The Beginning

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Chapter 28

"I've traced the cell phone's last location. But the phone was switched off about an hour after the call." Ryder says, bringing my and Nick's attention to him. Ever since we got here, Nick has been busy admiring the place and I have to stop him every time he tries to go and explore.

It's not really that great a place. Just a big office in the middle of a forest which is protect by some loyal packs. The office has all the necessary items. It has many computers, a huge room full of weapons, a room to do archery practice, a room for shooting practice and many other rooms. All the things necessary for a warrior staying here for a short time are here.

When we got here, I found Ryder already setting up his things. I told him about the calls I've been getting and he too was suspicious. But my brother, Nick said that I was just being paranoid and that it was just someone pranking me. Still, I told Ryder to find the last known location of the caller.

"Where was it?" I ask, making my way to Ryder. Nick just crossed his arms and stood where he was, not trying to come closer to the computer on which Ryder was working.

"It was somewhere near the Mystic Shadow pack." Ryder says. "One of the cell phones which called you even belongs to one of the pack members. Someone named William." Ryder says, pointing towards the screen where I can see that he's got the last known locations of all the unknown numbers from which I received the calls. On hearing William's name, I frown and look at Nick, who was scowling.

"Why would William do a prank call? And even if he did, which I'm sure he didn't, why would he choose you?" Nick says, in deep thoughts.

"Commander, the last location of the first call was from your own pack. Crescent moon pack." Ryder says. My home pack? Who would call me from my own pack?

"It appears that if this is one person who is calling me from different numbers, then he or she is constantly changing their position. Someone who is constantly moving." I say.

"Yeah. But one of the most alarming things about all these calls is that all these calls were made from the packs which were attacked. According to the locations, The caller has been to each one of the attack. And he or she has seen all the message carriers too." Ryder informs.

"What?! Why didn't you tell this to me earlier?" I ask.

"I just thought that you weren't aware about the attacks till now. But then, if you both know about a pack member of the Mystic Shadow pack, I'm sure you know about the attacks." Ryder explains, looking sheepish.

"Ugghhhh… How many people were involved in hiding this all from me?" I ask, exasperatedly, as I close my eyes and massage my temple.

"Almost all the people who are somewhat in contact with the warriors." Ryder says in a small voice. I open my eyes and glare at him, making him gulp in fear.

"What do you mean by 'attacks'? There has been only one attack, right?" Nick asks, with a shocked expression.

"Oh! Umm... It was just a.... a silly grammatical mistake. Nothing else. Ryder has never been good at speaking properly." I say, trying to cover up so that I don't have to explain anything. I don't want anyone from Adrian's pack to know about the previous attacks. At least not until after everything is over. Or else they'll get scared.

"Are you sure?" Ryder asks with a confused expression. I send a glare in his direction to shut him up and he instantly bows his head down. I turn to face Nick who had a suspicious look on his face. I smile at him and kick Ryder's leg making him look up at me and then smile nervously at Nick.

"Okay..." Nick says, slowly. "I'll be out in the archery room." he says before disappearing out of the room. I sigh at that and look at Ryder who had a questioning look on his face.

"He is the beta of the Mystic Shadow pack." I tell him.

"And why is he here? Why did you bring him here when you didn't want him to know anything?" Ryder questions.

"He... He is also my cousin. And I'm currently staying at the Mystic Shadow pack." I answer. He raises an eyebrow in my direction, looking unconvinced. I sigh. Why can't everyone just accept all that they are told? Have I lost the powerful and frightening aura that I had?

"The Alpha of the Mystic Shadow pack is my mate." I answer. Ryder's face shows the shock that he feels but before he can comment, I glare at him. He immediately quietens up. Thank goodness! At least my glare works till now.

"So, I was not telling you about this earlier because that guy was here. Whoever is calling you, I think, he or she is trying to give you the locations. The phone stays on for exactly an hour before it is switched off. And that person only calls you. No one else. But the last call was made from someone else's phone. I think something is up." Ryder says in his work-only voice.

"If that person took William's phone, then he might know who it was." I say.

"You are right. Maybe you can call him right now and ask him yourself." he says, in an urgent tone.

I instantly take my phone out and call James. He is the only one who I can think of. Maybe, he'll be able to get William. I can not call William directly because he might not have his phone with him as it was used by someone else who called me. I can not ask Adrian or he'll get suspicious as to why I would want to talk to William.

"Hey! Commander! How's the investigation going on?" James says when he picks up call. His voice was cheerful as always. Okay, maybe not always but most of the time when he's not in front of someone he's recently met.

"J, I need to talk to William, the gamma. Now! It's really important." I tell him in an urgent tone. I hear the sound of his feet as he runs somewhere, most probably to find William.

"Okay. But at least tell me what happened." He says as he continues to run.

"I don't know yet. But I'm sure we are just about to find out." I say. I hear James talking to William in the back ground before I hear William's voice from the other end.

"Luna? What is happening? Is everything okay? Why did your warrior come running bare footed towards me?" William asks, worriedly.

"William, Do you have your cell phone with you right now?" I ask him, coming straight to the point.

"Umm... No. My phone kind of got crushed when Alpha Walker was leaving. He was angry and he didn't see when he stepped on my phone while leaving. Why? Is everything okay?" William says.

"What? But how did your phone get there, right under his shoe?" I ask, slightly confused, totally ignoring his question.

"I gave my phone to a girl from Alpha Walker's pack when they came. She told me that she wanted to make an urgent call. But then I forgot to take it back and when they were leaving, She dropped the phone while trying to keep up with Alpha Walker as he left." William explains.

"Do you remember any thing about this girl, William?" I ask, urgently. If she took William's phone to call me then she might be the caller. Besides, I didn't see any girl with him so that means that she might have gone to a silent place before calling. That is why I was not able to hear anything in the background.

"Yeah. She had blonde hair. She was just as tall as you, maybe an inch or two shorter. She had fair skin. And uh... That's all I remember. Oh! And she looked really serious like a warrior." William explains. I take a notepad lying on the table and note down all the things that William told.

"Will, was there anything unique about her? Anything weird? Anything?" I ask.

"Uh... She had a tattoo on her wrist. A tattoo of a crown. And something was written under that. The font was too small so I wasn't able to read it properly. Just the first two words: The queen. Is everything okay, Luna?" William says, making me and Ryder freeze.

The text couldn't be The queen is here. Otherwise....

"Will, did you ask her name?" I ask in an emotionless voice. If this is who I think it is, then she is in trouble. A really big trouble.

"Yeah. Her name was Anna." William says, making me completely frozen with shock.

Because as far as I remember, Anna is.....

And if it's her and if she really is with Ash, why didn't he tell me? Why didn't Ash send her over to the Crescent Moon pack?! Ash knew what she meant to us. He knew how we searched all over for a really long time. He might not have seen her but he knew all about her! Then why wouldn't he tell me?

"Umm... Will? Are you sure her hair were blonde and not brown?" I ask.

"I'm sure. Her hair were very light in color. Almost white." He says.

But if it's her, then why is Will saying that her hair were blonde?

"She could have colored her hair, commander." Ryder suggests.

"No! She would never color her hair. As far as I know her, she'll go bald but she will never color her hair. But it could have been a wig." I say.

"Uh... Luna? What are talking about and why do you want to know about that girl?" William asks, reminding me that he was still on the line.

"William, please do not, under any circumstances, tell Adrian about this conversation. At least not until I tell you to. And right now, I can not explain anything to you. Please give the phone back to James." I say. He mutters a weak 'okay' before handing the phone to James.

"Allura, was he talking about the Anna I think?" James asks in a weak voice.

"I guess he was, J. And if what we think is right, she knows something but she's in trouble and she can not talk to us directly. You have to be strong for her. We will save her. And this time, I promise that I won't let anything to happen to her." I say trying to reassure James. I hear James's shaky breath as he tries to control himself. All this is really tough for him. If Anna is really back and if she's okay, then nothing could stop us from reuniting her with her people. People who really and truthfully care about her.

"I'm okay now. Where is she?" James asks after a while.

"I'm not sure. But if what I think is correct, then someone really close to us has been our worst enemy. I'm coming back and then I'll tell you everything. Bye." I say before cutting the call. It's time to test the loyalty of all the people I think are my friends. Or ever were my friends.

"Umm... Commander?" Ryder says bringing my attention back to the screen. The picture in front of me shocks the hell out of me. It makes me question everything I know. It gives me a near heart attack.

How can he do this?!

How can he betray me like this?!

"Nick! Nick, come here! We are leaving!" I shout as I make my way out to where the car was parked. Before leaving, I turn back to Ryder. "Ryder, I'll call you when I need your help. Thank you for now. And do not mention our today's findings to anyone. Or I'll find you." I tell Ryder in a stern voice.

"What happened, sis? Did you find the prank caller?" Nick asks as he opens the car and takes his seat. I glare at him as he says 'prank caller'. Anna was not a prank caller.

"It wasn't a prank caller." I say in a voice filled with so much anger that Nick decides against replying to my statement. He keeps quiet the whole way as he drives us back to the pack. The Mystic Shadow pack.

"Allura, why aren't you talking to me, love? What happened? Tell me!" Adrian says as he follows me to our house. I do not reply as I climb the stairs and reach our room. Just as I and Nick returned, I went straight to James and explained everything to him. After that, Adrian came to me and wanted to talk. But I didn't listen. I just started to walk back to our house. The house in which we live together, happily.

"Allura, why are you packing all you stuff? Where do you think you are going?" Adrian asks in an angry voice as I start packing all my things. I stop and turn to look at him in the eye with a hard and cold expression.

Sorry, Adrian. But I have to do this.

"I'm leaving, Adrian." I say, my voice even colder than ice. Adrian's face shows shock and hurt for a moment before he covers it up with burning rage.

"You will not!" He says, seething in anger. I can see his eyes taking a darker color as his wolf fights to be let lose.

"Watch me!" I say challengingly as I pick up my suitcase and start to leave.

"I won't let you!" he says as he blocks the entrance of the room.

"You know, I can easily fight you. I'm a warrior." I say with a bored expression on my face.

"But you also know what a wolf can do to keep his mate with him." Adrian answers, with a challenging glint in his eyes. His comment and the sincerity behind his words make my expression change and I know that he catches the change. He comes to me and hug me tightly to him. "What happened, love? Tell me. We will find the solution for the problem together." He murmurs as he kisses my cheek.

"I loved you, Adrian." I say and kiss him on his lips with a burning passion. He doesn't waste time in deepening the kiss. I press the pressure point in his neck, paralysing him for a few minutes. He falls to the floor on his back.

It could have paralyzed a human for a few months, a werewolf for a few hours, but Adrian is an Alpha. So he'll be unconscious for just a few minutes.

I squat down to look at Adrian's face. He's eyes show the shock and hurt but I don't care about anything right now.

"But, I have to go now. I can not stay with you after finding out about how I've been betrayed. Be warned, I never leave anyone without a revenge!" I say, menacingly, looking directly into his eyes, showing him the truth. "I'll be back!"

Then I leave.

I'm going back. Back to the Crescent Moon pack.

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