The Beginning

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Chapter 23

It’s dinner time now. I didn’t go for lunch and had William bring it to my office. I tried to get busy in my work to forget about Ash but it wasn’t working. Thought I was concentrating on my work, my mood didn’t change.

Knock. Knock.

“Come in.” I say, not even looking up to see who it is. I keep writing the notes on all the types of defenses that were supposed to be installed at the borders of the pack.

“Ally?” I hear a feminine voice making me look up. The whole time I was here, only William or Nick came to me. This voice was also a bit familiar.

Looking up, I find that Adrian was standing there with his hand forward to show me his phone. It was a video call from none other than my best friend, Caitlin.

“Caitlin!” I say, happy to hear her voice after this long. She was in her room judging by the background. She was looking a bit flustered.

“Allura! I miss you! Why didn’t you call me?” She asks, sounding concerned. It looked like she just ran a mile to come and talk to me.

“I’m sorry, Caitlin. I was going to call you tonight. How are you?” I say, trying to control my tears of happiness. I was really happy to see her. She was a best friend of mine.

“I’m fine. But the question is, are you? Adrian told me what happened with Ash...” She says, trailing off at the end. I look up at Adrian and he gives me sad smile before handing his phone to me and leaving the office without a word.

“I’m fine.... At least I think I am.” I tell her. I know she can sense exactly how I feel. She always knew me. She knows how to make me smile. The smile she’s giving me now is enough to assure me that she’s there for me.

“Al, I know how close you and Ash were. I know just how much he meant to you. I.... I just want you to know that whatever happens, it happens for a reason. Right now, it might not mean anything but in the end, it will.” She says, with a kind and watery smile.

“Cait, I know that. It’s just.... I never thought that Ash would act like that. I didn’t lose an acquaintance today. I lost a friend... A really really good one.” I say, sniffling, trying to stop the waterworks.

“Allura, if you lost a friend that doesn’t mean that you’re alone. I’m always gonna be with you. We might be far away, but we’ll always be sisters. And I will make sure that those crazy, stupid people, Parker and Xavier are also with you.” Caitlin says, laughing a little at the end, making me laugh with her.

“That reminds me, how are things between you and Parker?” I ask. Instantly, Caitlin starts blushing. She tries to hide her blush with her hair but she had her hair up in a ponytail which didn’t work in her favor.

“Umm... They are good...” Caitlin says, shyly. I laugh at her shyness and her cheeks become even more red. She tries to straighten herself to act like she doesn’t care but the blush says everything.

“Exactly how good are they?” I ask, doing my best to not start laughing at her flustered expression.

“I.... Ugghhh! You know how difficult it is for me to talk about it! What are you trying to do?” She says, getting tired of it all.

“Nothing. I was just seeing how red your cheeks can go.” I say, making her blush again. I laugh at that. Just then, Parker comes up behind her and puts a finger to his lips, telling me to be silent.

“Parker! Don’t even think about it!” Caitlin says, before the boy could do anything. She turns her head a little to look at him, probably glaring at him. He just raises his hands up in surrender.

“I was just going to tell Allura that if she wants to see your red cheeks, I can get them to the fullest of their capabilities.” Parker says, trying to act all innocent. His statement makes Caitlin blush yet again.

I swear, this girl is blushing more during this phone call that she had ever in the eighteen years of her life. Parker pinches her cheeks kissing them afterwards and Caitlin goes silent, her cheeks flaming.

“See! I told you I can get her cheeks to go red!” Parker tells me with a victorious smirk on his face. “Now Caitlin baby, let me talk to Allura. You both have had your girl talk for long enough!” Parker says, snatching Caitlin’s phone and running off.

Caitlin yells and runs after him. He leads her out of the house. I see Caitlin trying to jump up on him but missing every time she tries, making her look like a monkey. I laugh at her and so does Parker. She suddenly stops running and glares at Parker.

“Parker, I swear, if you don’t hand me back my phone, I’ll make you sleep on the couch for a whole week!” She threatens, making Parker freeze.

“Don’t do that, baby. You know that I’m not able to sleep of the couch. It makes my back ache and you know how Xavier makes me train harder now. It would be like hell!” Parker says in a pleading tone, making Caitlin smirk at him.

“Then return my phone back.” Caitlin says with a hand forward asking for her cell phone.

“No!” I hear someone shout and the phone is snatched from Parker’s grasp. Xavier’s goofy smiles appears on the screen as he waves crazily at me, shaking the phone as well. Both Parker and Caitlin try to get the phone from them but he keeps the phone away from them. He then starts running away from them with the phone in his hand.

“Al, I have been miserable without you!” Xavier says, talking on the phone while running away from Caitlin and Parker. He looks back at them to see them closing in and increases his speed.

“Xavier! I don’t understand why are all of you so excited to talk to me all of a sudden?” I ask, laughing at the stupidity of the people I call friends.

“That’s because you don’t know how much we miss you! Without you, training is boring. Without you, making fun of Parker is boring.” Xavier explain when I hear Parker shouting in the background.

“Hey! No one makes fun of me!” Parker yells, still trying to catch Xavier to get the phone.

“Umm... People do make fun of you, honey.” Caitlin tells Parker in a sweet voice. He grumbles at her.

“You know what? You should come back to the pack. We all miss you. The whole pack misses the way you used to make the training sessions soo interesting. This whole pack misses you, Ally.” Xavier says, finally stopping. Parker and Caitlin come to stand beside him nodding at what he said.

“I know you guys miss me. I miss you all too. But you know that I’m here for something.” I say.

“Yesterday, my mom and dad asked me if I talked to you. They asked if you were fine. They even confessed that they are missing you.” Xavier says. The Alpha and Luna of my old pack, who were also Xavier’s parents were very busy people. But they were still there whenever someone needs them.

The Alpha and Luna are very kind and caring towards all. They used to treat me as if I’m their own daughter. Luna once asked me if she could act like my mother because she always wanted a daughter. They used to spend the whole day on daughter’s day with me even when my parents were alive. I remember how jealous Xavier and Logan used to be of me on that particular day.

“Awww.... Please tell them that I miss them too. I miss the whole pack very very much!” I say.

“But Allura, I want you here now! Maybe I can ask mom and dad to talk to Alpha Night and have you back here. I’m sure he’ll understand.” Xavier thinks out loud.

“Yeah!” Caitlin and Parker yell in unison, giving their approval on the idea.

“Umm.... About that... I actually want Logan to be the first one to know this but don’t request Alpha and Luna to try to persuade Adri- I mean Alpha Night. It would be useless. He won’t let me go now.” I say a bit hesitantly.

“What? Why? And what do you want to tell us? Is it something big? Allura you know I don’t like suspense! It kills me! Ughh!” Caitlin exclaims, raising her hands up to show her frustration.

“I’ll tell you about it tonight. First I have to talk to Logan about it. I would have told you guys now but Logan supposed to know about it before anyone. I hope you guys understand.” I say.

“Okay. But why won’t Alpha Night let you go now? Did you pull up a prank there? Gosh, Al! How many times have I told you to be civil with strangers! What happened to the ′no pranks on stranger′ rule?!” Xavier exclaims.

“I didn’t pull a prank! Although.... I’m planning to.... But this is not because of pranks. I promise. I don’t pull pranks on people for absolutely no reasons.” I inform them.

“True.” Caitlin and Xavier say.

“Then at what time are you going to call again?” Parker asks.

“After dinner. Maybe around ten or eleven. I have to call Logan first, so I’m not sure. I don’t know how much time it will take to explain things to him.” I say.

“How will I be able to stay alive with the suspense!” Parker says, dramatically as if he’s going to faint.

"Drama Queen!" Me, Xavier and Caitlin say in unison, just like old times and then laugh at Parker.

“Okay guys, I have to go now. I’m hungry. I’ll call you later tonight! Bye!” I say. I hear the saying ‘bye’ I unison and cut the call, with a huge smile on my face.

My friends know how to make me feel better. Their stupidity makes me miss my pack even more than I already do. I really have a bunch of idiots as friends. But I love them. A lot. And I always will.

Suddenly, my phone starts ringing. I look at the screen to find that it is an unknown caller.

The call can be important. Maybe I should answer. Or should I answer later. I’m hungry!

I think I should answer. It could be a pack member. Or someone from the group of warriors who had recently got a new number.

I pick up the call. “Hello?” I speak in the phone.

No response.

“Hello? Who’s this?” I say.

Again no response.

“Is there someone on the line?” I say and wait for a response before ending the call. Weird.

I shake my head to clear the thoughts and remembering the call with my friends to get my mood back to normal.

I get up from my seat in my office and head out towards the exit. Now that I’m kind of back to normal, I want to go home and have something. I’m really hungry because I didn’t eat much during lunch and skipped my snacks.

On the way from the pack house to home, people smile at me and greet me. I return their smiles and greeting with my own. I observe the happy life of this pack and smile. It’s all too good. So nice.

When I reach home, just as I open the front door, I’m hit with the mouthwatering smell of pizza. I rush inside and the smell leads me to the kitchen where I see Adrian wearing an apron and a chef’s hat. He was making pizzas.

I observe him expertly adding the cheese on the top of the pizza. Two pizzas are already in the microwave. He is making about five more. I look at him in awe as he moves around doing his work like a professional chef.

“Are you done staring? Because although I like the stare, it’s kind of distracting.” Adrian says as he turns around to face me with a smirk.

“How did you know!? I didn’t even make that much noise! I even opened and closed the doors without making any sound!” I say, trying to cover the blush on my cheeks which came because of his words.

Adrian makes his way to me, trapping me between him and the doorway with his hands on either side of me. He leans down and skims his nose from my shoulder to my neck till my jaw and then back. His actions make me grab his shirt in my fist, sucking in a deep breath.

“I can smell you whenever you’re close.” Adrian whispers, sending pleasurable shivers down my spine, his face still near my neck.

“B-but h-how can you smell me with this strong and amazing smell of pizza all around you?” I ask, trying to remove the shakiness from my voice so he doesn’t get to know how much his actions are affecting me. But of course, he’s aware of just how much he affects me.

“Oh, darling! I can sense you.” Adrian says, placing a kiss on the joint between my shoulder and neck. I moan in pleasure making Adrian freeze. A moment later, he takes a deep breath, taking in my scent and groans.

He crushes my body with his and starts kissing and sucking on the skin of my neck, making me close my eyes and tilt my head to the side, giving him full access to my bare neck. He comes down to my collar bone and nibbles on the skin there making me arch my back and moan loudly.

“Adrian!” I scream loudly as he bites on my neck, making me and my wolf go crazy. My whole being is now asking for more. A lot more.

“Allura” Adrian says in a whisper as he continues his assault on my neck. I try to reply but only gasps and shaky breaths come out. I try to focus on his words but his mouth on my neck is preventing my brain from functioning.

Ding dong!

The sudden noise make me come out of the trance I was in and I jumped. Adrian seems to be out of the lustful trance as well. The moment is broken. And that too by the same thing that broke our last moment like this.

The door bell. Again.

Can someone get me a bomb? I wanna blast that damn doorbell!

Why were doorbells invented in the first place?

Adrian looks up at me. Then he rests his forehead against mine, breathing heavily. Both of us catch our breath, looking into each others eyes. After catching his breath, Adrian chuckles.

“I swear, your brother will make sure that we don’t do anything in a hurry. He’s going to make sure that we do it in the right way.” Adrian says, shaking his head. He moves away from me and takes out the pizzas from the microwave.

“Can you please get the door? I have to prepare a few more pizzas. I called Nick and Will for a pizza party and movie night. I hope you don’t mind.” Adrian says.

“No. It’s okay.” I say and smile at him before getting out of the kitchen. I stand near the door and try to regain my composure. I don’t want Nick to know that he spoiled another one of my and Adrian’s moment, or else, he’s going to annoy me a lot!

When I open the door, I’m faced with a kindly smiling William and a goofily smiling Nick. William slightly shakes his head when I raise an eyebrow, silently questioning about Nick’s goofy smile.

Suddenly, Nick’s smile vanishes and a serious look comes to his face as he stares at me. Or should I say, as he stares at my neck.

“What have you and Adrian been up to before we reached?” Nick questions making me freeze. Nick couldn’t possible know what we’ve been doing. I give him a nervous laugh.

“W-what are you t-talking about?” I ask nervously. I really don’t want Nick to know anything. Because first, I still haven’t taken revenge on Adrian for hurting Nick and second, Nick is my brother!!

Nick points towards my neck and I touch my neck. On touching my neck, a sudden realisation takes place.

Adrian gave me hickeys which can be seen by anyone with eyes.

Uh oh!

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