’s hold on me tightens due to his reply.

“Well, I was not aware about that. Otherwise I would have told you to stop making those plans, Alpha Walker.” Adrian replies sternly. Ash fumes up at this reply and closes his eyes to compose himself. After a few seconds, he opens his eyes to look at me.

“Can I talk to Allura?” Ash asks Adrian in a tone that implies that he’s not asking but demanding. He says this looking into my eyes.

“Yes, you can.” Adrian replies but doesn’t make any attempts at leaving or removing his hand from around my waist.

"Alone?" Ash says, his tone a little louder than before, when he notices that Adrian is not moving. Adrian sighs before putting his free hand into his front pocket. He still doesn’t even try to remove his hand from around me.

“I’m sorry but I can’t allow that, Alpha Walker.” Adrian says.

“And why is that? Allura is my... my friend! I can talk to her whenever I want!” Ash says, almost yelling.

“Now, Alpha. Please calm down. Allura might be your friend but currently she is in my territory and is my responsibility. I can not let her out of my sight. And I’m not denying you from talking to her. You can talk to her in my presence.” Adrian explains, looking calm.

Adrian’s explanation acts like a fuel to Ash’s anger and he closes his eyes to compose himself, running his hand through his hair. He takes a few deep breaths before opening his eyes and glaring at Adrian’s hand, which was around my waist.

“Al... I told you to stay away from him. I told you to wait for your mate! If you were so desperate-” Ash starts but I cut him off.

“I wasn’t desperate, Ash. I waited for eighteen years. Eighteen long years just for my mate. And-” I try to explain but Ash cuts me off.

“If you weren’t that desperate then why are standing this close to him? Why are you even.... Ugghh!!! If you wanted a male’s attention so badly you could have told me!! Why did you have to go to him!!” Ash shouts at me.

“Ash-” I try to speak but he cuts me off. Again!

“I don’t have a mate, Al. You could have come to me if you were tired of waiting for your mate! I would have made you my mate!! A Luna! And you still chose him?! A guy who’ll ruin you! Who’ll make you a slut?!” Ash roars, pouring all his rage in his words.

A ferocious growl echoes in the room as I and I Adrian growl in unison at Ash making his anger vanish and replacing it by fear. Pure fear. Ash was crossing his limits by telling me to chose him over Adrian and by calling me a slut just because I went to Adrian.

“Ash! You should at least give me a chance to explain everything to you. Don’t just start trying to come to conclusions when you don’t know the whole thing!” I say after a while when I am calm enough.

“No, Al. I know that whatever you have for Adrian is all just an infatuation. When he first met you, he might have said ‘no’ to you and when he said ‘yes’, you thought that you’re a chosen one and you came running to him. Do you know how much of a playboy he really is?!” Ash says, in a loud voice, gaining his confidence back.

"Ash!" I growl at him, warning him to stop. But Ash doesn’t realizes what he is saying and goes on.

“Allura, you could have gotten anyone you wanted. Anyone in this entire world and you choose him?! A playboy, a jerk, a-” Ash says but I cut him of with a very loud, spine chilling growl which echoes in the room. I’m sure that my wolf is surfacing and my eyes are currently pitch black. I don’t care if I hurt him at this point.

He insulted my mate.

In front of me.

That’s the only thing in my mind and I can not concentrate on anything else at all. My wolf just want Ash’s blood now. My wolf’s fury is igniting my flames of anger. All I see is black.

“Allura, calm down, baby!” I hear Adrian saying.

“Al, don’t go for him. If you want a male in your life, I’ll be it. Just not him. Please not him! I love you Allura. Come to me!” Ash says, desperation clear in his voice and on his face.

Adrian growls at that, his eyes turning black with anger. He takes a step forward but I wrap my fingers around his wrist before he can do anything. Adrian will regret this later. Even if he doesn’t, killing an alpha means creating enemies and right now, we can be attacked at any moment. We need allies not enemies.

Adrian turns to face me, his eyes turning to normal before looking at Ash again with an anger filled glare. I drop my hand.

“Ash. This is the last warning for you. Take it. Because I won’t like hurting you.” I say in a serious tone.

“Allura if you don’t come to me, I’m telling you, he’ll cheat on you. Come to me. We’ll be together forever. Adrian will leave you once he’s tired. I will never! Allura, you’ll become a slut if you stay with an asshole like him!” Ash says still jot losing his ground.

This earns growls from each one of us. Me, Adrian, Nick and William. My anger doubles and my whole being just asks me to take his spine out. To just kill him! I am shaking with fury, trying to stop my wolf from coming out.

The Ash I knew was not like this. Right now, for both me and Ivy, my wolf and probably for Adrian and Liyan, Adrian’s wolf, Ash is nothing but an enemy. Neither a best friend nor an alpha friend. Just an enemy.

“Even if you were an option for Allura, which you never were, I would have never allowed you to come in her five feet radius!” Nick says in a menacingly cold voice. From the corner of my eye, I see Nick and William standing with furious faces, in a position ready to attack Ash.

“Al? You are joining forces with these people?” Ash asks, trying to hide the fear from his voice but failing miserably. Adrian growls as he uses my nickname.

I close my eyes and think of all the times when Ash helped me. I remember all the good times we spent together. All the times when I needed someone and he was there for me. All the nights he spent without getting even a minute to sleep just to take care of me. All the time when he was there for me. All the time we spent together laughing at the silliest things. All the time I spent knowing him.

All these old memories make me somewhat stable but I’m still not ready to forgive him. He insulted my mate in front of me. He basically told me to chose another man instead of my mate. He told me that I was a slut for being with my mate when I found him after a long wait of eighteen years. It wasn’t forgivable. Not at all.

I open my eyes to look at him. He has fear in his eyes. Fear. A lot of it. But no regret or guilt. Not even a fraction of either. This assures me that what I’m about to do is right. Right in every sense.

I turn to Adrian and reach for his hand. Adrian’s head turns towards me and his strong and angry gaze softens. I slightly nod at him telling him that I know what to do. He sighs and nods back in understanding. Although he seems reluctant but I know that he’s giving me a chance to deal with this myself. He leans down and kisses my cheek before taking a small step back, indicating that now it’s up to me to decide what is to be done.

I turn to look at Nick and William. They sure are angry after hearing insults for both, their alpha and Luna, well.... Future Luna. Nick looks as if wants nothing more than to just end Ash’s life as he insulted his alpha, future Luna and last but not the least, his sister. My heart swells with pride on seeing their loyalty and faithfulness towards me and Adrian.

I give a slight nod to them, telling them to back away. William retreats back when he understands but Nick still looks reluctant. I give him a stern look and he immediately takes a step back to stand beside William with the angry expression still on his face.

I step forward and look at Ash right in the eye, telling him that I’m angry. He looks at me as if I’m betraying him. His face yells me that he’s aware that he won’t like what I have to say. But I don’t care anymore. Not after hearing this much.

“Alpha Ashton Walker, you have said a lot of things that made me consider pulling out your spine right here. But, because of all the times you helped me, I’ll forgive you. Just for this time. I won’t like to hear a word from you ever again on the matters concerning anyone from this pack or anything related to my relationship with the people here. This will be your first and last warning. So remember this.” I say in a cold voice and turn around to leave.

"Why Allura?" I hear Ashton whisper. Yes, Ashton. I’m not even going to think of him as my friend now. He’s just an alpha having an alliance with this pack.

“Because you made me lose trust in our friendship.” I reply, without looking back, before leaving the room.

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