The Beginning

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Chapter 26

“Adrian! Nicolas! Get up! We are not done for today yet!” I shout as I walk to where they were laying on the ground, trying to catch their breaths. I know that I’m being a little too hard on them but it’s all for revenge. Or should I say returning the favor back.

I did not torture William like I was torturing Adrian and Nick. After all, he already knew about me. I just taught William a few tricks and told him to try and perfect them. For Nick and Adrian, I told them that we are going to do combat training.

They both were hesitant at first but then they got ready. I knew they were still underestimating me. So I made them both fall to the ground each time they tried to advance towards me.

And now they are both exhausted. They both are totally covered in sweat while I’m not that much sweaty. I didn’t tell them about the tricks that could help them fight without using much of their energy. They just do what they were taught since the beginning, which made them get exhausted pretty easily.

I’m planning on starting their real training from tomorrow. Tomorrow, I’ll teach them the tricks and techniques that they should learn. Earlier, I planned to torture them for at least five days but looking at their current condition, I think I’ll forgive them now. I think this is enough and they might have learnt their lesson.

“Ally, I’m just an innocent boy. Please let me go!” Nick says, groaning as his muscles ache. I think I did a little to much for one day.

“Allura, let me go! Or else I’ll never be able to stand!” Adrian says. Seeing the powerful Alpha beg me to let him go, I smile at them apologetically.

“I think that both of you might have learnt your lesson. You can go now. Training for the both of you is over. Tomorrow, I’ll start with the real training. The revenge is over.” I say.

“I’m never messing with you after this!” Nick says, getting up with a lot of efforts before looking at me then running away from me as if I look really scary. Drama Queen. I roll my eyes at him.

“May I help you get up or do you want to lay here for a while?” I ask Adrian, sitting on my knees and touching his cheek with my hand.

“I’ll just lay here for a while. By the way, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have underestimated you.” Adrian says, leaning into my palm.

“Okay. I forgive you. I guess you can come back to our room, now that you have learnt your lesson.” I say with a smile. His face immediately brightens up at the news. He turns his head and kisses my palm before smiling up at me.

“Thanks, love!” He says, looking as if he’s a small kid and I just gave him a bag full of chocolates. I laugh at him and then get up. I smile at him before turning to make my way to William who was training a few feet away from us.

“Will, you are not keeping your elbow up!” I tell him and correct his posture. He mutters a thanks and I nod at him before going to James.

“Done for today?” James asks when I reach close to him. He turns to look at the whole place, looking at the pack members and the warriors before looking at me.

“I guess we are. Everyone’s tired.” I say looking at the tired faces of the pack members. James nod at that. I walk to the middle of the training are before clearing my throat.

“The training is over for today. Good job, everyone. Now you can go and rest before you start with your day’s work.” I say loudly so that everyone can hear me. Everyone give me a tired but thankful smile. They were all tired. They are not used to such vigorous training sessions.

The pack members slowly leave the training area and only the warriors are left. They are not tired. They all train harder than this everyday. They are warriors after all.

“Warriors, you all did a really good job today. Thank you. You can all go and freshen up now. We’ll have a meeting after that.” I say in a loud voice. They all nod and slam their fists to their chest, near their heart, bending their heads down. I nod at them and they all leave to go to the guest house. I turn to James and smile.

“Thanks.” I tell him. He smiles at me before hugging me.

“It’s okay. That’s what friends do.” He says.

“Yeah! Friends help friends in torturing people!” I say, shaking me head and hugging him back. He laughs at that and I smile.

We hear someone clearing their throat an I turn my head to look at Adrian standing behind me with a hesitant expression on his face. He looked uncomfortable. I pull away from James and turn to look at Adrian directly.

“What happened?” I ask with a frown. He was really hesitant and I could tell that he was searching for the right words to speak.

“Don’t worry, Alpha Night. I and Allura are just childhood friends. We are like brother and sister.” James speaks up and I realize how me and James hugging each other would have looked for someone who doesn’t know about us.

“Adrian! Don’t be hesitant about such things. You do know that you have to be able to tell me anything, right? We are still the same. I’m still the same Allura, whom you met at the party at Crescent moon pack.” I tell Adrian as I wrap my arms around Adrian’s neck, kissing his skin where his shoulder and neck were joint. He shivers but relaxes as he wraps his arms around me.

“I’m sorry. I always assume things. This whole thing is new to me. I never planned on having a mate. I thought that mates were an alpha’s only weaknesses. But you just made me realize that you are not a weakness for me. Instead, you make me powerful.” Adrian says, kissing the top of my head.

“Glad to know that you finally realised the obvious.” I say with a teasing smile.

“So, as we are clear with everything, will you go out on a date with me?” Adrian asks, looking a bit hesitant. His offer for a date shocked me so I just stand there with my mouth open and eyes wide.

I just got asked for a date!

But that’s not shocking. What is shocking is that I was just asked for a date by my mate!

“Umm... Allura, will you please say something? You’re kind of making me nervous.” Adrian say. He thinks for a while before continuing, “You know, if you don’t want to, it’ll be okay. I know that we haven’t really talked much and we don’t....” Adrian rambles but I cut him off by kissing his right cheek.

He looks down at me and I smile lovingly at him. His rambling was really cute. Now thinking about it, I call a lot of his actions as cute. He’s like a big lion to everyone but for me, he’s a cute, little kitten. The big powerful alpha is like a pup in front of me. Only for me.

I hear a throat being cleared and I realize that I’ve been staring at Adrian with my arms around his neck for a little to long. I blush at that. I look at my side to see James smirking at me. I untangle my self from Adrian and turn to James.

“So the big, powerful and invincible commander has started blushing. The warriors need to know! Leave them, the head warriors need to know! And most importantly....” James trails of in the end to build the suspense. “Sir Archer needs to know!” He says in a ghostly whisper. He smirks mischievously at me, wiggling his eyebrows.

“And if anyone gets to know, I’ll tell them the reason as to why you were doing whatever I told you to when we first met.” I say with a challenging smirk. His smirk drops and he turns a little pale.

Ah! Nothing like reminding people about my earlier pranks on them....

Good old days....
Good old memories....
But most importantly, good old pranks....

“I’ll take my leave now. See you later, Allura!” James says as he jogs towards the guest house. I wave at him and then place my head on Adrian’s chest hearing his heartbeat with my eyes closed and my arms around his neck. He hugs me close to him.

“I’m falling really deep for you, Allura. I’m falling and I can’t stop.” Adrian whispers in my ear. I sigh and nuzzle his neck.

“I’m falling for you too, Adrian. You are not alone. You’ll never be.” I say, intertwining our fingers together. Adrian kisses my forehead before smiling down at me. I smile back at him. He looks hesitant before opening his mouth to speak.

“So.... About that date....” Adrian say, scratching the back of his head.

Adrian’s eyes becomes wide when I come down the stairs to him. I was wearing a black tank top which had the words ′The best’ printed on it in white and my white Jean shorts with my hair left open. To finish off the casual look, I was wearing my white sneakers.

Adrian told me to wear some casual clothes for the date when I agreed to go. I had to cancel the meeting with the warriors and James told me that he’ll handle everything. Adrian told Nick to be in charge so that we can have some time together without interruptions.

“Allura....” Adrian whispers as he checks me out when I stand right in front of him. He is wearing a white T-shirt with black jeans and sneakers with his hair all messed up giving him that perfect look.

To say that he was looking good would be totally wrong. He was looking extremely hot. Like you can cook pancakes with him just standing in the same room. I don’t even have the words to define how amazing he looks.

But I clear my thoughts by shaking my head. I really want to see what he’s planned for me tonight.

“I’m really excited! Can we go already?” I ask him, bringing him out of the trance he was in. He smiles at me before nodding his head. He intertwines our fingers as he leads me to the garage and into one of his so many wonderful cars.

I look out the window as he drives out of the drive way. The scene outside was calming but I think I still prefer to see his face. I look at him to see a calm and happy expression on his face. He has a gentle smile on his face as he looks forward at the road. He turns his head to look at me before looking back to the front.

“You do know that I can feel your eyes on my face, don’t you?” He asks with a chuckle, making me blush and look away.

“I was not staring.” I lie, looking out of the window.

“I never said you were. You just said that yourself. I was just saying that you were looking at me.” He replies, making me blush. I lightly hit his shoulder and he chuckles.

“Oh my goodness!” I say, covering my mouth in shock as we make our way in the middle of the forest near a small stream of water. Around a small area, fairy lights were hanging from the trees with a blanket and a picnic bag in the middle.

Adrian leads me to the blanket which was near the stream with his hand on the small of my back. We sit down and Adrian takes out the food, which consisted of pizza, garlic bread and a bottle of cold drink from the bag and places it in front of us before turning to me.

“Did you like it?” He asks with a smile. I nod my head due to the loss of words. I was shocked. This is such a sweet thing and to think that a powerful Alpha like Adrian planned it, was shocking.

I mean, come on! An Alpha like him would probably take his mate to some posh, fancy and expensive restaurant for a date. He won’t go for a late night picnic near a small stream.

Adrian grins at me before lifting me up and settling me on his lap. I don’t say anything as he starts feeding me the delicious pizza. The pizza was extremely mouthwatering. I am sure that I have never had pizza which tasted better than this! The taste of the pizza made me close my eyes and moan at the delicious cheese melting in my mouth.

I felt Adrian stiffen. I look at him to see that he’s trying to control himself. I think that my moan made his wolf come out and now he’s trying to push him down.

I don’t think that I’ll be able to handle Adrian’s lustful wolf without anyone to help me. So I take a slice of pizza in my hand and bring it close to his mouth for him to eat. He smiles before taking a bite. Tasting the pizza, he himself closes his eyes and let’s out a moan making me take a sharp intake of breath.

His moan sent shivers to all the parts of my body making all my cells buzz with energy.

When he finishes eating the slice, he licks my fingers while looking directly into my eyes. This made a really pleasurable shiver to run down my spine and lust consumes every sane thought in my brain.

“Dance?” Adrian asks in a husky whisper which makes my brain shut down. I can see the clear lust, want and desire in his eyes as well. I slowly nod my head and he helps me stand on my feet before taking out his phone and playing a slow song.

He holds me close to him as we start to move to the slow and romantic song. One of his hands, which was wrapped around my waist pulls me soo close that our faces were merely an inch away.

At this time, I don’t want anything other than him. I know that I can live my life along with him in happiness. I know for sure that he’ll always love my and he’ll never let me down.

He’s the one for me.

He’s my mate.

My soul mate.

I wrap both my arms around his neck. His both hands wrap around my waist as he pulls me even closer, eliminating even the tinniest of space. We both stare into each others eyes. The slow song in the background is long forgotten. We continue to lean in until I find his lips a breath away from mine.

“Allura?” Adrian whispers in his deep and husky whisper, asking for my permission to continue. He had pure lust in his eyes and I’m not sure as to how he’s controlling himself.

Aww.... He’s soo nice! He’s asking for my permission to even kiss me! How did I get so lucky to have him as my mate?

This assured me that my decision to be with him forever isn’t going to be a silly mistake that I’ll regret in the future. Staying with him is going to be the best thing to ever happen to me. Being with him besides me, all my life, is going to be a blessing from the moon goddess herself.

Instead of answering his question, I just stand on my tip toes and lean in, planting my lips on his, leading to explosions taking place in each and every cell of my body.

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