The Beginning

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Chapter 25

“I’m here!” I announce as James leads me inside the guest house the warriors are staying at.

“Commander!” Everyone say as they bow their heads at me.

“I told you guys that there is no need for you to treat me like this. I’m your friend. I’m one of you.” I tell them with a smile.

“Commander, we all missed you!” One of the warriors, Reese says.

“I missed you guys too. It’s good to be back.” I tell them. After that, we all sit in the living room, some on the floor while the others sit on the chairs or sofas. We all chat like the old friends that we are. We all laugh as they tell me all the funny things that happened when I was gone. I tell them all about the craziness that I, Caitlin, Parker and Xavier were a part of. I tell them about all the pranks I pulled on people. They tell me what all pranks James pulled on them. And I’ve got to say, James learnt a lot from me in the pranking department.

“Okay guys.” I say as we stop laughing. “Tomorrow you guys will have to train this pack. I know that you guys will do your jobs more than perfectly. I’m confident. Just don’t let the people think that you’re weak.” I tell them.

“Yeah. If you let them think that you’re weak, then they’ll treat you badly.” James says.

“James! No! That’s not the reason, you stupid boy!” I say, hitting him on the back of his head.

“Ouch! If that’s not the reason then what is?” James asks, rubbing the back of his head.

“The reason is that then we’ll have to come up with a sweet revenge prank to teach them a lesson! Haven’t you learnt anything from me? No worries. Now you’ll learn. I’ll make sure of that.” I say.

“So commander, are we going to train the whole pack together?” One of the warrior asks.

“No, that’s not the right way. We’ll all will teach a group of people. That way, we will be able to correct them if they make a mistake.” I tell them.

“Each one of us will be training a small group. If anyone faces any difficulty with anyone, you can come to me or Commander Allura. We’ll help you. And as for our own training, we’ll do it during the evening and maybe we’ll have a jog in the morning.” James explains.

“Any questions, warriors?” I ask them.

“No Commander!” They say in unison. I smile and nod at them.

“Good. If you do get any questions later, feel free to come to me.” I say.

“I do have a question.” James says, raising his hand.

“Yes, James?” I say, looking at him.

“What were you doing at the Alpha’s house when you’re just visiting this pack?” He asks, genuinely looking curious. I huff at that and take a deep breath before replying.

“I found my mate. It’s the Alpha of this pack. Alpha Adrian Night.” I tell them. I don’t think there is a need for me to hide anything from them. They are my trustworthy warriors.

All of them silently stare at me with big eyes. Even James look as if he’s at a loss of words as he stares at me with big eyes, his mouth hanging open.

Drama queen!

He and Nick are so much alike!

“You already knew this, James! So stop acting like you didn’t!” I tell him as I hit the back of his head.

“Ouch! That hurts! Stop doing that!” He protests as he rubs the back of his head, scowling at me.

“Congratulations, Commander!” A warrior says and the others also start to congratulate me.

“Don’t congratulate me yet. I have to take my revenge on Adrian first!” I say with a smirk, thinking about it.

“He underestimated the capabilities of your commander. We are just going to show him how much powerful she really is. We just wanted to make him believe that he’s right in considering that she’s weak. That’s why he doesn’t know about her being our commander. Tomorrow is the big show.” James says, with a smirk.

“You both really are mischievous.” One of the warrior says and others nod in agreement.

“Never said we were innocent, sweetheart.” I say, still smirking.

Ding dong.

We hear the door bell. This must be Adrian, Nick and William. They were going to be here to discuss about tomorrow. The warriors look at me as one of them peeps through the peep hole and confirms that it’s them.

“It’s okay guys. I’ll leave through the back door. Be calm. And be bold. I want him to know how powerful my warrior’s whole group is.” I say and make my way to the back door of the guest house.

“Ally!” I hear James calling out to me. I turn back and he kisses my fore head before smiling.

“Will you come in the morning for the jog?” He asks.

“I will. Promise.” I say and smile at him before leaving through the back door. I have to reach back home and so that Adrian doesn’t get to know that I came here. Also, I have to sleep early tonight as I have to wake up early for the jog.

"Adrian?" I ask in a whisper as I stand at the door of the guest room where he was sleeping.

“Mmhh?” Adrian whispers in his sleep. I lightly close the door, trying to be silent so that he is able to sleep properly.

I leave a note for him at the kitchen counter, telling him that I’m going for my morning jog and that I’ll meet him at the training. I quietly close the door behind me when I get out of the house. I then put my hood on and start jogging towards the warrior’s guest house.

As I jog there, I observe that no one was there on the way. No one was up this early. I wouldn’t have been up this early either if it wasn’t the first day of the training with the warriors. I had to talk to my warriors before they start the training today.

When I reach the guest house, everyone is already out, warming up and stretching. I smile at them as I reach.

“Good morning, warriors!” I say enthusiastically.

“Good morning, Commander!” I receive the reply with the same level of enthusiasm.

“Let’s go!” I say and start jogging towards the forest and they start behind me. James comes beside me and we both smile at each other. I start running with James by my side as the warriors continue jogging when we reach the path made for joggers.

We continue to run at a fast pace, feeling the cool morning air on our faces. We silently run, taking in the beauty of the nature around us. I smile remembering the morning runs that I did with the warriors. It was always so refreshing.

After an hour of running and jogging and small breaks to catch our breaths, we all meet at the training grounds. We all drink water and relax a bit to gain our energies back. The pack members will be here in about half an hour or so.

“Okay, so guys, today we have to start the training of the pack members. Train them to be powerful. We have to stop the attack here. We cannot let any more innocent people die. It’s our duty to protect them!” I say, standing in the middle while others are sitting on the ground, tired after the jog.

They all yell ‘yeah’ enthusiastically. They all look determined. I smile at them. They are all so ready to do anything to protect the innocent. That’s what makes my warrior’s group the best, their readiness to lay their life out for the innocent.

All my warriors are very powerful. They might not be having alpha blood in their veins but their experience and their tricks and techniques make them even more powerful than a bunch of alphas.

“That’s it guys. Make me proud! Now get ready for the training. The pack members will be here soon.” I tell them.

They drink water and some pour water on their heads and start to get ready for the training. Some discuss the strategies that James told them to teach the pack members.

“Allura, you should get ready as well. You’ll have to train some people too.” James says, coming to stand beside me.

“I was born ready, James!” I tell him, without glancing at him.

“Good. I have done the planning on how to drop the bomb on your mate.” He says, looking at me. I turn to see a smirk on his face. “They are going to have a blast!" He adds, making me laugh.

“You are learning a lot from me. Good job!” I say.

“Nice to know, Commander.” James says, playfully rolling his eyes.

People start pouring in and the warriors stand in a line behind me and James as the pack members stand in front of us. The pack members murmurs among themselves, trying to figure out what is going on.

Adrian finally appears. He starts walking to me as I stand with James. James is facing the people with his strict warrior face on. All the warriors look serious and stern, losing their playfulness from a while ago. They all look like the warriors people think they are and not like the people they were a few minutes ago.

“Allura, how are you, baby girl?” Adrian asks me when he reach me. I see James trying to control his laughter though, no one can tell, but I know the guy. I can see the amusement in his eyes.

Okay, so I wasn’t like a baby. Since I was four, I started to train. So me being called baby girl at the age of eighteen was a bit.... weird. But it’s not like my mate can’t call me that!

I turn back to see amusement in each one of my warrior’s eyes. They all think this is funny. I just shake my head and look at Adrian.

“I’m good. How are you this morning?” I say with a smile.

“I’m good. Yesterday, when I came back, you were already asleep. So I just wanted to hear your voice this morning.” Adrian says, looking down lovingly at me.

“Good morning, Sis! How are you? It’s nice to know that you remember the lesson number one of being on time.” Nick says, coming towards us. This makes the amount of amusement in the eyes of James and the other warriors grow.

I can see that some of them are struggling to keep their smile away from their face. They all knew that I was never the one to be late. After all, Sir Archer trained me himself and he’s the best teacher ever!

“Alpha Night?” James stern voice says. His voice is all powerful without any trace of playfulness.

“Ah yes, Commander James, I will just assemble the pack members.” Adrian says, his voice becoming all Alpha-like.

“Alpha, we will be training your pack members in small groups like I told you last night. So it would be nice if you divide them in small groups yourself. There are fifty of us. So you can divide them into fifty groups. And make a separate group for the warriors. They have to be trained differently.” James says.

“Okay, commander James.” Adrian says before turning to the pack members. “All of you are requested to remain quiet and cooperate.” He says in a loud voice. Adrian starts dividing people into small groups and in just two minutes, all of them are divided.

“Alpha Night, I will be training your warriors.” James says. James and the other warriors move towards the groups and each of them takes one of the group to train them. I just stand there and observe everything.

“Commander James, do you need our help? Maybe we can help you train the warriors.” Nick asks. Adrian, Nick and William were left. They weren’t in any of the groups.

“No. That won’t be needed. Besides you have to train too. You guys might be high in ranks and have power, but there are some tricks and techniques that you don’t know. So the three of you are going to be trained by our Commander.” James explains to them.

"Commander? Isn’t that you?” Adrian asks, his eyebrows pulled together in confusion.

“Oh! No! I’m the Commander’s assistant.” James says and turns, walking off to the group of warriors.

“Who’s the Commander? Who’s training us?” William asks Adrian and Nick in confusion. They both shrug at that. I walk to them and stretch my hands in front of me.

“Okay, boys. Let’s start the training.” I say in a serious voice which is full of authority.

“Allura, some Commander is going to train us. You could join another group.” Nick says. I raise an eyebrow at him and put my hands on my waist.

“Who do you think I am?” I ask. I know that all my warriors are seeing this scene unfold, with an internal smirk.

“Uh... What do you mean? You’re Allura, my mate and Nick’s sister.” Adrian asks, clearly confused by everything that’s going on. James chooses this time to interrupt.

“Commander Allura, should we train for just two hours in the beginning? The pack might not be used to the vigorous training.” James says, barely containing his smirk.

“Yeah, James. That would be good.” I say, sharing the amused spark in the eye that James had.

James walks off to the warriors and I look over to where Adrian, Nick and William were standing in front of me. I stretch my hands above my head before I look at them with a serious expression.

Adrian and Nicolas look at me with shock, their eyes big and jaws hanging, while William looks a bit scared.

"So shall we start, boys?" I ask.

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