The Beginning

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Chapter 27

I think I lost a little to much calories yesterday. All because Adrian’s lips were begging to be kissed and I was not able to resist the temptation.

That kiss was something out of this world. It was a taste of what I’ve been missing in my life. It was the taste of what I could have if I be with Adrian. It was the taste of life.

Yesterday, after the long make out session, I was a blushing mess but Adrian was smiling as though he just won a gold medal in the Olympics. We both just talked a little more before heading back home. But once we reached home, we kissed again. First in the car and then in our room.

We had a heavy make out session and would have marked and mated with each other if the news of the man who brought the warning wouldn’t have shown signs of waking up.

We were in the middle of a making out when Nick’s call on Adrian’s phone interrupted us. Nick told us that the news carrier was trying to open his eyes and was trying to tell us something.

When we reached the room in the pack house where he was kept, everyone was already there. Even the warriors were there. We got to know that his health conditions were deteriorating and that he can possibly die any second now. But he was still unconscious.

The death of the news carrier in such attacks usually mean that we have a week at maximum before the war begins. And that is not a news I was looking forward to but I didn’t tell anything about this to anyone. I just told James to start the real vigorous training from now.

And we did have a really hard and tiring training session today, in the morning. Everyone was tired by the time they were dismissed. But the thing that made me proud was that no one was complaining about how hard the training. Well... Except the beta, my brother, Nick, no one was complaining.

Nick started whining when we were half way through the training routine. But I know that he was not really tired. He sensed my mood and was just trying to lighten up everyone’s mood. I was aware of how much he was trying to make me laugh or at least smile.

But the seriousness of the situation didn’t let me smile. I was constantly reminded about the situation we were currently in. I was constantly reminded how close we were to the war. I was constantly remained that the lives of these innocent pack members was on line.

After the training, I briefed everyone about how the training is going to become even harder to prepare everyone for the upcoming war.

And right now, I am in my room while Adrian and Nick are in the room with the man who can due any moment now.

Knock. Knock.

I quickly his the file that I was reading under the mess of paperwork and files on my table before muttering a ‘come in’.

“Commander.” James says with a slight bow of his head and I sigh nodding my head. I take the file that I was reading a while ago out again. James sits down in the seat, in front of my table.

“I have been reading about all the previous attacks that have happened and the similar attacks that happened years ago.” I tell him, passing the file to him.

“These attacks are all those which were successful. There was no one left.” He says after reading a little.

“I know. Last time, the only attack which was unsuccessful was the one in which all of us warriors were fighting along with the pack members.” I tell him.

“Yeah, but we already know that. We stopped them from killing the pack and the attacks stopped. That’s what we have to do this time.” James says. He looks at me with a serious expression when I sigh at his reply. “I know that something is bothering you. What is it?” He asks.

“According to the records, before the last fight, warriors were sent for help to the packs that are no longer alive. Our warriors died in those wars. But we didn’t die during the last fight. Not even one of our warriors was killed.” I tell him.

“What are you trying to say, Allura?” James asks, confused.

“What happened in the last attack? Did the attackers become so fragile that the were not able to hurt us? I don’t think so because I saw them running away. Not all of them were killed.” I explain.

“But we ran after them and killed those who fled away.” He says.

“Not all of them, James. Not all of them. You and I both know that a few of them were able to run away.” I say.

“Are you trying to tell me that this can be the plan of the same person?” He asks.

“I’m sure of it. I think that the man we thought was the leader was just a follower of the real mastermind. I want to start the investigation again. I think that someone from the inside is involved. Someone who knew all our moves. Someone who knew that we were going to fight the battle last time.” I tell him.

“Then this could be huge! If someone from the inside is involved, he or she might know our next step!” James says.

“Yeah. And that’s why, I want that this time during the investigation, only you me and Alpha Adrian know about everything. Even the fact that there is an investigation. No one else should know. Not even the beta, the gamma, the pack members or even our own warriors.” I say.

“That could be done. I’ll inform Sir Archer. You can go and talk to Alpha Aston about it and ask for his help.” James says, getting up.

“I-I won’t be telling him this time. We are not really friends anymore.” I say, trying sound strong.

“Are you sure? I mean, last time he did help a lot. You told him every single detail. He was the one who actually figured out who the leader was. He even helped us in finding and eliminating him.” James asks, with a raised eyebrows.

“No. I guess this time, we’ll have to do everything on our own.” I tell him. He just nods and leaves the room. I sigh before continuing to look through the file of the previous attacks.

Something is not right. Something is terribly wrong. I can feel it. Even my wolf can sense it. It’s as if the truth is right in front of us but we are doing nothing and are just getting trapped in the spider’s web. I have this gut feeling which is telling me that I’m missing a really important detail in this whole thing.

The ringing of my phone brings me out of the train of thoughts and I look down to see who is calling.

Unknown Number.

I pick up the call. “Hello?” I speak in the phone.

No response.

“Hello? Who’s this?” I say.

Again no response. I pull the phone away and look at the screen to find that the call is still going on. Who’s this?

“Umm... Who ever you are, I’m unable to hear you. Maybe you can call again to try? Bye.” I say and end the call.

That was really weird. I think I’ve been getting a little too many calls from unknown numbers. I go to my call records and check the the previous calls from the unknown number to find that all the calls were made from different numbers.

Something is up. These calls from the unknown can not be random people. Something is going on. And I have a feeling that these calls have something to do with it.

Maybe someone is trying to tell me something. Maybe someone is trying to give me a message. Maybe this is someone trying to give me some important information which a little too important or secretive to be conveyed through the phone.

I immediately call Ryder. Ryder was a werewolf I met during the training. He was the computer guy. He was the best hacker when he was in the team. But he left when I did because he found his mate.

“Hello?” A little girl’s voice comes from the other end as she picks up the call. Here voice sounded so fragile and soft that I think that she was just a few years old. Like three or four years old.

“Umm... Hi, sweety! Is Ryder there?” I ask in a soft and sweet voice. I hear a bit of shuffling and the sound of tiny feet on the floor before a female’s speaks.

“Hello? Who’s this?” The lady asks.

“Uh... I’m Allura. Can I speak with Ryder?” I ask.

“Yes, sure. I’ve heard about you from him. I’m his mate, Myra. I’ll just give him the phone now.” She answers in a cheerful voice.

“Thank you, Myra.” I say.

Thank goodness! I thought that I got the wrong number for a while there. It would have been really tough to get hold of his number if that was the case. When he left, he deleted all his records from the system because his mate thought that his job was really dangerous.

“Hello? Commander Allura? Is that you?” Ryder’s voice asks from the other end of the line.

“Yes, Ryder. It’s me, Allura.” I say.

“Oh my goodness! I never thought that you’ll call me after I left. Tell me, what can I do for you?” Ryder says, his voice showing the surprise and happiness that he’s feeling.

“I know that you were the best tracker and hacker. I need your help. And it’s important and urgent. Will you help me?” I ask, coming straight to the point. There was no need to talk nonsense when someone could be in danger out there trying to get help.

“I would be honoured to be able to help you, Commander.” He replies.

“Good. Bring your tools and meet me at the warriors base number five. I’ll be there in an hour. How long will it take you?” I say.

Warriors had a number of places where they could stay. These were our bases were we could stay when we visit a place for some investigation. It had all the facilities like computers and weapons that we’ll need. Each and every city in the world had about ten or twenty of such places.

“I’m actually just half an hour away from base five. I need to get my things so I’ll be there in an hour.” He replies, his tone professional.

“Thanks, Ryder. Meet you in an hour then.” I say and end the call.

I’ll have to track from where these calls are coming. Then maybe I can go there and investigate. I’ll have to go there alone because I can’t tell anyone from the pack or they’ll tell Adrian and then he’ll get worried. I can’t take James because he’s supposed to be here when I’m not. I can not trust anyone else at this point.

I sigh. I’ll just have to come up with a believable excuse so that Adrian will let me go.

Here goes nothing...

“Stop it! I’ll take you! Just.... Just shut up.” I shout, irritated by Nick’s constant singing.

When I was going to ask Adrian to lend me a car so that I can go and meet Ryder, Nick meet me. And as always, he was being nosy. So I told him that I had to go out of the pack territory for some important work.

He’s been bugging me ever since to make me take him along with me. He even blackmailed me saying that he’ll tell Adrian that I’m going to meet my long lost lover so that he won’t let me go. He tried everything. But when he got to know that it wasn’t working, he started to sing some songs totally off note, irritating me while following me like a tail.

“Good. I’ll go and get ready. And don’t worry, I’ll tell Adrian that you and I are going somewhere for a little brother-sister time.” He says with a big smile. “Adventure, here we come!” He excitedly shouts before running off, with one of his hand in front of him as if he’s flying like Superman. I shake my head as I sigh.

I smile, thinking about his childish behaviour.

I can’t believe that I’m taking him with me!

Moreover, I can’t believe he’s a beta!

And my brother!!

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